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Many Members of WOFF are Sincere in Their Faith

     Many members of Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) are very sincere in their faith. As Cal Sayles of Faith Freedom Fund, indirectly wrote about WOFF members- “… I believe that most people who find themselves in a cult are simply, in the words of the Apostles Paul, doing their best to work out their salvation (Philippians 2:12), perhaps with a greater vigor and sincerity than most.” I must agree. The regular members of WOFF are sincere and freely give their support to other members, over and over again.  

     Are these WOFF members true Christians? I will not make any blanket statements about the individual decisions of each to follow Jesus and pursue their beliefs. However, that being said; I will offer my opinion that in the WOFF environment, growth as a Christian is hindered and made difficult. Why? Growth in the ways and knowledge of God is hindered by the authority set-up at WOFF. As mentioned before, EVERY decision of any consequence (and smaller decisions) is run through Jane Whaley. The requirement to “check it out” with Jane Whaley about every decision stunts the growth and perverts the perspective of the members of WOFF. The set-up causes idolatry in the leadership and members. Jane Whaley is idolized and she longs for it to be so. Any member who desires to continue in WOFF will at some point admit and submit to the idolatry of Jane Whaley or they will be put out or leave on their own. Jane calls it “meeting the authority of God”. It is sobering to say, but much worse to live in WOFF and have to witness and submit to the idolatry, which is the life blood of WOFF.

     How much can you be helping those around you grow in Jesus, by dictating every decision and more, in their lives? Why attempt to replace the Holy Spirit that is in charge of leading the body of Christ? WOFF members are sincere believers allowing the idolatry of Jane Whaley keep them from hearing the Holy Spirit in their own hearts and leading them on to mature in Jesus. True Christians? I will not say. Stunted in their growth because of the legalistic, authoritative environment at WOFF- most definitely. It is the sad truth. At WOFF, Jane Whaley is the center of their universe and that is perversion of the true Christian faith. This set-up is not unique to WOFF, as mentioned in previous posts. Other groups like FLDS have suffered through the same idolatry of a leader and its consequences.

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Martin Luther – Taking Bold Steps!

    Winthop S. Hudson in “The Story of the Christian Church” (copyright 1958) outlines much of the history of the Christian church. His book spans the early church on through the Reformation and onto the denominations that were present in his day. The writings about the Reformation were a particular interest. Many of the issues dealt with then are still being debated, today.

     Martin Luther posted the “Ninety-Five Thesis” on October 31, 1517, to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenburg. Luther protested against what he considered clerical abuses, especially in regard to indulgences. Church doors served at that time as bulletin boards. In a way, Martin Luther was a pioneer “blog poster”!  The indulgence in Catholic theology, is the full or partial remission of temporal punishment  due for sins which have already been forgiven. (see more here..http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indulgence) Martin Luther’s work called into question the whole structure of the church as understood and defended by the papacy. “The Story… ” (page 52)

    “The church had become an institution which could be utilized by men for purposes quite foreign to the spirit of Christ… Outside the rites of the church- controlled and adminstered by the clergy- there was thought to be no salvation.The clergy could either grant or withhold divine grace. Thus the concept of the church as the people of God had been displaced by what has not unjustly been described as a “clerical closed shop” which could pressure both the humble and the mighty to do its bidding with the threat of eternal damnation. “The Story…” (page 53-54)

     Upon first reading this passage, I was shocked to see the similarities between the Catholic church of Martin Luther’s day and the experiences I endured at WOFF! The clergy of Martin Luther’s day is equated with Jane Whaley and many of her lieutenants serving as priests. The constant threats spouted by Jane Whaley telling folks that they would   – “not make it with God”, “lose the Call of God”, “be taken over by devils”, “not make it to heaven” sounded just like the threats used by Catholic priests! If members of WOFF didn’t seek or follow Jane’s counsel – then threats would rain down on them. It seemed to work – most times. The pressures from leadership and Jane to shun members with independent thinking and decision making were heavy and numerous. As mentioned before, groups like WOFF depend on total control of their members. For sure, “the threat of eternal damnation”  from priest or those in religious authority is one of the oldest control methods documented in the “Christian” church, as well as other religious groups.

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Resources, Answers and Hope

     The sub-title of this blog is “Resources, Answers and Hope”. In this blog are resources including book references by some very qualified authors on the subject of cults and recovery from cults. There is also a list of links to other sites that can prove a benefit to those looking for good solid material on religious cult mind control. There is such a wide range of topics in this area, it is difficult to stay focused on what could be the biggest help for the readers.

     The writings of others helped me find many answers, once I was out of WOFF. No, you would not be allowed to read the books listed on the “Books, Resource” page of this blog, if you were still a member of WOFF. Few authors in this field, had knowledge of Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) and Jane Whaley. However, the characteristics found in other frequently documented religious cult mind control groups existed at WOFF. That was one of the more shocking revelations upon leaving WOFF. Until I was out, I had no idea how much control I was under and how much of my life had been altered while in the group. The growth of the control is so subtle, in many cases.  The strength and depth of the control becomes great a lot of times without the member realizing how many areas are under control of Jane Whaley and other leadership. After I left the reality of the freedom of choice returned. It felt strange at first.

    Talking with former members is a help also. Reading their testimonies on other sites helped confirm my observations of what happened while at WOFF. However, several ex-members just want to forget what happened to them at WOFF and bury it all. Since I still have relatives who are in WOFF, that has been very difficult for me to do. The path to freedom still requires me to look back and remember those who are still attending WOFF. As mentioned before, I believe you can reject the methods, reject the message and not reject the members.

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WOFF Members Don’t Celebrate Easter

   As mentioned before, Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) members led by Jane Whaley, don’t celebrate Easter, Christmas or other holidays. While at WOFF, we were told about the background of the holidays. Easter was linked to certain pagan origins. (see link here.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter ) Therefore, it was not celebrated.  It remains hard for any truth-seeking Christian to justify with scriptures the Easter bunny, dying eggs, Easter baskets and other secular traditions. However, many Christians take the time before the celebration of Easter to remind themselves and others of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Resurrection of Jesus is no doubt a vital part of the fabric of faith for Christians. Also, this time is set aside for many folks to visit family.

     Many times, not celebrating holidays revealed the contrarian nature of Jane Whaley and WOFF members. There was a preached mandate and example set for members, to do something opposite of the accepted traditions in order to show – what? I am not sure. I practiced “opposites” to holidays and traditions for years at WOFF, for what reason or benefit? To make me as a WOFF member feel superior to those who practice certain holidays and traditions? To show that the “world” has no hold on a WOFF member? To show God how much I “loved” Him and deserved His “favor”?

    Ceretainly in this country, we would not want compulsory or mandatory celebration of any holiday- religious or secular. The right to choose your individual preference in religious matters is as much of a right in the country as the right to vote, choose your residence and place of employment. We enjoy many freedoms in this country that most folks take for granted.

      The reality of membership at WOFF is in order to continue with the members of WOFF; you are compelled to give up the individual freedom of choice that our Constitution makes very plain and clear. Members must do and not do a LONG list of things. The list is ever growing and changing. ( see link here..WOFF Don’t list 03 10  )   Many of which you are not told about at the time of joining. The “don’t list” is revealed on a situational basis, in many cases. (I know because very rarely did we “overload” a new member or one who showed interest in WOFF, with information that they would learn in due time…) When you needed to know, you were told.

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Why Many Locals Do Not See the Mind Control at WOFF…

     Why do many of the locals and those from outside the county who interact with WOFF members not see the religious mind control cult activities? Let’s address the folks who know WOFF members; maybe work with them or play sports with them… This is just the point: the outsiders are not SUPPOSED to see the mind control that is going on at WOFF!  You have to be an accepted member to have that kind of “love” shown to you! In order for a visitor to see the loud prayer or blasting;  Jane had to “have ahold of it”, so the person would hopefully not reject what they were seeing, hearing or feeling. I do not ever remember this being on the very first visit. Visitors would never see another member openly rebuked or blasted in the congregation. That is not to say Jane never got angry around new folks. But, it was all explained away as the “anger of God.”
     Those who don’t want to consider the evidence about WOFF may say these things to themselves. Cover up statements and questions…. Can’t we just all get along?     Members of WOFF dress so nice – all the time… The children seem so polite.    They have not done anything to hurt me…      My children are not affected….     They all seem so mannerly!  There is no perfect church…    I met Jane once at a funeral and she seemed so sweet…     If you have these thoughts or have heard them expressed by others.. Keep reading. Also, read some of the books on the Resource page and visit some of the links listed on the right side of the page. Read the confirming testimonies of those who exited before me. (here. http://www.rickross.com/groups/wordoffaith.html     
     WOFF members are polite and cordial and well mannered, so says a former policeman from the area. WOFFers were taught that outsiders were to be treated with the utmost respect. Jane Whaley’s reputation depends on it. The politeness and cordial manners can be a cover up for the doubts, hurts and confusion that resides in many WOFF members. The very premise and basis of relationship is skewed between members. Each member is “responsible” to watch out for others so they all can “serve God together”. An outsider would not see this because the control between members is just that- between Jane Whaley, leadership and members. Since the level of mind control is on a continuum, the strength of it ebbs and flows. Not all members would feel the same strength of the control at the same time, unless it came directly from the top- Jane Whaley. The idea that when you “sin”, you compromise the group’s (and Jane Whaley’s) reputation is a strong deterrent to allowing outsiders to see the control measures being used.  
      Remember, Rutherford county is Jane’s county! (see link-Your sin affects Me! http://religiouscultsinfo.com/?p=143  ..) Prospective members or those in civil authority are treated lovely. Former members are for the most part treated like dirt. (see link. http://religiouscultsinfo.com/?p=498  ..) Some former members who still exhibit the characteristics that Jane considers may bring them back into the fold;  she may go from nice, to enraged, to nice again, with these folks… looking for any place to get “back in their heart”!

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My Experience with Loud Prayer, Blasting and Deliverance-Part 6

      This is the sixth post in a series on my personal experience with “loud prayer, blasting and deliverance” as practiced at Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) in Spindale, NC. WOFF was started by Jane and Sam Whaley about 1979. Jane began to teach loud prayer and deliverance to those at WOFF and others around the world. The first post in this series has two video links that show more about the prayer as practiced at WOFF.

     There is not enough room in this series to cover the full scope of my experiences during times of loud prayer at WOFF. The group behavior dynamics often intrigued me. Peer pressure and group-think  are powerful forces in shaping the decisions of any one particular individual. For example, this type of prayer seemed to have a special effect on children or youth that considered their purpose was to “pray for each other and make sure each one had a breakthrough”. The direction this would take could be varied. Often young men would be drawn into a “scrum” type pile in an effort to get one of their group a “breakthrough”. The person getting prayer was on the bottom of the pile. In these cases, a “breakthrough” could be an improved confession about themselves or God’s plan or His will in that person’s  life. It could mean a time of “blasting the heavens” with the friends in the group. A “breakthrough” could take many forms. It could be an improved attitude about Jane, WOFF leadership or other situations in that person’s life. Many times a person in leadership would be called over to confirm the breakthrough and permission to stop praying for that person.

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My Experience with Loud Prayer, Blasting and Deliverance-Part 5

    This is the fifth post in a series about my personal experience and observations of loud prayer, blasting and deliverance. These observations are from the entire 16 year span of meetings in Greenville, SC and at Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF).  The blasting and deliverance were the signature practices of WOFF during my years there. Please, read the previous posts in order to have a background understanding to this material.  

     At times, people would be grouped for “deliverance” prayer for a certain purpose. Children could be grouped to pray against rebellion, back-talking or unclean thoughts. Adults could be grouped to pray against fear of death, unclean thoughts, perversion. If you participated in Free Masons, Eastern Star, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Amway, witchcraft,  karate or martial arts of any type – you could be in a deliverance group for that. In order to set-up these groups, the chairs in the sanctuary may be stacked or moved to the side to make room for the deliverance circles. Most of the time leadership would take to the stage to oversee the groups and who was getting prayer for what. If someone in leadership needed prayer, then that group would include those who were “carrying that person’s life.”

     During the set-up for the prayer, there was the need to supply folks with paper products for coughing and nose blowing. Paper towels, facial tissue or toilet paper were the acceptable sources for this need. Some folks would prepare a stack of paper towels to hand out to the person getting prayer or to others in the group as needed. The set-up of the prayer groups could take several minutes.

     Some observations during these group prayer times. LOUD. I wore earplugs during the later years and could hear the prayer- just fine. I found tissue paper in the ears a lot less effective that ear plugs rated for at least 30 decibels of protection. I usually carried them with me when I was headed to church and having loud prayer was a possibility. 

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