Update on Three Jailed Cult Leaders

“To Follow by faith alone is to follow blindly.” Benjamin Franklin

Tony Alamo of Tony Alamo Ministries was sentenced to 175 years in Federal prison for his conviction on 10 counts of taking young girls across state lines for sex. Recently, his attorney was allowed to withdraw from his case… read here http://tiny.cc/NGab9  

Alamo Ministries website is still active, but for how long?  http://alamoministries.com/

America’s Most Wanted has put out a piece on John Erwin Kolbek. He was Tony Alamo’s enforcer and is wanted to face charges. http://tiny.cc/iHUFd  He is on the run from authorities.

Michael Travesser also known as Wayne Bent, was sentenced to ten years in prison stemming from his conviction of sexual misconduct with two young girls. He was the leader of a group called “Strong City” based in New Mexico. See more here http://tiny.cc/VAUNC 

The website for this “ministry” is still active here.. http://strongcity.info/

Prudence Welch is a survivor of this cult and has a website with more info here – http://www.travesser.info/  There also has been a special posted at National Geographic- you can learn more here.. http://tiny.cc/oXEkR

Warren Jeffs of FLDS has been sentenced to two 5 year to life sentences on two counts of being an accomplice to rape in Utah. He will serve at least 10 years for that conviction. Read more here..  http://tiny.cc/6mgiG Last January, court documents say Mr. Jeffs tried to hang himself in his cell. He is awating trial for charges in Arizona and possibly more charges in Texas. Read more here.. http://tiny.cc/i4jGr 

Warren Jeffs bio has been removed from the church website here.. http://tiny.cc/2YK72 

There is a website that shows pictures and videos of the 400 or so children being removed from YFZ Ranch in Eldorado, Texas…  http://www.captivefldschildren.org/

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