WOFF Members Don’t Celebrate Easter

   As mentioned before, Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) members led by Jane Whaley, don’t celebrate Easter, Christmas or other holidays. While at WOFF, we were told about the background of the holidays. Easter was linked to certain pagan origins. (see link here.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter ) Therefore, it was not celebrated.  It remains hard for any truth-seeking Christian to justify with scriptures the Easter bunny, dying eggs, Easter baskets and other secular traditions. However, many Christians take the time before the celebration of Easter to remind themselves and others of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Resurrection of Jesus is no doubt a vital part of the fabric of faith for Christians. Also, this time is set aside for many folks to visit family.

     Many times, not celebrating holidays revealed the contrarian nature of Jane Whaley and WOFF members. There was a preached mandate and example set for members, to do something opposite of the accepted traditions in order to show – what? I am not sure. I practiced “opposites” to holidays and traditions for years at WOFF, for what reason or benefit? To make me as a WOFF member feel superior to those who practice certain holidays and traditions? To show that the “world” has no hold on a WOFF member? To show God how much I “loved” Him and deserved His “favor”?

    Ceretainly in this country, we would not want compulsory or mandatory celebration of any holiday- religious or secular. The right to choose your individual preference in religious matters is as much of a right in the country as the right to vote, choose your residence and place of employment. We enjoy many freedoms in this country that most folks take for granted.

      The reality of membership at WOFF is in order to continue with the members of WOFF; you are compelled to give up the individual freedom of choice that our Constitution makes very plain and clear. Members must do and not do a LONG list of things. The list is ever growing and changing. ( see link here..WOFF Don’t list 03 10  )   Many of which you are not told about at the time of joining. The “don’t list” is revealed on a situational basis, in many cases. (I know because very rarely did we “overload” a new member or one who showed interest in WOFF, with information that they would learn in due time…) When you needed to know, you were told.


      Steven Hassan in “Releasing the Bonds” (copyright 2000) goes into detail regarding the Information Control used by religious mind control groups. After being invited to a meeting, cult sponsored conference or taking a job with a cult-member owned business; individuals will be “recruited”. “They (cult members) don’t tell people up front who they are, what they believe and what they want from them. (new members or prospects..) He goes on.. “By compartmentalizing information, cults keep members from seeing the big picture. People are only given information they are deemed “ready for”, or as much as they “need to know” to perform their jobs. Cult ideologies allow for many levels of “truth”.” (page 48-49) WOFF members may answer questions with certain scriptures, but a new member or one who shows interest is NOT TOLD the entire list of areas of their life that WOULD ABSOLUTELY CHANGE, if they join WOFF.

     Generally, by the time a new member finds out about certain do’s and don’ts a large investment has been made into their membership at WOFF. The investment of time, money, friendship is all put to risk as the new “don’ts” are revealed to new members or long term members. Why? Because WOFF and FLDS are alike in this respect; both groups “rely on absolute control” over their members. Elissa Wall in “Stolen Innocence” (copyright 2008)  makes this point in her book, early on. (page 91)  There was no room for individual choice in FLDS as there is no room at WOFF. For a member at WOFF to follow their own decisions; they put in jeopardy their continued membership in the group and all that terminating the membership would affect. (family, friends, job, housing, fear of lost salvation.. the list goes on..)

    So, readers beware and WOFF members take note. A person that joins WOFF relinquishes control of their lives to Jane Whaley under the guise of “fulfilling the call  of God”. Then of course, if you are a member of WOFF, you already know that.

   Please, consume the information on this site responsibly. Be sure to tell every member that you know at WOFF about this blog. It could very well save their life. There are readers at WOFF. Comments are invited from all readers, including present or former members.

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      (Please, take time to read the Terms of Use for this personal blog. As mentioned, the information about WOFF is from my memories and recollections as perfect as that may be or not be. )

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