The $50,000 Offering

      One evening service, Jane came to the podium and said “we need $25,000 to meet the bills in the office”. She went on to say God had told her that some folks were saving money for their children. “God said to give it”.  What kind of pressure was this? With the environment already described, would this cause certain folks to feel bad or evil if they did not give up their children’s inheritance? The person that “hears God” on every matter in the church just said “God said to give it”…

     Later after the offering was taken and counted, Jane came back to the microphone. She was very excited, “We have had a miracle”. The offering had been counted and it was $50,000! (wow, on the first try!) She then shed a tear and thanked those folks who had obeyed God say to give the money they were saving for their children.  By the offering coming in, it confirmed to Jane she had obeyed God in her “putting it before the people”.

      One of the first questions in my mind, what will you do with the “extra” $25,000? But, as we have discussed, it was never mentioned. There is no complete open accounting of the offerings given by the members. It only leads to more questions. What is all this money being spent on? It was mentioned that it takes $20,000 a week to meet the bills. So, what is done with the million or so dollars taken in over a year? Some of the larger needs we were told were property insurance and taxes. The church has people watching the grounds 24/7. This is supposed to help get a discount on the property/liability insurance. Men or couples “volunteer” to take shifts over night. The premium was “high because some folks had made a claim against the church insurance” according to Sam. We were also encouraged to not put large amounts of cash in the offering if it was not in an offering envelope. The IRS did not like that.

     If more than one offering had to be taken because we have not “met the budget”, then folks would be strongly encouraged to inquire of God, again! Sam would say, “If we don’t get the need met the first time, some folks are not “hearing God”!  As mentioned, some services the plates would be passed three or four times, “until we get it”.. Then folks would be chastised for not giving the right amount the first time the plates were passed!

     Please, consume the information on this site responsibly. Be sure to tell every member that you know at WOFF about this blog. It could very well save their life.

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6 thoughts on “The $50,000 Offering”

  1. This is so wrong!! I don’t mean you John, I mean the practice that this church uses to get money!! Did I say church, I meant cult!I was one of the lowly “poor” who even had my check stub asked for, under the guise of helping me with my budget. One of the first questions asked was “Why isn’t your pay the same every pay period?” I was told it made it hard to “someone” to estimate how much I made. As an hourly full time employee in a busy medical field I always had to work overtime. If you have a license (nursing) you do not leave until all pts are covered. But I see now what was really going on, they could not understand why my giving was different each time!! LOL LOL

  2. Who remembers the pay as you eat mandatory Friday night meals? If I remember correctly the only reason not to be there was if you were in the inner circle or working for one of the businesses. If you weren’t working you were expected to watch the children of those who were. I don’t recall this income ever being explained.

  3. Ben,
    There is not positive way to know where the money is going until there is full written, third party verified disclosure. When you don’t disclose, you naturally have more questions. Yes, on Fridays- bring food for your family and more, then pay to eat it. What more can be said about that?

  4. I remember JW asking who wanted to know about the finances. it was in her usual demonic tone. The only one to rise a hand was Ole. Well since one rasied a hand I guess she figured she needed to address everyone using Ole as an pawn. I tell ya she tried to put the fear of god in everyone at that point. I used lower case out of respect for the one true God which JW does not know. He was on church discipline and I was sitting next to him, I have much respect for that man. He has much more courage than sam. Reflecting on all this after so may years I should have pulled out a lot sooner. God was speaking to me personally. Don’t know if anyone cares but its good to express myself.

    Peace to you John

  5. Thank you, for the comment. It is good to know about this. I was not aware of that incident. Then, there are lots of things I was not aware of over the years. We often did not get the full scoop in the years we traveled up from Greenville. Thank you, again

    His Best to you…

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