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“Best of Rutherford” Results- Mixed for WOFF

Before we get to the results for the “Best of Rutherford 2013” survey, let me explain certain mistakes I generally make. First, I make the mistake of thinking that others outside of Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) and the drama circle around them even care about it. It is apparent to me as time goes on, that not everyone in Rutherford County first off even knows about WOFF and second- even care. And furthermore, just because someone has been touched by Jane Whaley’s gift does not make them perceptive enough to understand the darker side of the activities inside of WOFF. So, when you don’t know and you don’t care to know- then you don’t have a reason to pay attention to any of the happenings concerning WOFF or its members.

All that has been said to help explain that Matt Clark, editor of the Daily Courier, has given me no reason in the past to think he has an opinion one way or the other about the drama surrounding WOFF. In times past, he has been non-responsive to any issues I have introduced. A few days ago, I again made the mistake of thinking he had a reason to care. My opinion is now that he has a newspaper/website/Facebook® page to oversee. After considering what I had to tell him, he must have thought it of no concern since he already knew the results of the survey and he knew I did not. I respect him for that and will go forward with that understanding.

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