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WLOS Features – “Locked in” by John Huddle

Tuesday was another busy day. This news piece was initiated, arranged, shot, edited and went live all in one day. Sure my part was easy, show-up, talk and go home. The WLOS reporter and the news team did the hard work. Thank you, to Ashlea Surles and the entire new staff for putting together a concise story about my time in Word of Faith Fellowship and my departure. Thank you, also to the McDowell County Library in Marion for allowing us space to shoot the video. At first, talking in a library seemed against the rules! But, we had permission.

From the text-

“When you’re inside the group, you don’t concentrate on what you’re giving up, you concentrate on what you think you’re gaining, which is a relationship with God and God’s people and salvation,” said Huddle. “A lot of the restraints are out of fear, fear that you will lose your family, fear that you will lose your job, fear that you will lose your house.”

There is hope. Anyone can wake up and take back their life.

Season of Changes is upon us.

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