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John Huddle
John Huddle- Survivor, Writer, Blogger

Welcome to ReligiousCultsInfo.com.  After 16 years of being in a small religious cult located in Western NC, I decided to leave the group. This blog has grown out of my journey and subsequent struggle to be free from the Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) and its practices.

I first began writing my memories of my time in WOFF in October 2008. Writing about the events helped process the emotions and answer some of the questions. In January 2010, I released my first post and added the Terms of Use and disclosures to this blog. The first several posts told of my experiences inside of WOFF. Next, I began to compare those experiences to survivors of other groups. Also, I began reading several books which helped me learn what had actually happened to me during my time in WOFF. During this journey, I was contacted by other survivors who needed help in one way or another. My efforts to help them taught me many things. The Faith Freedom Fund asked me for advice and eventually asked me to join their efforts. My work with the Faith Freedom Fund has been satidfying in many ways.

In July of 2014, I attended the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) conference in Washington, D.C. There I met survivors of other groups as well as professionals who help survivors. During the Phoenix Project session, I read an account of a meeting inside WOFF titled “Winds of Destruction.” The piece was well received and has become the Prologue to my book, Locked in. My book is set to release in the fall of 2016.

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Locked in
Front cover- Locked in by John Huddle

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Winds of Destruction- Winds of Destruction

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Phoenix Project at ICSA
Phoenix Project at ICSA

Foreword to Lock in written by Lorna Goldberg, L.C.S W. FOREWORD TO LOCKED IN for media

Short synopsis to Locked in

Locked in pulls back the thick curtain holding many of the secrets inside Word of Faith Fellowship. This small mountain church in Spindale, NC first came to the national stage in 1995 when Inside Edition aired video which included their signature practice of blasting deliverance prayer. As the first published survivor memoir of this group, Locked in follows John’s journey of hope to live in “God’s ways” by moving his family to Spindale, only to discover the cult’s unique doctrines and practices destroy the family he loves and cherishes. Locked in examines these group practices including communal living, deliverance prayer, fund-raising, as well as revealing the essential beliefs and many unwritten rules governing each member.

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Survivor, Writer, Blogger
Survivor, Writer, Blogger

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11 thoughts on “About Author-“Locked in”- Bookstore”

  1. John, have you heard what happened last Wednesday. I actually feel sorry fir all of those children. It was on fb.

  2. I am praying that someone outside of the grips of the WOFF in Rutherford County will hear the cries of the children here and what they endure on a daily basis. Abuse is abuse, it knows no boundaries. My heart cries for the adults that have been sucked into such a terrible brainwashing cult. I pray that people will finally ban together here in this area and bring in some big guns to finally, after years, diffuse this dangerous, dangerous cult!

  3. Praying? For big guns? Whew. Jesus followers sure do like big guns cause that’s exactly what Jesus would do, wipe them out. Do you know what cognitive dissonance is?

  4. Web Pain,
    Honestly, I believe the term “big guns” is figurative. It means powerful and authoritative. Not explosive. I regret the misunderstanding. Shooting folks is not the answer and yes, I know what cognitive dissonance is. For years, the abuses have been allowed. Many are just ready for the victims to find relief.
    Thank you, for reading and taking time to comment.


  5. John, I went through the same type of deal. Put me out over a lie M______ told Jane.
    Out 9 months. Had to finally “confess” a lie to get back in church. Knew then how truly they hear truth. Tried for months to tell them truth. To no avail. Only way I got to go to my granddaughters graduation. How awful it felt to have to lie to be allowed to go back to church. The whole being barred from church or discipleship is so wrong. No body should hold that kind of power!!

  6. Peggy,

    So, glad you are out and doing well. May your recovery continue! If I can be a help, please, let me know.

    Best to you and all yours…


  7. My mother was in woff for about 14 years .Our family had a very difficult time getting her out . We had to get the legal system involved but finally got her out after a very long time of not being able to see her or talk to her . I am so glad to see more people out . I pray that something will come from all of this investigating .

  8. The church I attended (that very few know of) was a sister church of one in Jackson Kentucky, which answered to “Spindale” and Jane Whaley. In fact, we were under the umbrella of Jane’s authority and tithing. The leaders spoke in quiet, secret phone communications with Jane herself, along with the church in Jackson and commands from who they all claimed were God or prophetic were delivered to us as commands we needed to ivey. Jane Whaley was referred to as “Our pastor’s authority or covering” . Our church had 8 young people( ages ranged from 5 months to 17) and 8 adults ranging from 18 to 50. The damage that was done between 1988 and 1996 in the lives of the children and young people, was devastating. From agnostic adults now to atheistic, to living in denial and having no regard for authority, and beyond, the few that have escaped without consequence were those who were given leadership or authority overs others or were natrallly impervious to the manipulative tactics and control that occurred. From forced “deliverance sessions for hours” to extreme control of finances, to going to college or not, to labor exploitation, twenty-four hour lock-down control of their lives, to no dating, to alienating from families and husbands who were not apart of the church, the leaders challenged the meaning of love and free-will God had given, for reasons of their own self-gratifying need for their own true purpose, andvthey found it in controlling us. the leaders living their lives through the idea that our submission made them something and proved God was with them. God was with the children…but not with the leaders. I am saddened for them. I was excommunicated at age 24 1/2 , when I went to a Baptist couple for counseling. The pastor’s wife feared I would introduce bad doctrine and rebellion and free-thought and consulted with the higher ups who suggested excommunication. The church fell apart shortly after, when my mom, brother and sister left of who were not allowed to be in communication with me.

    When a church says they have exclusive truth and seem so incredibly happy and want to offer that to you, it is important to do your research, fact-finding and proving. No church can give you something. That’s misleading. Happiness is found in our ability to forge relationships and is completely of our will.

    I hope that if any person, especially any young people reading this, that you are not bad. And if you have escaped your church to know that that you will rebuild your life into something. It may not feel like it…you might feel like you are the exception, but we all felt that way.

    I went on to join the military. I became a military police officer in Washington DC. From there I learned discipline and also common-sense. I learned how to make sound judgements, and rely on myself as well as others in a positive productive way by still remaking true to my own identity. I rebuilt what those leaders had taken.
    I am currently a wedding planner finishing college. I have put my life back together with lots of self-forgivesness and grace. And I continue to heal.

    These things that happened are not your fault and in no way means that you yourself did not love or have a sincere relationship with God. I came to a point in understanding that there is so much more, even after broken, there is still something beautiful that remains.

    Finding that way back to wholeness may not go as quickly as you might like but it happens everyday. It’s a personal and very private thing. Days like today when you read that there is hope. That is growth. It’s a lot of hurt that we have, that heals with time …those places or instances where we don’t let people see or get to.

    For me there was initially shame and lots of regret at why I didn’t see or perceive what was slowly happening to me while I was there. And how I let myself get there in the first place. How had I come to allow a church to assume full ownership of my heart, soul, mind, freewill and my physical state that I could not leave if I had wanted to for fear of “social stigmatism, gossip, rejection, or supernatural persecution.”

    What I do know now for certain is that God doesn’t want us living in boxes. If it takes a box to keep us, then maybe He ought not to be God.

    And what I know is that beyond the panic attacks, anxiety and thinking life is spinning out-of-control, life can be ordinary again. Even when your mind wants to reflect upon all the what-if I’m wrongs, and every doubt that crowds. In time you will come to your rest. And sort it all out, And that you can be you, just the way God had planned. Each person just gets there at different intervals. I hope that this will inspire someone who has a similar story to know today you will be ok. This journey is ok to take. There is no judgement. Only your healing.

  9. Beware of false teachers. God is not mocked. It’s in the book. You can fix ignorant. Knowledge is power. You can’t fix stupid. Pray for knowledge and wisdom and wise teachers! Pray for those who have been so horribly mislead.

  10. My son is in Larry Herlong’s cult! I am so sad and sickened by this man, or as they call him a Prophet! Larry was in CA, where my son joined, and then he moved to MN! All I can do is pray for my son and his family! Heartbroken!

  11. I love your book. Im so proud of u & what u are standing up for. Your story is very encouraging! I wish the world was filled with more people like you. Best Wishes & God Bless You Always! Xoxoxox

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