Press Conference in Rutherfordton (2 videos)

(updated 3/7/2017 11:53AM)
Today was full of phone calls, text messages, social media activity and meeting new friends. News reporters from WLOS from Asheville and WSPA out of Greenville responded to my invitation to a news conference on the newest allegations revealed in the AP Investigation – Broken Faith. Others making the trip to downtown Rutherfordton included reporters from the Daily Courier, and the Associated Press. Adding to the number were a few new friends and some faithful supporters of the fight for truth.

The day’s purpose was to share my concerns for the present and former members of Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) after the two AP investigative releases. Reading from a prepared text, I made the case for the Rutherford County Department of Social Services to reopen the 2015 investigation into abuse allegations in Word of Faith Christian School (WFCS). The investigation was ineffectual due to the recently revealed techniques exposed by former Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) members. These survivors were teachers or assistants in the school and their testimony told of the consistent efforts to lie about the abuses going on. WOFF did not act is “good faith” and from what I read they violated the 2005 Settle Agreement which was a result of the 2003 lawsuit against the Rutherford County Department of Social Services.

Also, I explained the reason more cases concerning present or former members were not making their way through the court system. The AP interviewed several ex-members who told of the consistent pattern of Jane Whaley to coach people how to lie when answering questions from local and state investigators. Add this to two former District Attorneys who chose not defend and protect WOFF members – and it becomes clear there are major problems in Rutherford County!

And the battle continues….

Religious freedoms stop when abuse starts.

Sheriff Francis, the abuses reported by ex-members are not “worship.” Watch the video of Danielle Cordez which was released Monday. Do you want some of that for your children? If WOFF is so safe and lovely, send your children to WFSC for the rest of their school years. Better yet, take your membership letter and transfer inside WOFF. Go get some gut punching, falling in the floor, face-slapping, devil puking deliverance and come back and talk to me. You go sit in Jane’s office and submit your ears to her blasting. Well, I suspect inside WOFF they have reverted to mainly holy handshakes and holy hugs.

It is true, outside pressures change inside dynamics, but not beliefs. Once the pressure lifts, the dangerous dynamics based on Jane’s beliefs return.

So, do we keep shining the light into this hole of darkness?

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5 thoughts on “Press Conference in Rutherfordton (2 videos)”

  1. We are from Brazil’s church in Franco da Rocha, São Paulo.
    We left this church last year. Because many things happened to us.
    Solange is the leader in São Paulo, and canned my wife Silvia to preach in the church. Until Jane knows about the subject.
    Nothing is allowed, until Jane give her permission.
    Sexual thoughts and intercourse are considered “ungodly” or “unclean,” so adult members need permission to date, get married and even have sex after marriage. Ministers dole out condoms because couples are not allowed to have children without Whaley’s authorization.
    Several couples said they had to wait up to a year after their weddings before they were allowed to have sexual relations.
    My wife Silvia for so many years were forbidden to have sex, in another position.
    Now we are in another church and we do everything we can do.
    Jane is a false leader, dogmatic and insane.

  2. I know that Jane Whaley and other “ministers” are in bad situation, with American Justice.
    Probably WOFF will lost the legal process.
    Here in São Paulo, there are many commentaries that Jane will move to Minas Gerais to flee from justice.
    Not only her, but many “ministers”, included in many accusations.

  3. One of the characteristics, that we refer a determined group as a Cult. Mainly is the defense of the leader by their members.
    When you observe Brooke, Karel, Holly, Robin, Ann MacDonald, Chris Hall, David Caulder, when they talk about Jane. It is pure insanity. They call “mom “. And many former members have this type of attitude.
    They can give their lives for the defense of mad and bad Jane Whaley.
    We were from São Paulo Church. My family and I left this false church, about 2 years ago.
    Jane gave a order to Solange, the bad leader from São Paulo’s church. Forbidden the members of the church have contact to our family. Jane said that we are apostates.
    How evil is Jane Whaley and why so few members continually defend her?
    Jane is a false minister because when member left her church, she wants to destroy the reputation and moral of the people. Like Rick Cooper said, it is true.
    A friend from São Joaquim de Bicas, Minas Gerais, Brazil that left this church last year with his family, told me that: The building is so much big, that if Jane and her “ministers” be sentenced in the american court. They have a “hiding place” to take refuge.
    It is important to alert american authorities, that Jane Whaley and her evil group can escape to São Joaquim de Bicas, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

  4. Quando leio estes comentários, todos falsos, começo a entender como existe pessoas que realmente não se importam com as pessoas e escrevem absurdos em seus nomes.

    Eu, Charston Keppke nunca escreveria estas asneiras que foram escritas. Isso não passa de ações de tolos que não tem moral nenhuma e querem denegrir pessoas que saíram desta “igreja”, mesmo porque não domino a língua inglesa.

    Realmente saímos deste lugar, e não necessito de expor os meus motivos. Apenas creio que cada cristão deve congregar onde se sente bem.

  5. Charston,

    Thank you, for your opinion. You are free to read others’ opinions as well.


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