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For the past few years, I have worked with the Faith Freedom Fund helping survivors of Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) as well as survivors from other groups. During my time inside of WOFF, there were many misinformed statements made by the leadership about the purpose and people behind this support group. While many of us await the release of the AP Investigation “Broken Faith”; I thought it a good time to address some of the misinformation that was told WOFF members.

First, let me go on record as saying I took help from Faith Freedom Fund (FFF) during my first few months after leaving WOFF. My brother suggested I call the main contact at the time, Cal Sayles. Cal later reminded me of how skittish I was during the first few contacts over the phone. I would not even give him my name until I agreed to meet him at a fast food place in Shelby. There we talked about I don’t remember what- probably my exit drama. After that meeting, I kept in contact from time to time with Cal. Over the years, as I progressed in my open protests walking down Oakland Road, it became a regular thing to pass on survivor requests to the leaders of FFF.

Often, when they had a question about a survivor, they would call me. Somewhere along the way, they asked me to join the Board and be a part of the team doing the work of helping survivors. Of course, I knew many of those exiting from my time inside WOFF. There have been many joyous meetings as we celebrate another member seeking freedom from the controls of WOFF.

However, there was a day which we helped a young lady who landed in a very harmful situation. It all started with a phone call from another concerned friend saying a co-worker had been missing for two or three days. Once she was located, it was apparent her desperate circumstances. This young lady from North Carolina had answered an Internet ad for employment thinking she could better herself and help her family’s desperate financial problems. Without telling her parents, she traveled to Texas to meet the person placing the ad. There she was shocked to learn the job involved prostitution. From Texas she was moved to Arizona.

There she created space between her and her captor at a hotel. She or someone for her called authorities and she was rescued. We were being asked to help her with plane fare back home to North Carolina. Her family did not have the resources.

Previously, that year, I had attended an International Cultic Studies Association Conference where deceptive sex-trafficking recruiting techniques were explained. I knew the young lady was a victim and needed our help.

Over the next two hours, I arranged for her airfare home. It was a very rewarding answer to an intense set of circumstances. Once home, her family let us know how grateful they were for our help. I think of this young lady’s story from time to time and it helps me focus on our mission to help those who can’t readily help themselves.

We who work for FFF do so voluntarily and often contribute not only hours of support, but often contribute funds from our own resources. We do not profit in monetary terms, but in ways more rewarding than money.

We are not the “devil’s handymen” wanting to drag people away from the will of God.

We do not openly share information about those we help. If the recipient wants to tell others, they are free to do so.

We pray for members of dangerous religious groups which include the members of WOFF. Often we pray that whoever desires to leave will have the courage to do so and the confidence in us or anyone else that is willing to help them. We pray for those who have doubts to be bold enough to ask the hard questions and face the true answers about their choices. Personal safety, emotional comfort and simple provisions for physical needs are our aims.

In light of recent survivors we have helped, we humbly ask you to consider a tax-deductible donation through our new website-

If our expectations are correct, we believe this will be a busy year for us.

You may email us at . My cell phone is (828) 289-7923.

Thank you,
John Huddle

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