Fenner Case: Next Hearing May 19th- 2:00PM

The next chapter in the Matthew Fenner case is scheduled for Friday, May 19th at 2:00PM. Rccatalyst.com reported on May 9th an additional motion placed on the agenda for the hearing. A Motion of Discovery filed by ADA Garland Byers seeks the preview of all documents, photographs, video recordings which Brooke Covington’s defense attorney David Teddy plans to use during trial. The State also requests to learn if Teddy plans to use insanity, self-defense, voluntary or involuntary intoxication as her defense along with the reuqest for a list of any expert witnesses. A copy of the Motion is found in the article at Rccatalyst.com.

The list of Motions include:
– Defendant’s Motion for Change of Venue,
– Defendant’s Motion for a Bill of Particulars ( opposed by the State in Rccatalyst.com-here)
– State’s Motion for Joinder of Offenses for Trial
– State’s Motion in the Alternative to a venue change s Special Venire (jury pool),
– Motion for Discovery

One more motion by the State filed March 22nd- Motion for Jury View & Testimony During Jury View was discussed in a previous hearing, but not listed in the Rccatlyst.com coverage.

The Motion for Change of Venue will determine the future of this case when and where it will be held. The outcome of the Change of Venire will tell us from which county the jury pool will originate, if different from Rutherford County. The Motion for Jury View if approved will allow the jury to visit Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) and have Matthew describe in sworn testimony the events that unfolded the fateful night of January 27, 2013. My friends, we are not surprised that Jane Whaley is fighting this Motion with her own attorney, John W. Gresham. She is putting her foot down, her hand held up high and her shrill cry peeling the paint off the walls in warring prayer to squash any effort to cast her beloved sanctuary as a potential crime scene.

In my opinion, it is too late. Jane’s beloved private property on Oakland Rd. is already believed as the scene of many unreported and unprosecuted crimes. I can understand the push to deny the obvious acknowledgement, however, even if the Motion is denied; the WOFF property, indeed the entire WOFF kingdom will remain listed as UNSAFE in the eyes of many.

Let me be clear, it is the practices promoted which are deemed UNSAFE. The high shrill sounds of blasting deliverance prayer accompanied by the physical contact, which I understand has been reduced and modified, all add together for a super-queasy, uneasy, spiritually-sleazy subculture.

If the practices of physical contact during deliverance prayer were so righteous and necessary, then why were they dialed back? If WOFF ways are the Holy Way, then do as you sing and “Throw Open Your Doors” during the most heated times of devil-kicking deliverance and let the cameras roll! The question remains: Jane- Is your God ashamed of His ways or of you and what you have become? Have you become the reproach which you so quickly label others? The question rings out: are you lost in your own maze of cover-up and deception? Is it possible?

I hope for many survivors’ sake that the wheels of justice turn faster this year. Regardless of the legal outcome, the cat is literally out of the bag. (Thank you, Associated Press News team.)

The WOFF kingdom is full of smoke and mirrors added to emotional and physically dangerous trap doors. The hearts of many victims will know no rest as long as WOFF survives in its present condition. Can WOFF change their ways? It is not for me to say one way or the other. We deal with what we know for sure that has happened. Members have been hurt, families destroyed based on years of fear and intimidation.

The next chapter in this complex, sad and tragic drama will take place this week. It seems unlikely the entire list of Motions will be heard Friday. There is too much at stake for the Honorable Judge Gary Gavenus to chance future issues which may negate the State’s efforts or the completeness of the defense. Nonetheless, move forward we will. Check back after soon for a review of the happenings in court.

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