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   In a recent post titled: Update: Raimund Melz – Mountain Rock Church – Pictures- found here: http://religiouscultsinfo.com/?p=4099 , I mentioned the church that presently occupies the building which had been home to Mountain Rock Church. The pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church, Russell Clark, contacted me to give clarification to his association with Raimund Melz. As a courtesy, I am posting the meat of our email exchange in hopes or clearing up any unintended errors.

From the first email received from Pastor Russell Clark:

 “I’m Russell Clark; I have been the pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church for the past 10 years. We were previously located at Hickory road in Anderson. We have been at our current location on Concord for the past 3 years. Macedonia Baptist Church is in no way associated with Mountain Rock. Your blog write up, with our sign pictured, was brought to my attention tonight by some concerned church members and I thought it prudent to address the nature of our relationship with the previous occupants- there is none. If you have any questions please send an email or visit at our blog. On our blog, you will find several years of history concerning our fellowship. …. (emphasis added)

  Included in this email was a very sincere invitation to attend services at his church as well as an expression of regret for not having a way for me to reach him directly. After receiving this email, I replied with some questions which Pastor Clark was so kind to answer. I have included the questions and answers below.    

1.  How did you first come in contact with Mr. Melz?

  • We went through a real estate agency, no direct contact with Mr. Melz until this year ( he asked about parking the motor home for a few weeks )

2.  Were you aware of any of the previous happenings at this location before you agreed to rent the property?

  • We became aware of the “happenings” only after the move, we moved there because it’s a great building in a great location.

3.  Have you seen the documentary- “Join Us”?

  • Yes, I have seen the documentary. We had never even heard of Mountain Rock before the move.  

4.  The facilities are neat and clean. Was the property in that condition when you first saw it?

  • Yes, the building was ( is ) in good shape.  


   Pastor Clark added these closing remarks: “We are a very small fellowship; we focus on mission work and evangelism (typical Baptist church) and love Jesus. There’s really not much else to say about Mountain Rock, we don’t really know any more than that, we have had no contact with the leadership or membership of Mountain Rock concerning their history.

     After this exchange I want to express my thankfulness for Pastor Clark and Erik for taking time read and make contact with me. Looking back, I had very little to go on from the signs and hope that this clarification of the non-spiritual relationship between Raimund Melz and Macedonia Baptist Church answers any concerns. If there are any further comments or observations, please, feel free to comment here or email me directly. author@religiouscultsinfo.com .

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