Plea Offered to Defendant Adam Bartley in Matthew Fenner Case-

Saturday, August 01, 2015, in a stunning revelation, reported a plea was offered to Adam Bartley on July 22nd. The plea includes dismissal of the Second Degree Kidnapping charge in exchange for a guilty plea on a count Simple Assault. Under this plea agreement, Mr. Bartley would serve no additional prison time but will serve supervised probation. The letter conveying the plea from Garland Byers is in the article as well as the request for Tomblin, Farmer and Morris to withdraw from counsel. The letter was hand delivered to Caleb Farmer at 11:02AM per Garland Byers. See article Plea offered to Bartley. Use the BACK ARROW to return to this post.

No official word if Mr. Bartley has accepted the plea. He may need to secure new counsel before he can officially accept and begin negotiations. Folks, this looks like a great deal for Adam Bartley. No prison time if he agrees to testify to the happenings on that fateful night? Risk going back to jail for what? Why would he not accept? Why did the District Attorney offer the plea to Bartley? My opinion is since this defendant already has a criminal record reported by the Daily Courier Daily Courier reports:

“Bartley has a criminal record from Union County that includes felony breaking and entering and a conviction in 2008 of which he served time. He also has misdemeanor assault on female and drug possession charges from 2014 and several other felony breaking and entering cases.”

Adam Bartley’s record includes assault which makes his case even more critical. He has incentive to cooperate. In my previous post- First Appearance 4+1, it was noted he did not congregate with other Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) members at the arraignment hearing. He sported a trimmed beard with is a loud calling card he does not belong to WOFF. They allow no facial hair with their faithful male members.

This is a poignant twist to this drama. WOFF’s strategy to recruit prisoners may pay big benefits- to those who choose to leave WOFF. For members inside, this strategy proves risky at best. Add to the presence of former prisoners the now common practice of concealed carry inside WOFF and the formula for disaster sadly comes together. Stack on top of this mix the unpredictable emotional outbursts of the group’s leader and you may as well throw gasoline on dynamite with a lighted torch. I do not relish the thought of any tragedy inside of WOFF. However, I know the past physical abuses have been a noteworthy tragedy in and of themselves. No attempt by Jane Whaley to rewrite and recondition her followers to believe the children have never hit each other will truly work. In fact, her outlandish attempts to do so only further accentuate the desperateness she lives in on a daily basis.

The Summer of Decision rolls on even hotter than first predicted. Decisions will be made this weekend. Prayers will be offered from relatives of present members for many to decide that enough is enough. The price of membership in WOFF continues to rise with every court case, every fund raiser and every service where the exploding costs of the building project for the new sanctuary are discussed. That subject is for another day. This weekend is a special time at WOFF. I mean real special. Monday is coming.

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2 thoughts on “Plea Offered to Defendant Adam Bartley in Matthew Fenner Case-”

  1. Mike,

    Adam Bartley is OUT of WOFF but he was inside during the events in question. He was recruited out of the local prison system and has a felony record. He has great incentive to cooperate.
    Thank you for reading and asking your question. We will report on Monday after the proceedings. Please return for an update.


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