Analogy: The Truman Show vs. the Life of a WOFF member

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Is your boat about to hit the dome?

Recently, I watched The Truman Show (1998) and it is a perfect analogy if you are, or have been a member of the Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF). If you have not, I suggest you to watch it. It is a great movie and will certainly trigger your mind to look at things in an entirely new perspective.

The Truman Show is a movie based on a reality television program, where the central character, Truman Burbank (Jim Carey) lives in a small town. The small town is encapsulated in a huge dome. There are thousands of cameras hidden throughout, and his every movement is captured by one of them.

Since the star was a little child, he thought that where he lived in his town was the best place in the world to live, and there was no place which could even compare. Over and over, the members of WOFF are told that. No better place than Spindale! No other church gives so much truth as we do.

Everything around Truman was planned and setup for him; his job, his best friend from childhood, and his marriage. He falls in love with another person (actor), but because that was not in the script, the director fired her. Subsequently, they place another person in his life who he eventually marries.

Similarly, for WOFF members, if you have any type of attraction to another woman, it is deemed as unclean. Jane Whaley, the leader, has the final say on whether one should marry or not. She starts by telling the couple to hear from God if they are to become husband and wife. However, there is a lot of external pressure for that to take place. I have talked to enough people, who have left the organization and they have confirmed pressure. They affirm that the relationships in WOFF are manipulated.

We can see in the latest members to exit WOFF, cases the wife left, and the husband stayed, or vice-versa. This trend shows that their relationships were frivolous, just like Truman and his wife Meryl.

Time after time, in The Truman Show, the protagonist plans to move out of the small island. Anytime he shared the plans with his friend Marlon, he is told there is nowhere for him to go, and he lives in the best place ever!

During the movie, it becomes clear; the main factor to keep Truman on the island is fear. When he was a child, his father’s tragic drowning death was written into the script. The result was a paralyzing fear to go out to the ocean. WOFF members, how many times you have been threatened when you were tempted to test the deep waters surrounding your world? Held inside your group by the paralyzing fear created by the dreadful ill-fated prophecies which would come upon if you leave the church?

Many times Jane told us the story of her prophesy to someone in Georgia. If he turns his back on “god”, Jane, he will die. He did pass away shortly after rejecting the message. However, Jane failed to tell everyone that at the time of her predictions, it was known that this man from Georgia was terminally ill, and his passing was just weeks away. Furthermore, she failed to tell everyone that the second person she prophesied it to still alive, walking with his back turned to “god”.

When Truman began to realize that there was something strange going on, the director brought his father back into the picture with hopes to get him to settle his emotions, and stop pushing to find out the truth. Very much like at WOFF, when someone is trying to find out the real truth about something, then Jane allows them to do something they really desire and were previously not allowed. This diversion could include perhaps getting a cell phone, or starting a new relationship, or going to college.

Truman, however, did not buy anymore lies. He courageously faces his biggest fear, becoming brave enough to overcome his aquaphobia and sail out into the ocean. When Christof, the director of the show, learns this, he creates a storm with large waves attempting to stop Truman. Truman does not stop, surviving high winds and a capsized boat. After several tense moments, his now upright sailboat hits the dome surrounding his world; which was in reality a huge television stage. The man who lived his entire life in front of thousands of cameras learns his world—everything– has been fake.

Truman then finds his way to the exit door of the only world he has ever known, Christof gets on the intercom and began to talk to his star. Using smooth sayings, he tries to convince Truman to stay on the show. Giving his last goodbyes, the main actor walks off stage and the show is over.

WOFF members past and present, it is time for you to overcome all your fears. You are not going to die, or hell is not going to open its mouth and you fall alive in it. It does not matter if you grew up in the church and even if Jane comes with her seductive tongue, trying to persuade you to stay.

There is a reason why she made the church so secluded. The seclusion has given her power over your “normal life” as a member of her church, living in her approved housing, attending her school and working at companies she controls. In many ways, your life has been like Truman’s– on a stage controlled by the director, Jane Whaley.

There is a whole world, and much more life outside of the WOFF-dome. If your boat hits the edge of the WOFF-set, and you realize of the ongoing façade and farce, do not let anyone seduce you. Taking those steps, walk out the door; you will never regret facing the fear to gain freedom!

2016- The Year for Changes!

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