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2017 – A year to remember…

Hands for Hope
Hands for Hope and Action

During 2017, many new people became aware of the ongoing, complex and often surreal drama which surrounds Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF). This is a good reason to recap several important events which happened that brought much more attention to the often secretive and closed “church” in Spindale NC.

Starting February 27th, the Associated Press released the first of several articles which detailed abuses inside of WOFF. “Ex-congregants reveal years of ungodly abuse…” These accounts came from 43 survivors who lived inside WOFF and subsequently left at different times. The testimonials covered by this release and the subsequent articles throughout the year, resulted in a proverbial ongoing “indictment hearing” for the WOFF leadership as well as several local and State officials. The AP’s site (here) serves as the central hub for the many articles, videos and audio files unveiled after almost two years of investigation. The information gleaned from survivor accounts, court documents, recordings and intense research served to alert government officials and thus open several investigations into possible abuses, instances of fraud and wrong doings by WOFF in the United States and Brazil.

March 6th – “Ex-sect members tell AP: Prosecutors obstructed abuse cases“- was the next release which told of meetings inside Jane Whaley’s office where two members who served as Assistant District Attorneys in Burke County were involved in coaching members how to answer questions posed by various investigators. Also, present in these sessions was a church member who served as a social worker in Cleveland County. Not long after the AP release, Frank Webster and Chris Back were no longer employed as Assistant District Attorneys and Lori Cornelius decided to leave her position as a social worker for Cleveland County. Continue reading 2017 – A year to remember…

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Gilbert Talks Taxes… on WCAB!- Updated -Video!

 On a recent trip through the town of Ruth, I drove past Gilbert Carmona’s office. He has had an office there for a while and I did not think it strange to see his van there at such a late hour. What I did notice was a white vinyl sign. As I drove closer I read “Gilbert Talk Taxes” WCAB Sat. 9:00AM.” Wow! Gilbert is going to be on the radio! Why is that such a big deal? Because he is a member of Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) and they are not supposed to EVEN LISTEN to the radio! Well, how can this be true? I needed to know more. So, I emailed WCAB to verify the program and the time. Sure enough Lou Gilliam sent me back a reply saying the show will be on Saturday mornings 9:00AM to 9:30AM. And get this… it is supposed to be streaming!

Lou even wrote, “Yes we will stream the show. If you do not hear it please call the station. Sometimes the streamer will flip off by itself and unless we are staring at it we miss it. We are on Northland Cable and if the cable is interrupted in any way there goes the streamer. So please call if you do not hear it.

 Well, what do you say about that?Have the rules changed at WOFF? Or does Gilbert “have ahold of God at such a high level he can be trusted to go on the radio and not sin?” Besides Ray Farmer and Christie, his wife, who will be allowed to listen to him and guard him? If there is a call screener, and they are not a member of WOFF, how will they know who has ahold of Jesus and can talk to Gilbert and who does not? Will the commercials during those 30 minutes be other WOFF-member owned companies? Such questions intrigue me.

Continue reading Gilbert Talks Taxes… on WCAB!- Updated -Video!

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