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…assault by strangulation within the church complex.…

Hands for Hope
Hands for Hope and Action

RC Catalyst has an editorial posted on October 21, 2014 found here. It is about Matthew Fenner’s struggle to have someone listen to his claims and then file charges with the appropriate authorities. He did finally accomplish his goal. The editorial outlined the barriers he encountered and the parties who contributed to his uphill climb. The accusations/crimes listed in the article, “assault, second degree kidnapping and assault by strangulation within the church complex.”

For those readers who may not have seen this, January 27th of this year – this was on Matthew’s Facebook page:

“A year ago, tonight, I was being cornered and assaulted by a local religious group that all too many are familiar with. It was probably one of the worst events to ever take place in my lifetime; one that left me feeling hopeless, degraded, and in fear for my life. I am so grateful to have been able to leave the environment I was in. After being slapped, choked, punched in the chest, excessively shaken, and degraded through caustic statements and threats such as “You’re a pervert,” “You disgust me,” “I hate being around you,” “You’ll sit here for the next two days if you have to,” and “If you don’t change, I will beat this out of you,” all because of the sexual orientation I was viewed as being (and born with), I have been able to grow and successfully become a grateful and empowered young man…”
(last viewed October 27,2014)
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Hands Up!

Three survivors of WOFF Speak out
Three speak out in silence.


This picture has an impact that greatly overshadows any words I could write. Survivors of Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) tell their message this time without saying a word. Often it is the hands that bring the abuse- today; it is the hands imploring abusers to stop! This sign language speaks louder than the voices of agreement or sympathy to the ways of WOFF. The abuses of children and adults alike must stop. This week, if you shake hands with a WOFF member or see them wave…ask yourself if that hand has abused anyone?

Congratulations to these three for speaking out to the community.  

See here for more survivors with their Hands Up!

And with that, let us remember:

It is never too late to wake up and leave and reclaim your life!” Steve Hassan

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Two Events from Monday…

As I sit here reflecting over the events of the last 24 hours, I must say there has not been so much to write since the initial few months of this blog. Actually, I had planned a totally different post for this slot. I planned to bring you “the rest of the story” about Michael Lowry. He has provided a narrative of the events surrounding his recapture, forced recant and second exit. Yes, we will bring that to you, soon. Today, I feel compelled to give you the overview of what I first considered two totally unrelated events. However, after pondering the content of these events, I see they are related. Hopefully, by sharing them we will shed some light where darkness has prevailed.  

First, I received an email on Monday from Josh Farmer of Tomblin, Farmer and Morris. He was questioning some material in a previous post about The Best of Rutherford 2011 and the first post presented about The Best of Rutherford 2013. I read his email filled with questions and took a while to answer. I wrote my answer and then slept on it a night. Tuesday morning, I sent it and have not heard back from him. The following is the text excerpt from his email.

 “I have seen your recent blog post from Saturday.  I am confused.  Your February 6, 2012 post regarding the 2011 Best of Rutherford County poll results indicated that “…the rules don’t seem to be broken [by WFF practices]”.  However, your January 25, 2014 post accuses Jane, the church and me of “vote rigging”.  So which is it?  Can you identify any impropriety here?

I have talked with Matt Clark about my involvement in the Best of Rutherford contest and candidly discussed the matter.  He couldn’t identify any problems with my activities or those of others you have accused.

You accuse me of impropriety by referencing the “Oath of Office as an Attorney at Law”.  So let’s be clear here, do you contend I violated any Rule of Professional Conduct, did anything illegal or even violated a rule of the Daily Courier’s contest?  I would like some clarification because your current post would tend to mislead all of your 10 readers.”

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