Fenner Case: Sarah Anderson’s Bond Replaced, Status Conference Scheduled for July 29th

Rccatalyst.com reported on that Wednesday, a bail bondsman contacted Sarah Anderson at her home seeking to take her into custody. Earlier, Ray Farmer of Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) withdrew the surety bond (property deed) which served to secure her $15,000 bond. This surety allowed her freedom while the assault and kidnapping charges against her in the Matthew Fenner case were investigated and tried. This action by WOFF has been available to them since January 2015. From a purely unemotional standpoint, this was a defensive move on WOFF’s part. However, given the lateness of the hour when it was initiated, the action was carried out in an offensive posture. We see the true nature of “Christian” church that WOFF professes to be. Is anyone shocked?

Sources close to the case relayed the glee displayed by Ray Farmer when he knew Sarah was apprehended and on her way to the courthouse. The overt displayed of joy at Sarah’s plight portrays in actions what many have known for years. The philosophy and modus operandi of WOFF has been to initiate as much pain and emotional distress as possible on those who dare leave and tell their secrets. If prophesying doom and harm will not work for those who consider leaving, then put actions to your predictions and make it hard for a defector to assume or resume a normal life. Sounds like the kind of healthy Christian love we all want-right?

Sarah secured a replacement bond and was not detained for any length of time at the courthouse. Ray’s goal of inflicting a night of complete embarrassment and emotional pain was averted for the most part.

Sarah Anderson is one of five defendants who have been charged in the incidents taking place January 27, 2013 inside the sanctuary of Word of Faith Fellowship. Matthew Fenner alleges he was held against his will, assaulted and strangled during a “deliverance” session inside WOFF. Additional defendants in the case include Brooke Covington, Justin Covington, Robert Lewis Walker, Jr., and Adam Bartley. The practice of “blasting and deliverance” has been the signature practice of WOFF for over thirty years. In previous court findings and reports in different media sources, the practice has been credited for several members’ emotional and physical trauma.

Hopefully, Adam Bartley and his attorney Robert Denton are taking note of the WOFF strategy. ADA Byers has warned of this option in previous court proceedings. WOFF has the upper hand until each secured bond is replaced for each of the four remaining defendants. For certain Robert Lewis Walker,, Jr., Justin Covington and even Brooke Covington should consider a new source for their bond.

On Saturday, Rccatalyst.com also reported more details about the “Status Conference” calendared by Assistant District Attorney Garland Byers.

“In a letter to the Administrative Office of the Courts in Raleigh, Byers requests Judge Pope’s presence for a single day, July 29, 2016. “

The article tells of the State’s inquiry of the motions entered by the now disqualified attorneys, Josh Farmer and Mark Morris. Farmer and Morris were the original counsel for the WOFF members in Fenner case. The review will determine if the motions, including a change of venue, will be “pursued, modified or abandoned.”

In the Daily Courier’s report of the hearing ADA Byers is quoted as saying, “New lawyers change the dynamics of same cases.” “We have a whole new line up of motions and will modify them.” The article went on the report Byers saying it would be months before this case came to trial.

The statement from Byers is not a welcome one, but he knows more about the timing of this trial. Meanwhile, 2016 is still the year for changes inside and outside of WOFF. Stay tuned for more excitement in the weeks and months to come.

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3 thoughts on “Fenner Case: Sarah Anderson’s Bond Replaced, Status Conference Scheduled for July 29th”

  1. Being a cult survivor myself I’ve been following this story with great interest. We have a serious problem in this country when beliefs can override the law. As a child my civil rights were severely violated so I’m interested in seeing these people in prison for what they do.

  2. I am brazilian and my daughter Sara studied at WOFF.
    So now she left from this false church. Because she saw Jane said to his grandson Broke, don’t talk and play with brazilian kids. The same information she said to Elizabeth Morris.
    Jane and other supposed ministers like Jane Coulder, Karel Reynolds, Brooke Covington not allowed brazilians go to Wal Mart alone. Because they probably give information to “false accusers” like John Hoddle’spies.
    John do you know the new profession of Karel Reynolds???
    The answer is Coach for businessmen . During her staying at São Paulo. Karel and Connie give a lecture as Coach for businessmen at jewish Club, Hebraica.
    Tle link above is at São Paulo Church located at Franco da Rocha, during a event that honored the life of holocaust survivers.
    The real truth, WOFF is with serious problem with money and Jane send Karel and Connie to make money.
    The lecture to to judges and lawyers at Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais , Brazil:
    Theo other lecture to UMC University at São Paulo:

  3. Marcelo,

    Thank you for the latest scoop on how WOFF is exporting their junk to your country. It is sad to think Karel and Connie were given such a platform.


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