They Run and the Dogs Give Chase….

    Recently, I heard sketchy details of an attempted escape by a young person from Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF). My information is not first hand and I have not talked to the person who attempted the escape. What I know I have received in bits and pieces. All of it seems to coincide and agree with scenes I have heard of in the past while inside WOFF. So, I will tell what I know and give my take on the whole scene.

   Apparently, a young person left the service one recent Sunday morning and made her way to a local business very close to the intersection of Old Flynn and Oakland Road. She entered and asked them to call the Spindale Police. From what I can learn, this person was taken to the Police station and from here the information is unclear. They were allowed to call a relative who lived about two hours away to come pick them up. Before this relative could arrive, BC from WOFF made contact either by telephone or in person and convinced this person to stay one more day and talk to Jane Whaley in person, Jane was apparently out of town. This person “agreed” and as far as I know went back inside WOFF. The next day, Jane does not show and the meeting was postponed. From here the trail grows cold. As far as I know, the relative has not been able to help this person leave WOFF.  

    Why would I even take time to post on a situation where I do not know the entire set of facts and the outcome? It is for several reasons. One, I know this young person and spent time with them as they were in my daughter’s class. So, I have not spoken to them in a few years, but, feel confident their struggles would not be too different from other young folks inside WOFF. Second, as far as I know, this young person has no car, no job outside of WOFF at a company not owned by a church member and thus any real communication or resources other than those that are WOFF dominated and WOFF related. Honestly, many young folks inside WOFF don’t see this as an issue until they want leave the confines of the WOFF sub-culture. There they can feel stuck and helpless. But, there is more.


   Yet, I will relate another story told to me by a person who was directly involved. A few months ago, a young man ran away from WOFF during a service and headed into town. This young man was mugged and beat up – but, was able to continue he trek into Spindale. He made his way into a bar and sat down. You would think this place would be a WOFF-free zone and relatively safe from WOFF intrusion. As he strikes up a conversation with a person there, this person feels oddly compelled to call the church and tell them where he was. The person thought how tragic it was that this young man’s mom would not know where he was…  Soon, the WOFF folks come to retrieve him and he remains inside to this day as far as I know. The person who made the call was subsequently thrown off WOFF property a few months later because they were told they “did not love Jesus”. After that incident, this person has a clearer picture of what goes on inside of WOFF and why young people would resort to running into a bar and seek shelter from the “lovely, peaceful”, controlling environment known as Word of Faith Fellowship.

   So, what is my point? It is this, these incidents go unreported and at times, I feel ignored as aberrations that “do not give a true indication of what goes on inside WOFF”. Locals involved in these wild events surrounding a young person’s or even an older person’s attempt to gain freedom from WOFF, do not understand the dynamics and therefore miss the seriousness of the situation. They may even have the thought that the young person was wild or rebellious and needed to return. All of this stems from the misunderstandings as to the levels of mind control and suppression that exist inside of WOFF.

  Do I need to outline the situation relayed to me about a young Brazilian attempting to leave the country and being followed to the airport by WOFF retrieval dogs? He was surrounded and attempts made to intimidate and cause him to return to WOFF.  Or shall we speak of the incident of a WOFF member leaving and being followed to Kentucky? One of the people helping him had to put a shotgun to a WOFFer’s neck and force them to leave. Do you get the point here? Not all times, but, many times especially where Jane feels she has a chance to persuade and cajole and reverse the choice of a person to leave- she will send the “WOFF retrieval dogs”  to “snatch the person from the world”.

    Can we just admit this is a little over the top? You think? And yet for WOFF members, I can remember being told and believing that this was totally accepted as “whatever you need to do to keep a person in the will of God”— translated as staying at WOFF. To a faithful WOFF member, there is never a good reason to leave Jane. In their minds, leaving Jane is leaving God. So, the people assigned to retrieve someone are the faithful and dedicated WOFF members who will not waiver and talk about what happens when they get back, accept to tell Jane. I could name these WOFF folks that have been used for such duties in the past, but, feel that given a different set of circumstances they may regret participating in the forceful retrieval of those who chose to leave Jane’s aura.   

    For local residents in Rutherford County, please, be aware of and willing to help those fleeing from the confines of WOFF. Don’t forget the good folks at the Faith Freedom Fund and their willingness to help people fleeing any cultic situation. Call (828) 286-2361 or you can just call the police and seek protection until you can get some further assistance. Be aware that Jane will send retrievers for the person and their efforts to retrieve will be intense. I read email on my phone and am willing to help anytime. Email –   

  Let’s take a step back and look at the overall situation and compare to a healthy church situation as outlined in two comments left on the blog.

From Randall:

“I had left a church before I came to WOFF. The group all prayed for me and my family and wished us well. They even asked us to call if we needed anything. They were a great support after I left WOFF….

That sounds mature and refreshing. Jane, are you seeing this?

From Cheryl:

I remember many services like that as well, and can remember the very sharp contrast to leaving WOFF style and leaving in a little Baptist church there in the county. A man in the back stood up and told the pastor, Pastor I believe it is the will of God for me to leave here and go to another church there in the county. The pastor said brother we love you, I would never stand in the way of you doing what God has put in your heart, if you ever need us we are here for you. WE bless you; release you to go with our blessings!!! I was absolutely astounded!!! In my heart I had already prepared myself for the worst case scenario, based off WOFF experiences. It was a wake-up day, which God moved to show me how a normal safe church operates. I thank God every day for that church; it was a wonderful safe experience for me that helped me to heal from my WOFF days.

   Jane, are you reading this? What do you think? Is this doable at WOFF? The next time a person leaves either in plain sight or in the deep of night, can you just pray for them and bless them and ask them to seek God’s will maybe even help them with their needs to reestablish? I am not referring to RW who you moved to Greenville and gave $5,000 to never come back. That was not an amiable split. You relayed the events to your benefit and to increase the status with your flock. Just hold off sending the retrievers, okay? Give folks a chance to find peace and sanity apart from the drama filled, religious madness – called WOFF. Don’t worry, you will have your chance soon.

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5 thoughts on “They Run and the Dogs Give Chase….”

  1. The one young woman above mentioned first was my sister…. I havn’t seen or spoken to her in over three years. I’m in the military and was stuck in CA when I got the news that she left. It broke my heart when I heard that they got to her before my other sister could get her. I only hope she gets another chance.

  2. It was very sad that the person that escaped was returned to WOFF. If only there was a way that people could a safe place to go. Apparently the SPD is not THAT place! I don’t want to condemn that PD or any other as I have great respect for the work that they do. However I do have some serious questions. Is there an INFORMER in SPD? Is that how they knew where she was at and did BC deceive her about when Jane would be back? Is the SPD really a safe place?

    It would be nice to know if a police report was filed and if it was what information was in it. Is it possible that that some that some procedures need to be revived and changed?

    Last of all what kind of dog was used? Was it a Golden Retriever or a Pit-bull?

    The man who escaped and went to the bar is another case with a very sad ending. As far as a place the serves alcohol being “ a WOFF-free zone and relatively safe from WOFF intrusion”, I’ve seen WH at LG’s several times along with his daughter! Could it be that some at WOFF have special privileges? On one occasion a former WOFF member pointed out one person to be careful around implying that she was an informer!
    This is all so sad and may there be a way to inform and aid those who are being held CAPTIVE!

  3. Great stuff as always, John. In my years of ministry I have left many churches…coming and going is part of life. Don’t people find it odd that when someone tries to leave WOFF they run to the police or ask someone to take them to the police? Why would they want to go to the police? Because the police are supposed to protect them. So obviously, they feel they need to be protected. I recently left Uganda after 3 years of ministry to embark on a new mission in Haiti. When I left the church I was working with in Uganda I didn’t run to the police for help. I just simply told them it was my time to leave. So simple. But sadly, nothing is that simple with WOFF.

    God bless you, John. I pray you are well.

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