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What is in the 16 seconds cut from the WOFF radio program?

Late Monday evening, a former member brought it to my attention that the WCAB 590 AM version of the Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) Speaks Out program and the version for that day listed on the WOFF website were different. Sandra Norris’ reference to the Matthew Fenner case was deleted from the WOFF version. I thanked this person and began looking for myself. Sure enough, if you open two browser sessions and turn on closed captions and turn off the volume, you will be able to notice the edit. It is a pretty good edit. In times past, WOFF edits in their videos were more obvious.

So, I double checked the length of the WOFF version and the WCAB version– well, what do you know? The WOFF version is about 16 seconds shorter. What could they be hiding as they “give truth” about what Jim Bishop of WCAB characterizes as the “nasty” reports in the media? So, I used a split screen and allowed the two different versions to play alternately until I found the edit.

In the WCAB version, when the on screen timer shows 1:47.44, you hear Sandra Norris say this: “… responsible before God and I have seen I you know even another court case that was going on with the Fenner case, I was there, I know truth. I’m just appalled because my students can tell you Revelation 21:8, there will be no liars in heaven. And I all I want to do is be a blessing to people…” The timer shows 1:48.00 as she says this. Continue reading What is in the 16 seconds cut from the WOFF radio program?

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Did Sandra Norris violate the gag order over the Fenner case?

June 6th of 2017, Judge Gary Gavenus filed an Order in the State of North Carolina versus Brooke Covington trial. The Order declared a mistrial because of documents introduced into the jury room which “tainted the integrity of the verdict.” The Order also recognized the need to “protect the integrity of the trial for the State, the Defendant as well as her co-defendants.” The Court imposed a gag order over several groups of individuals including the jury, attorneys involved and those listed on the “State And Defendant Witness List.” Sandra Norris was included on that list.

Brooke Covington was standing trial based on indictments handed down in January 2015. The charges of simple assault and second degree kidnapping stem from events inside the Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) sanctuary on January 27, 2013 in which Matthew Fenner alleges he was beaten and held against his will. Four other defendants in the case include Sarah Anderson, Justin Covington, Robert Louis Walker, Jr. and Adam Bartley. Ms. Covington is the only defendant to stand trial so far in this drawn out case.

The gag order was modified in October of 2017 to allow the State Bureau of Investigation access to the sealed documents and set March 31, 2018 as an expiration date for the entire order.

Wednesday, Sandra Norris spoke on the WOFF radio show on WCAB 590 AM. WOFF takes to the air waves Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8:30AM. For those not in the immediate listening area, WCAB uploads their streamed version of the show- most days. Continue reading Did Sandra Norris violate the gag order over the Fenner case?

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