DSS Returns WOFF Escapee

Friday, I received an email about an incident on Wednesday in Rutherford County. I read the email, read it again and then read it again before I understood the impact of the content. Here is the important part of the email—

“…DSS… they had a girl about 17 try to leave WOFF Wed. She came to DSS. They were so afraid of WOFF that they put her in a room by herself and immediately called WOFF. They of course came and took her back with her head slumped forward.”

It seems this drama had been playing out for a couple of days and I was just being included. Sources confirmed the story of a young girl from Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) who ended up at Department of Social Services (DSS) in Rutherford County. Because of their fear of the dreaded Federal Injunction… they were kept from doing their duty and as the email says, “…put her in a room by herself and immediately called WOFF.” That is not the official version, but a version from someone INSIDE the DSS who was there when it all went down. The official version will include a retelling of the events as if the young girl willingly went back into her parents home after the situation with a cell phone was resolved and she was expected to live happily ever after.

Let us review some things that would be obvious to many who lived inside of WOFF. Young people don’t run from WOFF because of a slight incident with a cell phone. Who in their right mind would believe that? John Carroll- why would you even let that cow punky be released from your department? Do you think anyone who knows anything about the true history of that place would for a minute believe that a doctor’s daughter would leave the “comfort” of her surroundings because she was being treated too nice? Are you so dull or so duped as to think that everything is hunk dory inside of WOFF? Do you and your department believe you have no obligation to protect the children inside that place because of a judicial compromise? This is EXACTLY why the “federal injunction” needs to be revisited, reviewed and RECINDED! ANULLED! BURNED!  

Just because Judge Thornburg signed the order did not change the internal control dynamics inside of WOFF that caused the ruckus in the first place. In case you are still in a time warp, the children involved in that case are now in their late teens and early twenties. Some have escaped WOFF and were only too glad to do so in spite of your department’s lack of proper protection.

This incident is getting major play in local social media. Confirmation of the dissatisfaction of the way DSS acted is growing and well it should. The Federal Injunction was a compromise paid for with WOFF dollars and with the screams and cries of children being treated to horrendous acts inside of WOFF. DSS may have overstepped certain boundaries, but why should those children then and the children being kicked and hit now have to continue to suffer? Now, the dynamics are just as complicated as Jane has learned to let her grandson and other leadership children carry out the abuse. But why is abuse still not considered abuse? Religion is not an excuse to abuse anyone- child, adult, white or black, straight or gay.

To the young married couples  and soon to be married couples inside of WOFF: what makes you think that those children allowed to hit and push and kick children and adults now will stop when your children come along? Yes, I am speaking to my grown children inside that group. What makes you think that your newborns and toddlers will be exempt from the wrath Jane Whaley and her leadership exercise through their grandchildren and children? There is no curbing the abuse of stopping the increased physical abuses unless you and your family leave WOFF. If Jane has no one to abuse, then well, she has no one to abuse! You need to leave before YOUR children get slapped and hit in the name of Jesus.

Proxy Marriage for WOFF Young man….

In a week full of WOFF revelations, I learned this next bit of information on Tuesday. A source who has no vested interest in the continuance or dissolution of WOFF told me of a series of events which surround a young WOFF man. They had learned of a young WOFF man who was being married by proxy by a ceremony in Brazil. The bride’s mother was to stand in for him to repeat his vows. For some reason, he could not go there and she was there in Brazil and her Visa was being denied because she had been here and had to wait to return. Crazy? Let me explain.

First, I am no legal authority on anything including proxy marriage. But, I can do some research and ask some questions.

Proxy marriage explained- briefly, when one member of the couple to be married can’t travel or is in the military or has some other need, then in some cases proxy marriage is legal.  States where proxy marriage is legal: California, Texas, Colorado, Alabama and Montana. Montana allows double proxy marriage. Resource link: here

Proxy marriage not legal in North Carolina: resource link here.

Proxy marriage legal in Brazil?  Yes: resource link – here. The resource link is an article talking about a couple using the Brazilian marriage law to circumvent British immigration law. Does anyone think that may be happening here? Does the Brazilian bride being married to WOFF young man by proxy in Brazil gain free access to the United States after her proxy marriage? What if the couple chose to live in North Carolina where proxy marriage is not legal? Does that void their ability to somehow circumvent immigration laws as well as North Carolina marriage laws? Does anyone believe that this whole deal is based on anything but the most pure intentions? Does this sound like some complicated way to get a Brazilian WOFFer into the country when she may have to wait for a long time otherwise? Does it sound like there could be other background information that is not known that may shine some better light on this whole deal? Why would Jane push this to take place if it is not legal in North Carolina? Does she respect the laws of the State of North Carolina?

Your thoughts are welcome on both of these matters.

And with that, let us remember:

It is never too late to wake up and leave and reclaim your life!” Steve Hassan

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4 thoughts on “DSS Returns WOFF Escapee”

  1. I am appalled at DSS -“put her in a room by herself?!!” There are no words…
    My biggest fear is that a child being abused in WOFF will now resort to taking his or her own life if they feel no one in authority outside the church will protect them.

  2. What can the citizens of Rutherford and surrounding counties do to expose WOFF for the cult it is and free these people? I know of a young woman recently widowed after her husband was involved in a tragic car accident. They had an 18 month yr old child.
    The way they handle the grieving and death process completely dumbfounded me. I’m a mental health professional and as such, know that grieving for a lost loved one doesn’t stop with the burial (or whatever WOFF does with the dead–what is it exactly). People who are grieving should not be prevented from “publicly grieving” and made to move into a new home with an entirely new family– support if friends and family is critical to healthy healing. They are so abusive on so many levels. It must stop.

  3. EDG-

    I had heard of the widow’s moving venture and thought it was odd and I was in the group for years. However, we can here again confirm that all moves- housing, careers, college choices, relationships, clothes, hair, house decorations, diets, car choices, pets and personal grooming habits (to name a few…) are all approved by Jane. Why would the grieving process after the loss of a spouse or son be different? Your confusion over the grieving process is understood, but when put in the overall context of the subculture- why should anything different be expected?

    As for the burial customs, when I was there it was preferred to have the person buried before sundown (or at least in the same day..) and NOT embalmed. No caskets in the church – only memorial services with music, Powerpoint slide presentations, a few flowers and maybe a portrait of the one who has passed on. There were receptions in the fellowship hall for the families of the deceased afterwards. One memorial service was a whole big deal because there was music with no words and a child – who lived VERY close to Jane went bonkers… after that absolutely NO instrumental music. (at least while I was there.)

    Hope this helps…


  4. Hi John!

    I have to admit I was flabbergasted when I read this post. I remeber commenting a year ago or so another “terrible news” post that the county appears to be run by ignorant hillbillies. As I am in Sweden I am not sure how things work but as in the days of slavery we need to have a Harriet Tubman style underground railroad to get “slaves who want to run away” north to freedom. Obviously there is no hope to be found in local government, whether it be police, social services or the court system. Afro-Americans experienced discrimination and had their civil rights denied for years (and though I have no facts) probably do at the hands of the same officials. The system of denial, looking the other way and down right lack of spine nauseates me. Thank you for the update even though it was negative news. Hopefully though word will spread among the young people that no help can be expected through the local agencies and that the next runners will not make the same mistake and end up locked in a church house basement cut off from the world as a WOFF prisoners subjected to runaway slave treatment, which from my understanding consists of physical as well as psychological punishment. Arthur

    ps. the ownership of slaves was essential for economic success in that area 150 years ago. Jane uses false religion instead of race to enslave people today. The principle is the same. The bottom line is always economic gain not “we love all people”. There is probably as much forced labor in WOFF as there is in any third world sweatshop were the workers, many times children, are “locked in” and “guarded”. Maybe a guest post at a future date?

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