The WOFF “Don’t” List – Part 2

     In part 1 of the WOFF “Don’t” List, we covered just a few don’ts having to do with attending services at WOFF. We also covered some basic “don’ts” like tobacco, alcohol, movies, newspapers and magazines. We neglected to mention you don’t watch television. Let’s stay with some more don’ts you needed to know about attending services at WOFF.

     You don’t take pictures or make your own recording of the services. Well, one fellow did back in 1995. Search for “Inside Edition, Word of Faith Fellowship” to see the video. Of course as a WOFF member “you don’t do that, that would be lawless.”  During graduation or wedding services, Jane would tell everyone when it was time to take pictures. “Don’t be loose with your camera” and for sure don’t think you will send pictures to your friends in the other affiliated churches. Jane stopped that years ago.

      One service, the main church secretary stood up to say “Don’t put large amounts of cash in the offering, if it is not in an envelope. The IRS does not like that.” As mentioned, don’t bring your child into a service without taking them to the restroom. Feed your child before coming in the sanctuary. (some folks would feed their toddlers in the services.) This “don’t” was enforced at different levels at different times. If you had to feed your toddler during a service, don’t bring chocolate or dark liquids for them. It could stain the new carpet or new chairs. Don’t chew gum in the sanctuary! Don’t come in the sancutuary with muddy shoes or boots. Take them off and leave them out front.

      Don’t park along the side of the parking lot closest to the buildings. Those spaces are reserved for the elderly and mothers with babies. Don’t do it, you will be called out and told to move your car. Don’t park in Jane’s mother’s parking place. Don’t drive around with expired tags. You will be reminded by the member who checks the parking lot. Don’t speed in the church parking lot. Don’t go the wrong way around the building. Don’t speed or be on your cell phone when approaching the school building to pick-up or drop off children. (as mentioned, some don’ts were for safety.) Don’t touch the thermostats unless you have been cleared for that duty. Don’t bring your child to school without a jacket when it is cool, you will be sent home. Don’t forget your homework or your bible as a student. You will be sent home. From time to time, the dress code for the school would change. So, don’t wear the wrong shirt color on the wrong day.  The children were very aware of the don’ts and could recite them with ease.

     We can change direction and talk about clothing. There were several don’ts in this area. As a review, no jeans. Well, some folks may wear jeans on a construction job. But, “If it stirs that rebellion in you, then wear work khakis.” Don’t wear a bathing suit unless you had long shorts below the knees and a dark t-shirt to cover the bathing suit. Boys and girls don’t go swimming together. Families may swim together in certain situations. Men don’t go swimming shirt-less. No shorts except for swimming time and maybe bedtime for men.

     One service it came out that God had convicted certain men about their facial hair.  Some men got up and went in the restroom to shave their beards or other facial hair. After that, men didn’t come in the service with noticeable facial hair. “We don’t do that.”

     Let’s move on. As a member in good standing at WOFF- you don’t take a job or even go on an interview with “getting ahold of that in God”. You don’t buy a house unless Jane can go and look at it and “get the feel of the neighborhood.” When you do buy a house, don’t assume you know how to decorate it. Jane and her helper will come help you. Don’t go out and buy what you think you want for your house. Jane could say “it is not right.” Jane hears God about flower arrangements, also. Everything in a house is subject to change when Jane comes in- so whatever you have in your house- don’t get used to it. Of course, why would that be a shock? You don’t decide where you are living when you are a member of WOFF. All of the houses on the road leading to the church are owned by the church, except two. (the last I knew…) There are 3 double wides below the church as well as two more houses out on Oakland Road- owned by the church.

      As a member, you don’t buy a car unless you check it out with Sam. (that is a topic for another post!). One fellow who has been with Jane and Sam since their days in Oklahoma bought his car and did not get it from Sam. Jane rebuked him in front of everyone and said “He paid too much”. She went on to say, “If anyone buys a car and does not let Sam help them; they will pay too much.” So, don’t buy houses, cars or take a job without “getting it checked out”. There was an “approved” Realty company inside the church owned by church members to help you hear which house may be yours. Don’t start your house buying venture without checking with one of these “ministers”.

     For a time, there was a Jane-endorsed insurance agent in the church. Just so happened this insurance agent and Jane were very close. I think the term is related. During that time- don’t go anywhere else to buy insurance until you check it out with this person. (yes, more material for a post for another day..)

   As a member of WOFF, you don’t take a vacation or “take time away with your family” unless you check it out with Jane. Don’t assume you are going to a funeral of a family member. Jane could say she “does not have a hold of you going”. Same with weddings of relatives or other family gatherings. Don’t assume you can freely contact your family that does not go to WOFF. As mentioned, members of WOFF don’t celebrate holidays or birthdays. (see post here.. )

    These are a few more examples of life at WOFF. Can you see how living in “Don’t-ville” was tough in many regards? The number of don’ts was ever changing. We have yet to mention so many other areas which the “don’ts” ruled the day. Does this lifestyle sound like “Freedom in Christ” as mentioned in scriptures? Really? You don’t want to miss the next post! 🙂

     Please, consume the information on this site responsibly. Be sure to tell every member that you know at WOFF about this blog. It could very well save their life. There are readers at WOFF. I hope this is a help to them.

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      (Please, take time to read the Terms of Use for this personal blog. As mentioned, the information about WOFF is from my memories and recollections as perfect as that may be or not be. )

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