The WOFF “Don’t” List – Part 5

      We move on to the fifth installment in the series titled, “The WOFF “Don’t” List”.  The subjects are varied. We will pick back up with games. There were/are so many “don’ts” in the area of entertainment.

      Steven Hassan in “Releasing the Bonds” (copyright 2000) explains the “B” in his “B.I.T.E.” model. The “B” stands for “Behavior control“. Defined as the “Regulation of individual’s physical reality… the list includes regulation of clothes, hairstyles worn, food the person eats, drinks, amount of sleep and financial dependence. This next part is a direct quote, “Little or no time spent on leisure, entertainment, vacations.” (page 42) During my time at WOFF, there was very little time for adults to spend on leisure or entertainment.

     One entire service was spent delving into what possessed several men and young boys to be taken over by the “ping pong devil”.The competition for the “King of Ping Pong” of course did not measure up to previous “don’ts” established at WOFF. The meeting ended as all participants were led to repent to Jesus and to the whole church as well as Jane Whaley personally. After that service, the pool table did not have a chance! Yet, another entry in the “don’t” column.

     Just a quick one, here. WOFF members don’t whistle. Jane said “It was better to sing the words and not loose confusion”. Besides, whistling in mixed company could be mis-understood.

      One service several years ago, Jane Whaley stood up and held up a set of camping toys. They had been left on the previous Friday night in one of the classrooms. She was using this to make a point. “Who did this?” She went on, not waiting for someone to admit the “sin” and explained we “don’t” allow these toys. “It teaches our children that playing with fire is okay”. The person who felt responsible stood up and interupted Jane to admit their gross sin. Jane is all her loving caring attitude snapped back and told the person that she already knew who did it. She was not going to reveal it in front of everyone. (She obviously was using the scene to further establish her power as sole authority on children and toys…) The person sat back down and finished taking their scalding in the privacy of their own thoughts. Similar scenes were played out with play tools. “We don’t let our children have those. They will confuse them with real tools and could get cut or hurt handling a real tool when no one is looking.” When would that happen? WOFF children are not left alone at any point. Well, that is the way things were years ago. “Don’t leave them alone, the devil is waiting to attack them.”

     At one point before my time at WOFF ended, there were 34 children under 5 years old. (as far as I can remember..) I saw several playing with toy musical instruments. Cute. But, also another “don’t” from previous years that changed to a “do”. Reason: “We have ahold of these children at a higher level. They don’t have the systems in them that your children did. God can trust them with more.”  Another example, years ago a “don’t” was concerning children’s Bibles. “We don’t give them the ones with pictures. After all, those pictures don’t show Jesus as he really was…” Before my departure, that “don’t” switched to a “do”. I saw many children’s Bibles with pictures and shortened stories. Years ago, another don’t was not allowing children to make noises like animals. Well, that changed. I heard certain ones quacking like ducks and mooing like cows. Cute. But, some “don’ts” seem to be relative. It depends on who your relatives are as to exactly how many don’ts are placed on you…                  (see quote from Steven Hassan in part 4   )    

      Don’t be late going anywhere if you are a member of WOFF. One called prayer service during the week, in March of 2008; Jane announced that the doors would be locked at 7:00PM. She was tired of people dragging in late. So, promptly at 7:00PM those “on watch” locked the doors and that was it. I know a man that was locked out and he went back to his car to “fellowship with Jesus” and had a “grand time”. Sure he had to answer to someone about his tardiness.  Several times, Jane would complain to the congregation about Sam not being ready when it was time to leave their house and go to the services. Not sure if she ever left him, but it sounded like she would in order to “get ahold of Sam”.

     There may be a better place to put this quote, but I will put it here to bring some perspective….

  Luke 11:42 (Amplified Bible)

42But woe to you, Pharisees! For you tithe mint and rue and every [little] herb, but disregard and neglect justice and the love of God. These you ought to have done without leaving the others undone.(A)  

     Disregarding the “love of God”, certainly WOFF members don’t do that. (see previous post here…  )  As long as you don’t mess up my stay in “Don’t-dale”, I will show you “love”.  In short, you don’t talk to those who have left unless Jane gives the okay. That is the “love of god.”

     The list of “don’ts” is not finished. We will continue in future posts…

     Please, consume the information on this site responsibly. Be sure to tell every member that you know at WOFF about this blog. It could very well save their life. There are readers at WOFF. I hope this is a help to them. Use the comment section to let me know of any “don’ts” that I missed.

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      (Please, take time to read the Terms of Use for this personal blog. As mentioned, the information about WOFF is from my memories and recollections as perfect as that may be or not be. )

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