Will Word of Faith Fellowship Survive? (video)

This morning as the birds are singing announcing the beginning of what promises to be a day packed with new information and drama, I sit amazed at the next AP Investigative release. Ex-Sect Members tell AP: Prosecutors obstructed abuse cases.

Reading the text reveals the secrets and definitive patterns which others on the outside have only speculated about for years. In video below, watch Danielle Cordez describe the treatment of Matthew Fenner! She says, “I honestly don’t know how he survived, I thought he was the first person they were going to kill.”

And with that video, the drama goes to a whole new level. Up until this point, Word of Faith Fellowship members have been doing damage control be sending out text messages telling relatives the accusations are all lies and that WOFF has “proof – videos and testimonies which we will probably be posting soon.”

WOFF denies abuse of any kind. And Jim Jones was a sweet harmless man.

From this morning’s release:

“Frank Webster and Chris Back — church ministers who handle criminal cases as assistant DAs for three nearby counties — provided legal advice, helped at strategy sessions and participated in a mock trial for four congregants charged with harassing a former member, according to former congregants interviewed as part of an AP investigation of Word of Faith.

Back and Webster, who is sect leader Jane Whaley’s son-in-law and lives in her house, also helped derail a social services investigation into child abuse in 2015 and attended meetings where Whaley warned congregants to lie to investigators about abuse incidents, according to nine former members.

Under North Carolina law, prosecutors cannot provide legal advice or be involved in outside cases in any manner. Violation of those rules can lead to ethics charges, dismissal and disbarment.

More egregious actions — including offering legal advice in an ongoing criminal investigation to help a person avoid prosecution — could lead to criminal charges, including obstruction of justice.”

And with those words, there is revealed the main issues behind the “freedom of religion” claim put forth by WOFF. There is the idea that religious freedom trumps the foundation and restraints of the law of the land. Now, Jane would never admit that, but it seems quite clear from this AP release. Inside WOFF, there is no law but Jane. And to the degree which she and her leaders hold on to that error dictates the chances of the “church” surviving over the next few months.

If they refuse to dethrone their leader, the end result will be not pretty. If the leaders and the followers will walk away from the notion of Jane as God, then the “church” may survive. The idea of reorganizing and renaming does not seem far-fetched.

Alas, the birds are still singing and the coffee awaits me in the kitchen. It is time to face the day. Let our emotions not run away from good sense.

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3 thoughts on “Will Word of Faith Fellowship Survive? (video)”

  1. What good does it do to complain about these people ? More than half of their people are in the court house of Rutherford County…they own more businesses than people realise and they are the only ones able to have yard sales in the town of Spindale N C without being fined more than 3 times a year !!! No I do not agree with them at all because i know the God I serve is not the God they serve!! They serve a human which I do not !! The God o serve sent his ONLY SON to this earth to tell US HIS WORD and they brainwash people into thinking different and sadly these people believe them ! They knew by coming to this county they could do this ..They are no different than the people in Waco or Jonesville!!! They are NOT SPREADING GOD’S WORD THEY ARE EVIL!

  2. My best to those wanting to leave this cult. What this teaches is the level of abuse that must occur to trigger intervention. There are many other organizations that do not resort to physical abuse that are just as toxic mentally and emotionally, and they are pillars of the community. Been there, done that. If you belong to a church and there are these two messages constantly taught, 1) the authority of the head pastor, and 2) the curse that comes on you if you fail to tithe…then run. You are in a toxic environment.

  3. Just from a quick read this does not surprise me. I have been working in counter-cult and workd religion apologetics for 40 years. I hold earned degrees in Biblical Studies and an M. A. In Apologetics from BIOLA University. Mostof the Word of Faith problems come from teaxhings that come from founder Oral Roberts, Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland and others. It appears they have adopted teachings from other mind control cults. They twist the teachings of the Bible and place people in the place of authority that Only God holds in the real Body of Jesus Christ. I have attended WOF fellowships and have always been rebuked for asking ANY questions. I pray these people for what it is, a lie from Satan to destroy people that are seeking a REAL relationship with Jesus Christ.

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