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WOFFGATE-Stunning Developments in Rutherford County

This morning the Superior Courtroom was alive with action. There were several items on the docket which required plenty of attorneys. The session was scheduled to start at 9:30AM. I arrived at 9:15AM and met Matthew Fenner and his supporters in the foyer of the courthouse. We entered the room taking seats on the right side of the courtroom, most sitting toward the front. The only member of Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) present at that moment was Karel Reynolds. Soon, the others made their way in and the beehive of activity ebbed and flowed as attorneys milled in their area and onlookers took seats and spoke in hushed tones. The cameraman for WLOS Channel 13 waiting outside the courtroom door on hold for permission to film or take pictures.

About 9:50AM, Assistant District Attorney Garland Byers along with Josh Farmer approached the bench where the judge was setting up his computer for the session at hand. Probably, the permission for video was discussed and the judge agreed to rule on it soon. The activity continued as conversations in different corners buzzed with the issues at hand.

At 10:03AM, the court was called to order, all stood as Judge Marvin Pope entered and was seated. At last, we were beginning. I was in the front row and surely missed the ebb and flow of any dramas behind me. Much to my dismay, there were other court cases on the docket. Two defendants were heard and their cases processed. This only added to the overwhelming anticipation. Come on, let’s get rolling!

At 10:34AM- Mr. Byers steps off to the left side of his table, glancing down at documents and addressed the judge saying there were two matters before the court which were not on the docket. In order to brief the judge, the attorneys agreed to retire to the judge’s chambers and give the background of the matters at hand. Another wait… Again, hurry up and wait was the order of the day- normal for court sessions, right? Oh, the excitement was rising to a fever pitch, at least in my mind.

11:00AM, the attorneys for each party and the judge reentered the courtroom. Ray Farmer was called to the front. He was sworn in and took his place on the witness stand. From here, let me say again the acoustics were not great and I may miss what some others would consider important parts of the testimony. I may concentrate on something others may find as minute. But, at least, the hearing started.
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Another Chapter of WOFFGATE- Memorandum Filed for Hearing 8/3/15

Rccatalyst.com leads the way again by reporting the “Memorandum of Law” filed this past Friday in the Matthew Fenner Case. This document lays out the Assistant District Attorney Garland Byers’ grounds for the motion to disqualify all of the Tomblin, Farmer Morris firm from representing any of the five defendants in the case. His reasoning includes the argument Josh Farmer put forth for the change of venue hearing now rescheduled for September 21, 2015 at 9:30AM. Quoting from that change of venue motion:

“Defendant is a member of Word of Faith Fellowship, a church that for nearly two decades has been the subject of extraordinary persecution, hatred, bigotry, and discrimination in this county, spurred by the Inside Edition tabloid news, local, national, and international new media coverage, as well as continued social media postings”…

Garland’s motion says – “Given that public perception is key to this motion, the State respectfully shows that defense counsel’s own allegations support the State’s position in bringing the motion to disqualify counsel.”

Garland’s memo also includes several other reasons for the disqualification. Time does not permit me to go through every point; however, I will list a few of the focal points in the motion. As a further explanation, we will add understanding of the background nuances which Garland may or may not be aware of in this case. These nuances may or may not come out on Monday.
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Summer of Decision- 2015

June is here and soon the official start of the summer. This summer will be like none other in the history of Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF). The month of May produced the most convincing defeat ever in a court case involving Jane Whaley. The inability to convince the judge of her claims shocked her and the leadership team. She encouraged those around her to “just let it go…” Honestly, there may be no follow-up, but will she and her followers “just let it go” and forget this case? Can the legal team forget how Jane performed on the stand? Were they even the slightest bit embarrassed? Can those in leadership who witnessed Jane’s testimony on May 29th forget or excuse the display of less than perfection from their long-time leader? What excuses will be hatched to cover the obvious reduction in her ability to convince others of her righteous, holy lifestyle? Will they talk about it privately away from Jane’s ears and discuss the next step? Will her daughter Robin, Brooke Covington and the missing-in-action-Karel Reynolds review plans for succession to the WOFF throne? Will Gerald and Linda Southerland be included in the discussions or not?

This summer will be the Summer of Decision for everyone inside WOFF.

Why? Simple. August and the months to follow will include the trial for the five indicted WOFF members. Can they enjoy the coming weeks knowing the unknown awaits them? Will the recent court debacle cause them to reconsider their confidence in the defense strategy? How will Jane steady the rocking ship? Does Josh Farmer’s apparent slip in proficiency cause anxiety any of the defendants? If they had doubts and second thoughts, could they share them in simple honesty and not risk being disciplined or shunned for a lack of faith? When they lay down at night in the quiet of their own thoughts and reflections, will they deny the coming reality or recognize the fear inside of them? Will this fear be as a result in the lack of confidence in Jane or the haunting knowing they are guilty as charged? Will any of them seek immunity from the DA? Decisions will be made this summer.
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