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New Page Added- Quick Links to Posts

Yesterday, I spent about an hour talking on the phone to some new readers. In answering their questions, I found myself referencing certain posts. Unfortunately, I also realized these posts were in essence buried among hundreds of other posts and not easy to find. The solution has been to set up a page for vital links to previous posts of interest. The “Quick Links” page header at the top will take you to a page of links to previous posts grouped by subject. We start with survivor stores and at the bottom of the list are posts about the WOFF obsession with the Holocaust.

Today, I realized I had left off the post about the Mind Control Forum last year and have added that link. In the future, I may add other links or pages with certain themes. The Matthew Fenner case may one day have its own page. The story is about to explode again in the media on April 1st. Revisit this blog in the near future for other exciting news about the drama of destruction called Word of Faith Fellowship.
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Saturday, May 24th at the Spindale House- Forum on Mind Control

The public is invited to attend this forum beginning at 6:00PM. No admission charged. Information will be presented on mind control and various factors concerning dangerous groups. Panel members consist of survivors from a controlling group. They will be answering questions about living within a high-demand faith group. Handouts and information sheets will be available to attendees. This event will allow an avenue for the questions many have had to be answered by those who are willing to share their experiences. Space is limited.

For questions, you may email John Huddle- author@religiouscultsinfo.com

mind control forum
How would you know if you were in a dangerous group?

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”
Elie Wiesel
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