More Bathroom Controls at Word of Faith Fellowship

February of 2010 on this blog, I wrote about Jane Whaley’s Toilet Paper Revelation. I was in that service when the “revelation” was introduced to the members of Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF). Yes, some went overboard and it got out of hand. Jane actually tried to moderate the exuberance with which some began to monitor the bathroom habits of their fellow members. It was in reality a fiasco. But, at the time, I did not understand the lasting detrimental effects. During my stay at WOFF, I witnessed CH get publically rebuked by Mark Doyle for using a urinal in an airport bathroom. It was not God’s will for WOFF members to use urinals. This was just a hint of the controls yet to come. During my years there, the urinals were partitioned off so you could not view the person beside of you. Apparently, this is not the end of the controls of personal bathroom habits. Allow me continue. 

Fast forward to this year and yet more bathroom controls have been explained to me. Recently, I have been told that the urinals were totally removed from the bathroom s at WOFF. For recent visitors- is this true? I have no reason to doubt it. If that were the end of the controls, I would not be writing this post. Reports coming out of this group have gone into more detail. I will try to be as tasteful as possible in explaining the restraints that I understand to be in place at WOFF.

Also, let me just clarify it is not my intent to embarrass or harass. After I recount what has been told to me, I will outline the seriousness of such controls, the lasting effects and dangers of such details being focused on such matters. Honestly, the first few times I heard about the new revelations, controls and restraints- I laughed. I laughed a lot. However, the more I have considered these new measures which in reality rob the privacy of members- I have not been laughing. As I will explain, the effects of such measures have been and will be far reaching for WOFF members. Additionally, it will prove an example of the freedom Jane Whaley feels and uses to invade, take over and actually prove ownership over her members; before you dismiss this notion, please, read on.

Over the last few weeks, I have been hearing about an impromptu meeting the Jane called of a group of young boys/men in the hallway of the school. I don’t know the exact words, only a phrase here and there. If I get events out order then please, understand I aim to present the main content which I heard and not offend by leaving out something that a WOFF member would feel was important. The meeting was called to explain new rules, new revelation new guidelines in using the bathroom. These young men or boys were not to touch their private parts when using the toilet. I understand Jane was asked to explain and she demonstrated; in a half squat position, arms extended, elbows out from the body, as if over the toilet. The men were told not to touch or wipe their private parts unless it was absolutely necessary. Touching the waste emitting equipment was forbidden as you might give to the “unclean.” It was not clear if you only had to pass water, if you could put your bottom on the toilet seat of not, but, for certain touching your equipment to guide the urine into the receptacle was a new “no-no.” My thinking is that is you had a solid discharge to expel; you would have to sit-right? Anyway, I don’t want to digress.

Let’s recap what you just read. Jane Whaley – who has NO male equipment, was now directing those with male equipment, how they were to use that equipment and of course casting a dark cloud of guilt and shame over those who did not follow the new rules. If you touched your self – you would be guilty of giving to the “unclean.” Did I get that right? Can you see why I laughed OUT LOUD when I first heard this?  Does the word picture need to be any clearer? Jane Whaley in her ministerial grace, is seen demonstrating how to not touch what she does not have? And using all the AUTHORITY she has to convey this new edict as if it was STRAIGHT from the holy throne room?

 There is so much I want to say all at once, I hope I don’t lose any of it. First off, does Jane know more than God? He DESIGNED males and do you think at some point He knew we would possibly  need to direct our equipment with our hand to make sure the liquid waste makes it into the receptacle? We are not like dogs.  I personally know of a young man at WOFF who would NOT take aim and made a mess just to get extra attention. He seemed to get better aim after he was made to clean –up his own urine. Now, I do stray from the point.

After hearing this new rule at WOFF for a few times, I stopped laughing. It became clear to me that with this new rule over personal bathroom habits, Jane was expressing a new level of ownership over her most faithful and pliable members. In fact, today, I spent a good amount of time speaking into my phone as I recorded my thoughts on the emotional damage that these new restraints would be over the young boys and men at WOFF. Does this new rule seem to be congruent with a matriarchal sub-culture? I think so.

Before we explain the consequences of this new rule, allow me to quote a couple of passages from “Releasing the Bonds” by Steven Hassan. (Copyright© by Steven Hassan 2000, published by Freedom of Mind Press, ISBN: 0-9670688-0-0) Hassan says that Behavior Control is one characteristic of a cult. He writes, “Behavior control is the incremental regulation of a person’s physical reality, which includes both his environment (where he lives, who he associates with, what he eats, when he sleeps) and his conduct (tasks, rituals, and other activities). Behavior control comes in many forms, including sleep deprivation or manipulation, change of diet, invasion of privacy, separation from friends and other newcomers, and isolation workshops and other indoctrination exercises.” (emphasis added, page 46)

When you regulate a person’s bathroom habits with such intense spiritual authority, would that be an invasion of privacy? Does your salvation and eternal destiny pivot on how you use the bathroom? You think? Does YOUR spiritual leader inspect and monitor YOUR bathroom procedures and results? Why or why not?

While explaining Thought Control as a characteristic of cults:

“Cult members are taught that the leader is always correct, and are not allowed to doubt him or her. Thoughts that go along with the leader are good. Any other thoughts need to be pushed down by chanting, praying, or speaking in tongues. Any negative feelings as always blamed in the individual. Any disillusionment means the member is doing something wrong: “You are not meditating correctly.” No room is left to say, “Maybe the leader is wrong,” or maybe the doctrine misquotes the Bible.” Consequently, the member’s ability to reality-test is suppressed.” (page 51)

At no time while this new revelation was being explained to me did the persons telling it say that anyone in WOFF ever expressed doubt as to the validity or correctness of Jane’s authority in regulating personal and private bathroom habits. Who doubts Jane inside the group and stays for any length of time? Inside WOFF- she is ALWAYS right. For a young man to express doubt as to Jane’s authority to regulate, monitor and punish those who do not follow the new bathroom etiquette- would be rare.

John, what is the deal? Can’t WOFF members do what they want when they use the bathroom? Isn’t the door shut? Well, for most, it probably is. For others, who are deemed giving to the unclean, they would be closely monitored and at times have the bathroom inspected after they left for evidence of sin. For some, there are time limits as to how long you can even be in the bathroom- alone. It is my opinion that most everyone inside WOFF wants to do “the right thing.” And when Jane says this is how you use the toilet, then they want to obey the rules no matter how demeaning and silly others may think it would be.

How does this type of new rule fit into the overall scheme of control at WOFF? Along with this new bathroom revelation came the retelling of other meetings where young boys and young men were called aside and required to “open their heart.” This forced confession was a regular event during my days there and apparently still is a tool for leadership at WOFF. (This is another mark of a cult according to Hassan- “Ritual and often public confession of “sins.” – page 45) For the meeting I was told about, Brooke Covington was running the show and if she did not feel you were opening your heart, you would receive a slap across your face! Many times, it would be loud enough to hear out in the hallway by the others waiting their turn for torture. As reported in previous posts, the physical violence inside WOFF appears to be increasing.

After taking a step back to consider this new set of rules and the increase in physical violence, I am more than regretful for ever stepping foot inside the doors of WOFF. I lived INSIDE that group for six years and was under the influence for a total of sixteen years. I truly regret that those I love are still under this far reaching destructive influence.

For certain, just because you leave WOFF does not mean that automatically the things were put inside of you such as shame over not using the bathroom correctly or folding the toilet papers just so- it does not mean those things automatically leave you. The doubt and angst over the fears instilled in WOFF members can take years to relieve and process. This is the sad destructive effect of Jane Whaley and her religion. I was angry and sad today as I begun to get a small glimpse of the emotional and physical destruction of WOFF on its members. The rules and commands that are born out of Jane’s self-proclaimed divinity are classical cult mind control measures. But, just knowing about those mind control measures does not make it any easier to witness the intense, deep personal destruction in the lives of previous and present WOFF members. In my opinion, by Jane Whaley telling men and boys how to use the toilet AND outlining the consequences for not obeying her directions is a fine example of how she views herself as the ONLY God in the Earth and proves her belief of OWNERSHIP of her members. Can there be another plausible answer for her behavior?  

We close with these few questions. For pastors of other churches, do you tell your members how to use the toilet and expect them to tell you if they misused it? Do you slap your members in the face if they do not confess every sin YOU think is in their life? Do you allow hitting, pushing, kicking and screaming from those in “leadership” toward other members to get them to obey your “word from the Lord?” For outsiders looking into WOFF, does this sound like Christian behavior? Jane’s control over her members is NO laughing matter. We will continue our discussion of this ownership/control in future posts.

“It is never too late to wake up and leave and reclaim your life!” Steve Hassan

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6 thoughts on “More Bathroom Controls at Word of Faith Fellowship”

  1. John,
    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I lean toward crying. Never in my reading and research have I found evidence of a cult leader taking such control over bathroom habits. There are controlling leaders who get into sexual abuse but that is a different story. My curious mind wants to know what happened in her past to make her treat the human body, God’s creation, as if it were dirty and tainted. She is causing problems big time with these young men who are trying to deal with hormonal changes and at the same time are told you are being sinful to touch your body.
    I cannot think of any other sensible thing to say except, “I think it is time for the net to be brought out!”
    A picture of JW “squatting” and giving lessons on how to urinate with male parts would be a hilarious thing if its affect was not so serious. I cannot think of anything more absurd.
    Darlene Eichler

  2. Mom,

    It is clear in my mind that Jane does nothing unless she feels very confident it will be believed and received by her followers. What boundaries does she observe? I am not sure. The longer she is leader of her group, the more loyalty, financial support and absolute obedience she requires from her faithful “leadership” and regular members. Her ownership/control methods become more severe as the years pass. When will her members find relief? As I have mentioned, I believe many of them want to the right thing and are sincerely pursuing their salvation. It saddens me that their search is through her religion and aura.
    The post from a few years ago can help explain what we observe.

    A New Term- “Antinomianism” A New Perspective… from July 14, 2010.


  3. John,

    I am definitely in agreement with your mother. You can be sure there will be serious ramifications for these children and young men for the rest of their lives. Can someone please tell me how Jesus, a man, relieved himself. I truly believe this falls into the category of child abuse and should be reported to the authorities. How sad to think WOFF followers think their salvation depends on the absudities that Jane decrees.


  4. Good day! I just wwant to give yoou a huge tnumbs up for
    your greatt information you’ve got here on this post.

    I will be returning to your web site for more soon.

  5. leave this group become normal It’s normal to use your handle and aim urin and ok to wipe your b_ _t. Let the woman walk around after about of diarrhea and not wipe she will change

  6. John,
    I am shocked at the extent that this abusive controlling behavior extends….

    My FATHER , of blessed memory, was a men’s highly respected Custom clothier and who made the finest suits for his clients, taught my brothers and me how to use the toilet and stand at a urinal like a gentleman , being considerate enough for the next guy that you aimed correctly and did not make him stand in your urine so that he could also relieve himself.

    There is no way ANYONE other than a parent , needs to teach a young boy or young girl for that matter,this lesson, and by the time a teenager becomes a young man his toilet practices are ingrained ritual.

    Until Jane Whaley figures out the male anatomy and how our bodies work the way G_D created us I am afraid her next edict will be a new instruction on how a man should walk to accomodate those “sinful, and unclean things between his legs”.


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