No one can take your experience from you…

At some point during my years at Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF), Jane Whaley said the above statement or something very similar. She was soliciting testimonials from members to add to whatever testimony she needed for some legal battle somewhere… take your pick. Yes, I remember writing one and it had a positive voice to it. How many others who have left that place did the same thing or at one time were positive about their days inside WOFF. There are positive things that happen inside the group. How else or why else would people stay for years on end. The more exact question would be, “What is the true cost of membership?” What are you surrendering in order to be a part of WOFF?

No one can take my experience from me AND I can add more to the story as I learn more.

Any positive testimony I wrote about that place was written before my family relationships were destroyed. Any positive testimony about my time in that group was written before April 9, 2008. Why do I bring that up? We can take a look back at the video from April 12th and see that some WOFF members don’t believe in survivors telling their experiences. Is this because it did not match their own experience, or maybe it did match and the similarities were too much to admit? I am not sure at this point.

In addition, a few readers of this blog who have spent hours reading and I am grateful to be such a help. There are others that express some confusion on how to find an exact post about a certain subject. There is a “word search” feature, but for some, it does not help. The large number of posts does not seem to help in the search for certain subjects.

In light of this situation and for other reasons to be explained in the future, I have set aside the next few months to tackle a more concise writing project. I have begun a draft of a memoir of my time before, during and after being under the influence of Word of Faith Fellowship, Jane Whaley and her leadership team. This draft will contain some material introduced here on this blog. I will update and bring the experiences forward and put them in perspective of known events since beginning this blog in January 2010.

As readers, I am asking for your suggestions and to what part of the life inside the group you would like to see included in the final edition of this memoir. I will take all suggestions into consideration and decide if it should be included. If it can, then it will help others with the same questions. If for some reason, your suggestion is not included, I can write a post about that subject. You are welcome to leave your suggestion in the comments or email direct to “”

This is your opportunity to have your questions answered. Please, share this post with others who may have their own questions. Repost and share as needed. I need to know what you want to know about WOFF-life. There have been rumors over the years. Some were true and some were not. My experiences cannot not be taken from me and I know more now than when I was inside WOFF. It is time for me to share the truth about those experiences.

“That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.”
Aldous Huxley

Thank you, for taking time to visit and read this blog. Please, consume the information on this site responsibly. The author is not a licensed mental health professional and encourages those that need professional help to seek it. The intent of the material is to inform and be a resource. Be sure to tell every member that you know at WOFF about this blog. There are readers at WOFF. Jane told me and Josh confirmed it.

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