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Don’t Smash Those Pennies!

   Thursday, while I was working at a Credit Union, I came across a jar full of change gathered from different places within the office. I notice an odd shaped “smashed penny” in the jar! For those that may not remember, that was CONTRABAND at Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF)! Yes, it is true. So, I fished around in the jar and found another one and took them out. Oh, how evil was I? I put them in my pocket and proceeded to the manager’s office to explain this “contraband”. This was obviously a very minute issue on their radar and it hardly garnered any response at all. Why? I think because this person had ceased to be amazed at the absurdities I tell them about WOFF regulations AND the fact that it was a PENNY! To this person, there were/are bigger issues in life.

   Below is a quote from the post about this issue at WOFF. It was originally posted on March 20, 2010. I have added some comments which add more understanding.

More Don’ts for the WOFF “Don’t List”

While on family getaways or day trips, who has not seen the machines that take pennies and imprints an image on them? Well, some young folks close to me (my children!) enjoyed collecting those pennies very much. One service, one of the teachers and assistant principal of the school (Jennifer C.) got up to make the new “don’t” known to all. “No more smashing pennies! You are destroying government property.”  I am not sure, but she may have been (gagging on and) swatting gnats at the same time she was telling us this new don’t. Does this one make sense? Please, comment if you are a penny smasher.

  Okay, I admit, I enjoyed the whole penny smashing/collecting deal. I was actually excited to find the pennies in the jar. Having been away from WOFF since July 2008, I must admit I never researched to see if Jennifer C. was onto something or was she blowing WOFF smoke in order to make herself feel better and win some kind of favor with the Queen Rule Maker? So, I did a search just now and found the following answer to “Is smashing pennies legal?”

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A Blinding Zeal

   Earlier this evening, I was in Wal-Mart® in Forest City, NC helping someone get groceries. This person was a former member of Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF). As I stood by the entrance to the store talking with the greeter, who I had not seen in a long while; a present member of WOFF walked by me. I was not sure she recognized me. I knew who she was immediately. Later in the evening, I responded to an email from another ex-WOFF member and mentioned this person in my email. I wrote, “I saw (her name) tonight at WalMart® and felt sorry for her. Her “zeal” was blinding at times, as was mine- I am sure.” The term “zeal” stuck with me as I remembered a song we used to sing in years past at WOFF. If I remember right, Jane stopped us from singing it. My first time singing this song was in 1984 at a church in Sheldon, SC. It was titled simply- “The Zeal of God”. Though different groups may modify the original words, here are the words as I remember them:









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Is There Evidence? (2)

    After giving an outline of my past experience in different churches, we ended the previous post with these thoughts, “The basis of my observations about (Word of Faith Fellowship) WOFF comes from the 16 years of being exposed to their teachings and practices. I will share the experiences I had and many of the WOFF practices. My personal observations and experiences are offered as evidence to the practices of WOFF, at least during my time in the group. Could my “experiences” and observations be dismissed as fantasy or lies? Sure, they could, but why would someone do that? What would be their purpose?”  

    In years previous to joining the church at Greenville, SC, I had been in three churches that would be considered non-denominational, Protestant, with traditional, evangelical doctrines, at least, as far as I knew. Before moving from Charleston to Greenville in March of 1992, I had no reason or evidence to think that this new church would be totally dissimilar to the non-denominational churches I had been a part of in the past. After all, each of the previous churches had its individual message or emphasis and personality, if you will. But, all had included the message of salvation through believing in Jesus as Savior, baptism and communion. Each of the others had taught about the Virgin birth and Heaven and Hell.

    Prior to attending the first service in Greenville, I had listened to some sermon tapes of the Greenville pastors and liked what I heard. Since someone I knew and loved, trusted the pastors of this new church, I could easily go along and allow myself to trust them also. There was a connection from several years previous working in that relationship. The pastors and the church members soon took us in and showed us support and love like I had not encountered before. I knew very few folks in the Greenville area besides the new church family. The church and its activities would soon become a very big part of my life.  

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Fathers’ Day at WOFF? Fourth of July?

     Am I too predictable? How could I NOT post about the lack of yet another holiday celebration at Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF)? Is this a surprise that there is no recognized celebration for WOFF members on Fathers’ Day? Do we forget the matriarchal structure? If mothers are out on their day, then fathers have no chance. Let me restate from a previous post… Certainly, in this country, we are not required and should not be required to participate in any national, regional or cultural celebration regardless of the origin. Freedom to opt out or in is still a freedom.” Well, it is a freedom in the society at large. In order to continue at WOFF, you give up your ability or choice to opt in on several issues as they relate to family life. But, why is anyone surprised. Religious cults are known to do extensive damage to relationships between group members and their family members who do not believe. Pick a cult, any cult and examine this trait. You may be surprised how common it is. Well, many of the readers of this blog will not be surprised.   

    Let’s get a little background on the celebration from our trusty US Federal Government.

    Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Washington, first proposed the idea of a father’s day in 1909. Mrs. Dodd wanted a special day to honor her father, William Smart, a Civil War veteran who was widowed when his wife died in childbirth with their sixth child. Mrs. Dodd wanted to celebrate the strength and selflessness her father had shown in raising his children as a single parent.

    The first Father’s Day was observed on June 19, 1910. June was chosen because it was the month of William Smart’s birth. In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge supported the idea of a national Father’s Day. However, the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers was not issued until 1966, when President Lyndon Johnson designated the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day. Father’s Day has been celebrated annually since 1972 when President Richard Nixon signed the public law that made it permanent.


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Permanent Dependent Underclass? at WOFF? (2)

     Towards the end of the last post, I wrote this about Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) – This is the closest thing I have seen or been apart of, that would be classified as the development of  a “permanent dependent underclass”. Jane Whaley needs “regular” members to be submissive, “stay in their places”, “tithe and give offerings” and not stray, so others can grow dependent on her “spiritual”, as well as natural provisions. 

     After reflecting on these words, I do not want others to get the wrong impression. For the most part, on the outside; these WOFF members who helped others in the church performed their services as a ministry of helps, with a great attitude. Not once did I hear grumbling from a WOFF member about helping others. Many would donate the labor and use of their tools, if the receiving member could pay for the parts. At times, a person helping another member, would even donate the parts or supplies. There was great sacrifice for many folks- since who has a water heater start leaking in the day time or during the  weekdays?? Some repairs were planned, but many were needed right away.

     Many folks would volunteer to watch your children on the spur of the moment, no charge. Others would cook and provide meals. Some community folks and relatives of Jane Whaley, would be the benefactors of WOFF ladies cooking during family funerals or sickness situations. Jane always wanted to be made aware of who in your neighborhood might have a serious issue where WOFF members could “reach out”. WOFF even put out a cookbook years ago. I have mine! Yes, there has been outreach to non-members on occasion. One person in the community voiced there shock to me, when they heard of WOFF donating several gifts at a baby shower to a non-member. Actually, this person regularly attends another church. Many folks giving the gifts were not known by the mother-to-be.

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Cap Guns, Snap Pops and Hide-n-Seek- WOFF Don’ts!

     During the last week or so these three things have come back to my thinking. Why? Downstairs from where I live is a very energetic young boy. He is in his first year of school and facing what most folks would consider normal struggles. He is full of very good questions and loves to play. A week or so ago, he asked if we could play. I agreed and he volunteered to play hide-n-seek. Well, I laughed so hard! That game was a “no-no” and most certainly a BIG “don’t” at Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF). Actually, I don’t remember the exact reason given by Jane Whaley or whoever issued the edict, but it could have been – the game promotes hiding sin! Can you understand why after laughing – I said, “Sure you hide and I will count!” His hiding skills had not been developed. So, after counting and not seeing him right away- I said loudly- “Hey, where are you?” He said, “Over here.” It was more laughing for me. We played for just a short time. We found out that since we could not leave the fenced area, that there were not many hiding spots and not much challenge. But, just the thought of playing was a big laughable moment!

      Same young boy, a few days later was calling my name in front of my living room window. I heard a popping sound and had a good idea what was going on. So, I went downstairs and low and behold, he had a box of “snap pops”. These are little twists of papers with some rocks and powder inside. Throwing them on the ground makes them pop!  He was trying out different surfaces to see if he could make the snap make the popping sound. He discovered he could throw them against my shoes or shirt and many times they would pop! He laughed and it was so evident he was enjoying himself. Soon he offered me a few to try. I explained to him that these were around when I was much younger. He didn’t care. He just was glad to have a toy that made noise. Yes, I laughed as I remembered that this would not even be considered at WOFF. If you had to ask on this one;  you would soon learn that fireworks and anything similar were “of the devil” and “dangerous”. So, of course I helped him finish his box of pops. Both of us were laughing and being LOUD!  

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More Don’ts for the WOFF “Don’t List”

    Earlier, I admitted that the list of “don’ts” for WOFF was not complete. In the interest of making the list as complete as possible, there are more to add. These “don’ts” are in no particular order. Also, let’s be reminded that the list itself is not the focus of these posts. The “Don’t” List is just an example of the far reaching control that Jane Whaley and other leadership at Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) in Spindale, NC exercise over regular members. True, not all members adhere to the same number of these don’ts at any one time. But, over the years, ALL of these don’ts were advocated in one form or another. As a refresher, here is the original list of 145 :WOFF Don’t list 03 10 

     After I returned from a recent trip to the gym, I realized that going to the gym was a WOFF “don’t”. WOFF members do not frequent gyms. They were told that the “body building devil”can take you over. One fellow got up to explain how he took steroids and lost his hair. (if my memory serves me correctly..) Think about the “don’ts” that are at the gym. Worldly music, people in shorts and sleeveless tops, TV- to name a few. The trip to the gym would be “don’t” overload for a WOFF member.

     While on family getaways or day trips, who has not seen the machines that take pennies and imprints an image on them? Well, some young folks close to me enjoyed collecting those pennies very much. One service, one of the teachers and assistant principal of the school got up to make the new “don’t” known to all. “No more smashing pennies! You are destroying government property.”  I am not sure, but she may have been swatting gnats at the same time she was telling us this new don’t. Does this one make sense? Please, comment if you are a penny smasher.

     WOFF members in the know about lingo, did not use the word “luck”. We were told “luck” was from the word “Lucifer”. Well, that may not be so true.. see link  This explains the myth of saying that “luck” comes from Lucifer. Still, this has to stay on the don’t list, because WOFF members don’t say “luck”.

     On that note, WOFF members don’t say “bless you” after someone sneezes. The belief was that saying “bless you” was from an ancient custom that a sneeze expelled demons and you blessed the person before the demons could get back in to them. This belief was spoofed as untrue at WOFF. Read here for more information and options from other cultrues about what happens when a person sneezes. ( ) Scroll down to “Traditional Responses to a Sneeze”. 

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