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If He Stays… We Forfeit!

(revised 01/15/2014)Tuesday night, I took a call telling me about a series of events that happened Monday evening in Rutherford County. I had to ask the person to repeat the scenario and then call the person involved to get clarification. What follows is a paraphrase of what was told to me. Former Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) member and adopted grandson of Jane Whaley, Patrick Covington was at a basketball game in the Rutherford County. Word of Faith Fellowship was playing another local church. Patrick walked in and sat away from members of his former group. A few minutes later, Lt. Leon Godlock, who was affiliated with the team opposing WOFF, approached Patrick. He had been talking to Frank Webster and his crew just previous to this. He said I can’t require you to leave, but, I am asking you. Patrick asked why? Godlock said that the WOFF team has said they will forfeit if you stay and my team really wants to play.

So, picture this, grown men saying that they will take their toys and go home if Patrick Covington stays in the building. GROWN men who say they are Christian were laying down the law so to speak, that if one person, who many of them had seen grow up inside of WOFF and had “prayed” for him and “helped” him “take hold of Jesus” and “helped” him get many “breakthroughs”… were telling an off duty Lt. Leon Godlock for the Rutherford County Sheriff’s department to convey their demands to get Patrick to leave a public place. If he does not leave— why we just won’t play! Wah, wah, wah…

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