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Thursday, October 1, 2015- Austin Bailey of the Daily Courier published a story about my book, “Locked in.” He included a picture and a few quotes I gave him earlier in the day… Thank you, Austin, for contacting me and running the story. The response has been favorable. See article here.

Book Signings in Myrtle Beach, SC

For those familiar with my story, you know the role my mom took in helping me leave the Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF). I detailed the destruction of my family in the third part of “Locked in.” It seemed only fitting that my first appearance for a book signing would be among her friends, and students from her memoir writing classes. This past Friday afternoon, over fifty folks crowded into a room at Brightwater Retirement Community in Myrtle Beach. My mom introduced me by recapping the events surrounding my daughter’s graduation in June 2008. From there I began telling about my time in WOFF. I read the Dedication, Acknowledgement and Prologue to “Locked in.” The expressions on the faces of those listening let me know many were hearing about cult involvement for the first time. Before I ended, I shared about the work of the Faith Freedom Fund and asked for donations. Then, I opened the floor for questions. It has been a while since my last public speaking appearance and the occasional awkward moments of silence were uncomfortable for me, but did not seem to bother the listeners.

Saturday, we returned to the same room for a birthday party for my friend and resident of Brightwater. She is turning 100 years old on Tuesday. It was a festive occasion. I wore a special purple shirt in honor of her and that was new ground for me. There were more people than the room could hold as many relatives and friends dropped in to honor her. She requested a copy of “Locked in” and I was only too glad to oblige.

Sunday, I am scheduled to speak and answer questions after the morning services at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Father Merchant has graciously agreed to allow me to share about my book and answer questions. The cake is one my mother had made for the event. This will be my second time at St. Stephen’s sharing about my life inside WOFF. The members have been kind and gracious while hearing my story. This cake will be served at the church.

cake for book signing in N MB, SC
cake for book signing in N MB, SC

Details are still coming together for book signings in North Carolina. I will announce them as soon as the arrangements are certain. Check back for more information.


“Locked in” Kindle version is NOW available! (here). I am also excited to announce participation in the Kindle Matchbook program. This program allows those who have purchased the print edition directly from Amazon to obtain a Kindle edition for a discounted price. Also, “Locked in” Kindle version is eligible for lending to other Kindle device owners. (see Kindle FAQ for more details )

There will be additional e-book distribution channels opening in the next few weeks. Please, check back for those updates! Thank you, for choosing to “like” this page and read “Locked in.”

Season of Changes is upon us.

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2 thoughts on “Locked in – Daily Courier, Book Signings and Kindle”

  1. John,

    This book has been a long time coming! My wife emailed me a few hours ago to say she had just received confirmation that your book had arrived from Amazon at home today. I know what I will be doing this evening! Congratulations on the book and I look forward to reading many more from you in the future.

    a fellow-former WOFFer’

    Jon Smith

  2. Jon,

    Thank you….Hope you enjoy- as much as one can with all the memories. Please, consider providing a review on Amazon. Thank you.
    Sequel is in the works….


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