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Audio Resource Round-up – John Cooper, Mitch Weiss, John Huddle

Everyone is busy and may not have the time to experience all the different resources on the unfolding drama surrounding Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF). Also, I know there are folks who just recently started following this story. 2017 has been a year full of new information from the Associated Press, updates on the Matthew Fenner case; including some survivors sharing their individual stories through different media channels.

This post includes three audio resources which you may have missed. First, we have a two-part podcast featuring John Cooper’s story. Even after living inside WOFF for years, I was captivated by John’s narrative. Within the first two minutes of Part 1, he describes a confession session where he is thrown to the floor and “…it all becomes a blur…” “…this guy is sitting on my legs and punching me in the chest…”
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Saturday’s Forum and Upcoming Events

The Survivors Community Forum held yesterday was well attended and covered by several media outlets. My heartfelt thanks go out to so many people who helped in any way with the planning, set-up, providing support during the meeting and cleaning up afterwards. It took a team of willing volunteers to bring this message to the citizens who chose to spend their afternoon with us. I appreciate all the ex-members who attended whether they spoke publically or not. We were there for each other and I hope having the open forum helped each one in some way.

Thank you, to the present members of Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) who came and listened to what for them must have been some new information and a fresh point of view. I regret we had to end the session at 4:00PM, however that was the block of time reserved. In future events, if at all possible, we hope for more open discourse and civil interchange between former and present members.

And to WOFF member Benjamin McGee; it was pointed out to me that I appeared rude in my response to you at your request to speak at the end of the session. That was not my intention and I hope you will understand I did not recognize you nor was I aiming any malice at you personally. You are welcome to call me anytime to discuss your concerns or questions. (828) 289-7923

The meeting was also attended by some of Spindale’s finest. We appreciate so much the Spindale Police who served in a very supportive and non-bias fashion. They made it clear to me from the start; their goal was to assure order. Thank you- very much.

All of the encouraging remarks and show of support from those who attended did not go unnoticed. The kind words did much to strengthen not only me, but all the other ex-members. Despite the WOFF-spin, I believe the event was a success and plans for future meetings along the same lines are being discussed.

There is a live feed replay on Citizens Against Corruption and Abuse Facebook page. One report from WLOS 13. Another report – Rccatalyst.com report The AP report includes Saturday’s event. Thank you to all media sources who spent time covering this event.

The next speaking event for me is this Thursday.

Meeting March 16th

Thursday- March 16th at Isothermal Community College – Library Auditorium 1:00PM

“Recruiting Techniques of Dangerous Groups- You don’t have to be a fool to be fooled”
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WLOS Features – “Locked in” by John Huddle

Tuesday was another busy day. This news piece was initiated, arranged, shot, edited and went live all in one day. Sure my part was easy, show-up, talk and go home. The WLOS reporter and the news team did the hard work. Thank you, to Ashlea Surles and the entire new staff for putting together a concise story about my time in Word of Faith Fellowship and my departure. Thank you, also to the McDowell County Library in Marion for allowing us space to shoot the video. At first, talking in a library seemed against the rules! But, we had permission.

From the text-

“When you’re inside the group, you don’t concentrate on what you’re giving up, you concentrate on what you think you’re gaining, which is a relationship with God and God’s people and salvation,” said Huddle. “A lot of the restraints are out of fear, fear that you will lose your family, fear that you will lose your job, fear that you will lose your house.”

There is hope. Anyone can wake up and take back their life.

Season of Changes is upon us.

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Pre-Release Announcement- Locked in- by John Huddle

Locked in
Front cover- Locked in by John Huddle

It is with much excitement and anticipation that I post this announcement. The memoir which I have labored over is very close to release. Locked in includes my story of joining Grace and Truth Fellowship in Greenville, S.C. and the subsequent membership in Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) The body of the book has three parts. Part 1 covers the time period until December 2002. The section includes my thoughts when I first witnessed blasting prayer, the practices of the Greenville church and friendships which grew during those years.

Part 2, Life Inside WOFF, covers deliverance prayer in depth, fund raising practices and pivotal services which I believe were landmarks along the journey. Part 3- Picks up the narrative again in late 2002 extending on through the life changing events of December 2004. This part also includes my exit in July 2008 and the events of December 2008.

From the back cover:
Locked in pulls back the thick curtain holding many of the secrets inside Word of Faith Fellowship. This small mountain church in Spindale, NC first came to the national stage in 1995 when Inside Edition aired video which included their signature practice of blasting deliverance prayer. As the first published survivor memoir of this group, follow John’s journey of hope for his family to live in “God’s ways” by moving to Spindale, only to discover the unique doctrines and practices brought the destruction of the family he loved and cherished. Locked in examines these group practices including communal living, deliverance prayer, fund-raising, as well as revealing the essential beliefs and many unwritten rules governing each member.
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