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Issues and Questions surrounding WOFF and the funds they take in and how they are spent

Welcome New Readers- Posts About Money Issues August 2010

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Sign in Forest City

    There are several posts on this blog which are not in a series. They may address a certain subject or a particular service at Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF). The main subject most times is Jane Whaley simply because she runs WOFF. She is the top of the pyramid structure. All decisions of any importance and many of seemingly no consequence flow through Jane Whaley. That is how she has designed the group and deviation from that is not often. Straying from this mandate is often met with a rebuke from Jane or some other level of leadership. The structure is tight to say the least. People move up in rank with her approval and move down in rank with her disapproval. Obviously, WOFF members are moved in and moved out of the door with Jane’s approval. When insiders and outsiders learn this rule of WOFF-life; things will seem to make more sense, if that is possible.

    “The $50,000 Offering” link is here.. Here is a clip from the post from February 8, 2010: “She went on to say God had told her that some folks were saving money for their children. “God said to give it”.

    “Jane Whaley makes $600 a month (sorta)” link is here.. Here is a clip from the post of February 5, 2010: “She said she gets a check for $600 a month. From that $600, she gives Sam $200. Sam volunteered at that point that he “squirrels away” his $200 for a future time.”

   “Jane Whaley – the Medical Debt Collector” here is the link..  And yes, a clip from the post of February 7, 2010: “Jane began addressing individuals calling their name, saying how much they owed and asking what they could pay? One of the attorney’s in the church was present . He asked why he was there. He was told in front of everyone- “Your grandmother owes a balance” (under $300)”.

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“Know the Marks of Cults” Part 7

   For now, we continue on with yet more comparisons and observations from the book:  “Know the Marks of Cults” by Dave Breese, (copyright 1975, SP Publications, ISBN 0-88207-704-x). We have been reviewing the insights from the author and comparing them to my experience at Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) led by Jane Whaley. In the sixth post from this book we reviewed several characteristics of cults as put forth by Breese. The last one in the post was the “Enslaving Organizational Structure” as explained in chapter 10.  We have been comparing some aspects of these “Marks”, to what I have known about WOFF. As a note, I will not write full length posts on the entire list all of “The 12 basic errors of false religion” that are mentioned in the subtitle of this book. Reviewing each one in depth is not for this forum. However, a brief reading would affirm that out of the twelve listed errors, I have seen and experienced all of them during my time at WOFF.  I encourage readers to obtain their own copy and read this book.

   Breese states in Chapter 11 that a cult would/could display “Financial Exploitation” of its members. This was another chapter from which it was hard to only pull a few quotes. The author writes, “It is clear also from the Word of God that the Christian is never put under obligation to do, give, sacrifice or expend himself in any way in order to be more sure that the has the Gift of God which is eternal life.” (page 105 emphasis added) He continues, “The Word of God, however, is clear that service for Christ is a voluntary proposition on the part of the Christian, and nothing that he does will increase his own guarantee of eternal life.” (page 105) For those who are now or have been at WOFF, do these statements take your breath? I read them and found myself reeling with doubt then catching myself, as I saw this was old patterns of WOFF-think kicking in. Is “service for Christ” really voluntary? Do you mean that “pleasing Jane” or “doing the will of God- the WOFF way” does not get you on the inside track to heaven? Is this cause for pause?

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WOFF Contradictions – Part 3

     We continue on with the contradictions that I witnessed at Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF). The previously stated qualifying statements continue here. These are my opinions. Some contradictions are obvious and some need to be explained.  

     The WOFF website contains very interesting information and pictures. Under the “Outreach” tab there is a header for “Political Outreach”. On this page there are several photos of current and former elected officials including former First Lady Laura Bush, former Congressman Charles Taylor, Lt. Governor Walter Dalton and North Carolina Senator Debbie Clary. All of this is very impressive. Another page in this grouping is titled “Our Purpose”…. This page explains the position of WOFF in reference to praying for and respecting civil authorities. The text goes on to explain the many activities that WOFF and its members have been involved in such as voter registrations, non-partisan forums, congressional prayer breakfasts, petitioning of state and national leaders.  

     The Articles of Incorporation for The Word of Faith Fellowship, Incorporated can be found at the following link.   This is public information on the North Carolina Secretary of State website.  Under Article X, it says that “No substantial part of the activities of Word of Faith Fellowship, Incorporated shall be the carrying on of propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation and The Word of Faith Fellowship, Incorporated shall not participate in or intervene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) a political campaign”.  I encourage readers to read the entire document for context.

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Simple, Financial Disclosure- Why Not?

    Today, as I was leaving church, I was handed a Quarterly Financial Report! Everyone that left through the front door was offered one, even the lady in front of me, who was a first time visitor! Wow, not only annual financial reports from this church, but QUARTERLY! Is this a great idea or what? I was stunned at the openness about the tithes and offerings received and the telling folks how the money was spent. The name of the church is Grace Community Church located outside of Marion, NC

      Since it has been years since I had seen a church quaterly report, I reviewed it closely. Here is what I found… This report covered January, February and March of 2010. The first section was titled: Exalting Christ. In that section were listed different basic statistics from the ministry to different age groups. Areas of ministry reviewed included Children’s ministry, Youth ministry, and Prayer ministry as well as stats showing numbers who attend and how many are actual members. The average attendance on Sunday mornings during the quarter was 639. The number on the membership roll is 525. There were 5 new members during the first quarter.

      The next section was titled, “Transforming Lives” . This section revealed the direction of different groups. Some bullets listed upcoming events and some listed activities that had taken place. There was a bullet about the students from a local college that attended as well as listing different mission trips and how many folks participated. The last bullet said that Adult Bible Fellowship had grown by 41% during the last year.

     On the back page was a section titled. “Embracing a Community”. Here was listed bullet points explaining some of the outreach projects to the local community, also telling about some of the missionaries who were supported. The Student Ministry had started supporting a child through Compassion International. 312 boxes had been distributed through the food pantry. 29 families were helped through the benevolence ministry. The support given to a family when their house burned was listed. There was bullet point for the number of families active in the prayer chain as well as new baptisms in the period. The church also participated in the “Buckets of Hope” ministry to Haiti. And get this; there was a recap of the offerings and budget needs. There was also listed a balance in the New Building Account! Actual dollars! They are actually planning and saving for a new building! What a great idea!

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Permanent Dependent Underclass? at WOFF? (2)

     Towards the end of the last post, I wrote this about Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) – This is the closest thing I have seen or been apart of, that would be classified as the development of  a “permanent dependent underclass”. Jane Whaley needs “regular” members to be submissive, “stay in their places”, “tithe and give offerings” and not stray, so others can grow dependent on her “spiritual”, as well as natural provisions. 

     After reflecting on these words, I do not want others to get the wrong impression. For the most part, on the outside; these WOFF members who helped others in the church performed their services as a ministry of helps, with a great attitude. Not once did I hear grumbling from a WOFF member about helping others. Many would donate the labor and use of their tools, if the receiving member could pay for the parts. At times, a person helping another member, would even donate the parts or supplies. There was great sacrifice for many folks- since who has a water heater start leaking in the day time or during the  weekdays?? Some repairs were planned, but many were needed right away.

     Many folks would volunteer to watch your children on the spur of the moment, no charge. Others would cook and provide meals. Some community folks and relatives of Jane Whaley, would be the benefactors of WOFF ladies cooking during family funerals or sickness situations. Jane always wanted to be made aware of who in your neighborhood might have a serious issue where WOFF members could “reach out”. WOFF even put out a cookbook years ago. I have mine! Yes, there has been outreach to non-members on occasion. One person in the community voiced there shock to me, when they heard of WOFF donating several gifts at a baby shower to a non-member. Actually, this person regularly attends another church. Many folks giving the gifts were not known by the mother-to-be.

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Permanent Dependent Underclass? at WOFF? (1)

     This phrase has been used to describe certain groups of people in years past. This description has been used to describe folks who are being supported in various ways on a long term basis. Through the dependency and all that entails, their own abilities to provide for themselves are curbed or eliminated. Thus, they become dependent on the programs or government in place at the time. It is not “permanent” unless the folks believe they have no way out or deserve to be supported.

     As I have heard discussions about this topic nationally, it made me consider what I had seen and been a witness to in years past. Was one effect of living at Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) under the direction of Jane Whaley; to move members to total dependence on Jane and the “benefits” of living at WOFF? Think about how many folks live who are members of WOFF. At my last count, there were about 20 companies or independent contractors a person could with or work for. There was also the Christian school. My numbers are not current, but the meaning is still there.

     When my tenure began to draw to a close, I lived in a WOFF household. I worked for a company owned by WOFF church members. Except for my part-time income, all of our family income was tied to or related in some way to WOFF. My “family” doctor was a WOFF church member. My podiatrist was a WOFF member. The electrician and plumber who came to fix things at the house were WOFF members. There was a WOFF church member owned restaurant where you could eat breakfast or lunch. Previously, there had been a furniture store to buy furniture or Jane’s adopted daughter would buy home furnishings and sell it to members of the church. There were two very talented seamstresses who could repair or make clothes, as well as curtains and complete bed sets. In the church ‘bookstore”, ladies could be premium make-up. (Not really many books sold there.)

     Continuing on, there was a fellow who did excellent cabinetry and one who could frame anything that stood still. There were painters and carpenters and folks who could install carpet. There was even one fellow who performed pressure washing on houses or vehicles. Of course, Sam Whaley would buy cars and trucks from the Statesville Auto Auction, when a member needed. There was a realty company. The financial aide director for the local community college was a WOFF member- that helped. Talking to the right person (WOFF member) could get you appliances at a deep discount. Last count in 2008, there were four home-grown attorneys and one lady who sold/sells insurance for just about any need. One fellow was in residency to finish his medical training. Another man attended University of South Carolina Medical school. One doctor in Tryon, NC was a dermatologist and he had WOFF staffers, though he was not a WOFF member. There was one dentist in town, who was not a WOFF member, but two of his assistants were WOFF members.

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Jane Whaley Gets a New Dog- You Need One!

     Seeing pictures of Jane Whaley and her dogs brings back memories from a service at Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF). Jane had acquired a new tiny dog. She already had THE Great Dane. That dog had caused quite a stir. Not only did it have tremendous size, but, it would bark loudly at children, occasionally. It worried some parents. The Great Dane had issues with a sore on its leg and had to be watched. This dog was kept in a church office and did not take to being startled.  Even in its muzzle, the dog was ominous and deserved anyone keeping a distance.

     But, we shall get back to the first small dog. Word got out in the hallway that Jane had a new very tiny dog. Now, the exact breed escapes me, but it may have been a miniature, tea-cup chihuahua. I will not remember all the story in order but, here goes. Before the pending church service Jane brought the dog out and held him up while on the platform. She said he was too fragile to put on the carpet. This dog was scared and shaking. (See this video of one similar to Jane’s )   Jane’s first dog was much more fragile and weighed only a few  ounces. The one in the video was a hardy dog compared to the tiny dog that Jane bought.

     Somewhere in the process she mentioned that she and some others drove all night to Louisiana and picked him (?) out. They had seen the advertisement on the Internet.  He cost $700. I thought that was strange since she only made $600 a month and gave Sam $200 a month to “squirrel away”.  (see post here.. ) Can you imagine paying more than a month’s salary for a dog? But, when “God says” and you want it- the money will “just be there”.. Amazing how that works…

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