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This conclusive ruling by Judge Marvin Pope caps off a week of big developments in the Matthew Fenner case. Friday, the ruling was made public on rccatalyst.com. Judge Pope granted the State’s motion for disqualification of all attorneys affiliated with Tomblin, Farmer and Morris (TFM). The attorneys listed on the TFM website include Joshua Farmer, Andrea Farmer, Mark Morris and Caleb Farmer. This ruling bars them from representing in any manner in the defense of any of the five defendants.

From the rccatalyst.com article, “The representation of five co-defendants in this cause of action (now four co-defendants) is a concurrent conflict of interest which exists and cannot effectively be waived by a defendant absent knowledge of what a co-defendant may testify on behalf of the State against the remaining co-defendants.”

Additionally, from the ruling, “This disqualification of an attorney does not mean that the attorney has violated a specific disciplinary rule.”

In granting the motion the judge also requested the District Attorney to “calendar a court date for the Court to advise the remaining defendants of their right to counsel, either appointed or a waiver of their right co counsel.”
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Change of Venue Request Reported by rccatalyst.com

The website, rccatalyst.com, posted an article on Friday highlighting excerpts from the motion for a change of venue made by Josh Farmer- attorney for the five defendants in the Matthew Fenner case. (source link here) The motion comes as no surprise. After being indicted twice in separate hearings, it would be a procedural oversight for Farmer not to at least attempt this move. District Attorney Ted Bell cited the “extreme volume” of the motion as a reason to decline comment until he could review it.

As a review, the five defendants are Brooke McFadden Covington, Sarah Covington Anderson, Adam Christopher Bartley, Justin Brock Covington and Robert Louis Walker, Jr. The list of charges includes second degree kidnapping and assault by strangulation. The motion will be heard on April 1, 2015 when the defendants make their first appearance before the judge. If a change is granted, this would be to an adjoining county-if previous procedures are followed.

Quoting from the article; Josh Farmer cited the need for the change due to ““excessive, pervasive and insidious publicity on a local, statewide and even national level” against the WOFF church.” The extensive documents also included a statement for each defendant that, “the defendant is a member of the Word of Faith Fellowship, a church that for nearly two decades has been subject to extraordinary persecution, hatred, bigotry and discrimination in the county, spurred by the Inside Edition tabloid news, local, national and international news media coverage, as well as continual social media postings.”

Included in the article are some vital links to historical information about the group including a link to the Inside Edition video. Good job by the staff reporter who put this together. It was concise, but inclusive of needed information for one who may be new to the ongoing WOFF drama.
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Two Events from Monday…

As I sit here reflecting over the events of the last 24 hours, I must say there has not been so much to write since the initial few months of this blog. Actually, I had planned a totally different post for this slot. I planned to bring you “the rest of the story” about Michael Lowry. He has provided a narrative of the events surrounding his recapture, forced recant and second exit. Yes, we will bring that to you, soon. Today, I feel compelled to give you the overview of what I first considered two totally unrelated events. However, after pondering the content of these events, I see they are related. Hopefully, by sharing them we will shed some light where darkness has prevailed.  

First, I received an email on Monday from Josh Farmer of Tomblin, Farmer and Morris. He was questioning some material in a previous post about The Best of Rutherford 2011 and the first post presented about The Best of Rutherford 2013. I read his email filled with questions and took a while to answer. I wrote my answer and then slept on it a night. Tuesday morning, I sent it and have not heard back from him. The following is the text excerpt from his email.

 “I have seen your recent blog post from Saturday.  I am confused.  Your February 6, 2012 post regarding the 2011 Best of Rutherford County poll results indicated that “…the rules don’t seem to be broken [by WFF practices]”.  However, your January 25, 2014 post accuses Jane, the church and me of “vote rigging”.  So which is it?  Can you identify any impropriety here?

I have talked with Matt Clark about my involvement in the Best of Rutherford contest and candidly discussed the matter.  He couldn’t identify any problems with my activities or those of others you have accused.

You accuse me of impropriety by referencing the “Oath of Office as an Attorney at Law”.  So let’s be clear here, do you contend I violated any Rule of Professional Conduct, did anything illegal or even violated a rule of the Daily Courier’s contest?  I would like some clarification because your current post would tend to mislead all of your 10 readers.”

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