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My Experience with Loud Prayer, Blasting and Deliverance-Part 1

     This series of posts will be my personal experiences and reflections on my involvement with “loud prayer”, “blasting” and “deliverance”. These practices of loud prayer, blasting and deliverance are no doubt considered the signature  practices of Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF).  This group has received more public scrutiny because of “loud prayer”, “blasting”  and “deliverance” than any other activity. Though a person could pray loud and receive deliverance if praying by themselves; most every time this activity involved other folks in small or large groups. My desire is not impugn or attack in anyway other members who participated alongside me in these activities and prayer meetings. I will not suppose to assess the sincerity or insincerity of others as I do share my personal reflections in a very sincere manner. WOFF members who read this or have it read to them, may no doubt at first feel shocked and maybe offended with the observations I will share. That is not my intent. I desire to answer the questions of many who have never been a part of loud prayer or deliverance by sharing my unique perspective. By holding back, keeping secrets or not sharing the details, I would do a disservice to my readers.

     The practice of hiding what went on in WOFF services or closed door meetings is the very thing that allows Jane Whaley to keep much of her power over members. The hiding of what went on at WOFF also furthers the deceptive facade that keeps the surrounding community ignorant and feeding on the pablum put out by Jane and her leadership.

     What is “loud prayer” or “blasting”? What is “deliverance”? How did it start at WOFF? Is it practiced other places? What scriptures are used as the basis for these practices- if any? Why would one submit themselves to these activities? Who would participate? How long were the meetings of prayer and deliverance? Did the children participate? These are some of the questions I will attempt to answer. Remember also, my perspective is one of attending meetings for 10 years from an hour away and then being inside the group for six years until July 2008. I do not practice loud prayer or deliverance now, nor do I know of any ex-WOFF members that do. One ex-member expressed his hesitation in telling others that he participated in this kind of prayer. It brought many questions he was not comfortable in answering. I welcome the questions. As I write these words, I also face the risk of further separating myself from some that I love dearly. To them, I ask for grace in hopes that one day understanding will come.

     A  fellow from Inside Edition® came into WOFF and taped some of the prayer meetings. Here is a link to watch what he filmed…  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPpbmDDRm8M  The prayer groups depicted in this video were actual folks in loud prayer or “blasting” sessions. I recognize many of them.  I will not comment on the young lady in the video, at this time. Needless to say this caused no smal stir at WOFF.

     Another video surfaced on YouTube.com® from years ago of Jane Whaley at a church in Sweden. This is from a time  in the late 80’s… Jane is talking about deliverance, groanings and “getting devils out of you”… Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mipon05dGks  

     In future posts in this series, I will explain more about the terms “blasting”, “deliverance” and “loud prayer”. Also, I will answer the questions listed above while sharing some of the reasonings presented and my personal account of what happened to me during these sessions. I will share my thoughts and the physical effects felt during these sessions. Before I finish, I will give observations made of others who were in these groups and the group behavior dynamics that appeared to be working during these sessions. My experience is no more special or unique than others who have been at WOFF. But, they are my experiences and I believe by sharing them, it will be a help to others.

     Please, consume the information on this site responsibly. Be sure to tell every member that you know at WOFF about this blog. It could very well save their life. There are readers at WOFF. Comments are invited from present or former members.

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      (Please, take time to read the Terms of Use for this personal blog. As mentioned, the information about WOFF is from my memories and recollections as perfect as that may be or not be. )

Here is a picture that hopefully will remind us all that we live in the best country in the world…

We should cherish our freedoms...
God Bless America!

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More Don’ts for the WOFF “Don’t List”

    Earlier, I admitted that the list of “don’ts” for WOFF was not complete. In the interest of making the list as complete as possible, there are more to add. These “don’ts” are in no particular order. Also, let’s be reminded that the list itself is not the focus of these posts. The “Don’t” List is just an example of the far reaching control that Jane Whaley and other leadership at Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) in Spindale, NC exercise over regular members. True, not all members adhere to the same number of these don’ts at any one time. But, over the years, ALL of these don’ts were advocated in one form or another. As a refresher, here is the original list of 145 :WOFF Don’t list 03 10 

     After I returned from a recent trip to the gym, I realized that going to the gym was a WOFF “don’t”. WOFF members do not frequent gyms. They were told that the “body building devil”can take you over. One fellow got up to explain how he took steroids and lost his hair. (if my memory serves me correctly..) Think about the “don’ts” that are at the gym. Worldly music, people in shorts and sleeveless tops, TV- to name a few. The trip to the gym would be “don’t” overload for a WOFF member.

     While on family getaways or day trips, who has not seen the machines that take pennies and imprints an image on them? Well, some young folks close to me enjoyed collecting those pennies very much. One service, one of the teachers and assistant principal of the school got up to make the new “don’t” known to all. “No more smashing pennies! You are destroying government property.”  I am not sure, but she may have been swatting gnats at the same time she was telling us this new don’t. Does this one make sense? Please, comment if you are a penny smasher.

     WOFF members in the know about lingo, did not use the word “luck”. We were told “luck” was from the word “Lucifer”. Well, that may not be so true.. see link http://tiny.cc/rEYc1  This explains the myth of saying that “luck” comes from Lucifer. Still, this has to stay on the don’t list, because WOFF members don’t say “luck”.

     On that note, WOFF members don’t say “bless you” after someone sneezes. The belief was that saying “bless you” was from an ancient custom that a sneeze expelled demons and you blessed the person before the demons could get back in to them. This belief was spoofed as untrue at WOFF. Read here for more information and options from other cultrues about what happens when a person sneezes. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sneeze ) Scroll down to “Traditional Responses to a Sneeze”. 

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Resource on the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints (LDS)

      In order to more fully understand the seriousness of the similarities between the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) and WOFF; then you need a look at the background of FDLS and learn about LDS or Mormonism. The book, “The God Makers” (copyright 1984) written by Dave Hunt and Ed Decker is a thoroughly researched resource that looks at the background writings and doctrines of the Joseph Smith and Mormonism. You can find the book on Amazon.com.

     The reviews on the back cover are glowing. Here is one” “The God Makers” is an accurate account of theology, goals, and secrets of Mormonism. It is told in a popular, readable style with an eye to evangelism and apologetics. The facts are all here: it is the most useful and informative volume, valuable for both pastors and laymen.” Those words from Dr. Walter Martin, author of Kingdom of Cults

     The table of contents includes these chapter titles: “The Mormon Challenge”, “The Pagan Connection” and “Up to Godhood”. The footnotes are ten pages of notes of very tiny print. This work is well researched to say the least.   

     The way this book has come back to my attention will be explained in a future post. The words of Warren Jeffs stirred a memory of this book and some insights about LDS, FLDS and WOFF. The insight will be explained and the conclusions hopefully will make clear some of the issues at WOFF.

     Please, consume the information on this site responsibly. Be sure to tell every member that you know at WOFF about this blog. It could very well save their life. There are readers at WOFF. I hope this is a help to them.

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      (Please, take time to read the Terms of Use for this personal blog. As mentioned, the information about WOFF is from my memories and recollections as perfect as that may be or not be. )

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Things Learned Since Leaving WOFF

     Recently, while in a conversation with a co-worker, I realized some things that I have learned since leaving WOFF. This will not be a complete list, as the learning is ongoing. This co-worker made mention that they were considering joining the Jehovah Witnesses (JW). The comment came after we talked about birthdays and the fact they did not celebrate theirs. I had asked them why, thinking maybe it was said in jest. But, they mentioned they had a relative in the JW group and he had approached them a couple of times with reading material. This person had visited the local Kingdom Hall – but was not 100% convinced. They  asked, “What do you think?” This person was very sincere.

     First, I mentioned William Coburn’s book “The Spanking Room” (copyright 2008),  and his fair treatment of the Jehovah Witness movement. Fair in that he recounted his views and observations as a  child trying to learn the doctrine and ways to survive in the Kingdom Hall.  (see link here… williamcoburn.com)  Mr. Coburn had doubts early, especially the more he read the Bible. His book is a good read; especially, the account of “Knocking on Doors” and the fear it brought in him.

    Next, after I realized that giving someone else’s testimony about the Jehovah Witnesses was not what this person had asked. They wanted to know my thoughts. So, I recounted some of the things I found out while at WOFF. When it came time to explain to anybody about the WOFF beliefs on not celebrating holidays, the first thing most folks would ask, “Are you a Jehovah Witness?” At first, it was cute or funny. A few times while in services at WOFF, others mentioned to Jane Whaley about getting the same question. Jane Whaley seemed to make light of the question. For the most part it was ignored.  

      I told this person I did not celebrate Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving or birthdays for years. That had become the order of things at WOFF.  For years, I spent very little time with family and other relatives. The co-worker asked, “Was the only way to get together with family a holiday?” That is when most folks are off work. Jane Whaley herself gave that reason for having her seminars during weeks around holidays. Skipping seminars to visit family was a general “no-no” at WOFF. What was missed by not gathering with family was the love and togetherness that comes during those shared family times. There are still many questions and struggles for me with the WOFF doctrine and prohibitions against holidays. But, for sure I now want to take advantage when I can, of family gathering times.

    From here, I could not recommend membership in the Jehovah Witnesses.  It would be WOFF with a twist. But, becoming a control freak and shouting to this person that they should not join the JW’s, would not serve them well. That much I did know! So, I shared something learned after my exit from WOFF. I looked at this person and told them that whatever church group they joined; they must be able to at times, to voice their dissent or have a way for their opinions to be heard. If there was no room for a dissenting voice, then that group is not for them. (or me!)  I said, “Don’t waste a chunk of your life in a group that you disagree with their beliefs or practices and have no way to change or at least be heard.”  This person had read some of my blog and could understand a little about where I was coming from. They knew I had made that mistake. We had to decide to pick-up the conversation another time.   

     Actually, being heard is not the only requirement. Is there a way to be heard AND affect changes? At WOFF, you may have a moment to voice your insight to Jane or you may not. It depended on the subject and how the change would affect the present power structure. As a member, there were times when questions were brought up in “family meetings” and the outcome was the same. What ever Jane Whaley wanted was the order of the day.

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How Do WOFF Members Know Who to Vote for?

   Elections are coming and will be upon us soon. After reading of the Information Control for WOFF members,  how would a WOFF member know how to vote? With no regular access to media, newspaper or Internet, there was information provided. Here was the way that information was delivered.  

     One designated member would view websites, call candidates and ask questions and maybe even attend political forums for the candidates in the local and state races.  Usually the service right before an election, this person would hold a voluntary meeting for those eligible to vote to go over all the information about the candidates. This meeting could last two or more hours. There was a lot of material to cover. Handouts and sample ballots would be provided. Several times, the Democrat candidates would be covered first and then the Republican candidates. During the reviews, it was obvious this person had conservative views and personally supported many of the Republican candidates.  If a candidate did not have a website or just had a page with not much information on their views, that was a negative in this person’s mind. There was a great deal of trust placed in this member to deliver the information to the members in a balanced fashion. This year could be different as this person is now publicly endorsing Ramona Hall a democrat, for Clerk of Court. The mixing of politics and religion often makes for strange bedfellows. Will this person keep that roll this year for this election cycle?

     In contrast to the present, this candidate information person also spent time campaigning for and working for Congressman Charles Taylor in years past. Several WOFF members would work the telephones for the Congressman before certain elections. Congressman Taylor visited WOFF at least twice that I remember. (it could have been more often..) The youth of WOFF sang at the prayer breakfast meetings that Congressman Taylor held in years past. I never attended as I was usually working, but I did hear all the details when the group would return to the church.

     WOFF in years past, would hold political forums. The early ones I did not attend. However, in more recent years, certain candidates for the local offices would be invited to speak. Some would take the opportunity. I remember one county councilman came to WOFF to explain local issues and that was very informative. Especially since reading the local newspaper was taboo.

     Some observations: last year I met and spent some time with a retired couple from Hendersonville. He was retired from a branch of the military service. He and his wife had spent several years working for Congressman Taylor. His admiraton for the Congressman was evident and deeply felt. When I mentioned I knew some other campaign workers, his interest perked up. When I called their names and asked him what he knew about WOFF? He immediately changed as he nor his wife then had much to say. The conversation lightened some when I assured these folks that I did not attend WOFF any longer. Still the subject was closed after a few brief comments in which they both acknowledged they knew the folks I spoke about. This conversation left some unanswered questions for sure. Select “More” to read about a conversation with an elected official.

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Letter for College Admission was a “Test” for All

      During a service, not sure if a Wednesday or Sunday; people were gathered from the main sanctuary into the fellowship hall about 50 at a time and told to come in and sit down. Next, a letter written by one of the high school graduates for their college admission application was read to everyone. After the reading, the question was asked “If you think this letter was written by the Spirit of God, then stand up.” There was verbal pressure to react quickly. After the some folks stood, Jane asked a few from the “yes” and “no” groups to say why they gave their answer. After a couple of people explained their thoughts, Jane reviewed how the letter came ot her attention. She knew the letter was not of God. She read it to her leadership as a test and now to regular members as a test. She wanted to know who could “hear God” and see the worldy attitudes reflected in the letter. She was disappointed with the person who wrote the letter. This person had graduated from WOFF Christian school. It was a shock that this person would “still have the love of the world” in them. The letter writer was now “under the strong dealings of God.” This person may not even get to attend college with that still in their heart. “College could take them over!”  I am not sure if it was in this meeting or another one, but the letter writer did get up before the church to repent and thank Jane for “hitting her sin” and blah, blah, blah… (see post here about not teaching slaves to read… http://religiouscultsinfo.com/?p=558  )

     We were all wrong in the group I was in. Even those who had answered “correctly” could not explain to Jane in exact enough terms to satisfy her requirement.  At least in the group I was in, many still had “the love of education and the world’s ways” in them. So, had Jane Whaley accomplished her purpose? Yes, according to Jane; NO ONE was able to “nail to the core” the deception in the author on the letter. She was the only one who could see the level of evil reflected in the letter. Remember, Jane was the final say on WHATEVER was sin. So, this test was yet another way to keep her top position. It only furthered the groveling insecure feelings in many members. How could one make it without Jane and her always crystal clear discernment of God and His ways?  

     This method of public humiliation was common at WOFF. I suspect it still is one of Jane’s favorites. Why? Because it was so common and it produced the results Jane desired. Many times, members could not hide in a group, but they were singled out and rebuked in a service. The rebuke was not always performed by Jane Whaley. She had leadership who had been “given authority” to correct others. So, how comforting was/is this?

    The person who wrote the letter is now one of the “home grown” lawyers attending the church. Since Jane allowed this person to attend college and then law school, things must have changed in the person, right?

      In “Combatting Cult Mind Control” (copyright 1990) , by Steven Hassan- he explains why he left the Moonies: “I left when I realized that deception and mind control can never be a part of any legitimate spiritual movement: that through their use, the group had created a virtual “Hell on Earth”,a kingdom of slaves. Once I was able to realize that even though I wanted to believe it was true (Moon was Messiah, Divine Principle as Truth) my belief did not make it true, I saw that even if I remained in the group for another fifty years, the fantasy I was sacrificing myself for would never come true.” (page 167)

     Let’s apply Steven Hassan’s understanding to WOFF.  Members of WOFF sacrifice their money, time and years of service/allegiance to Jane Whaley- her edicts, rules and “don’t” therapy. For what? Jane’s clothes? Jane’s jewelry? Jane’s dogs? Jane’s shopping trips to Atlanta or Charlotte or Jane’s renovation of her house on 40 + acres? No matter how many years that “faithful” members of  WOFF believe that they will one day “fulfill the Call of God” and be sent out to the nations, – No matter how many “don’ts” members successfully avoid, No matter how many public rebukes members take from Jane; those personal sacrifices and “spiritual carrots” don’t justify the deception and mind control that is present at WOFF.  Just believing that one day things will be better or perfect in your life at WOFF, does not make it true. Just believing that one day things will change at WOFF, does not make it true. Regular members of WOFF have no voice in making the necessary changes. WOFF is not a democracy. (There may be votes for fellowship dinner choices.. but, really?) Jane Whaley rules as a dictator all the while saying she is “hearing God” and saying she is “not your Savior”. Think about what Jane Whaley practices on a day to day basis to determine real priorites and purposes.  

     Please, consume the information on this site responsibly. Be sure to tell every member that you know at WOFF about this blog. It could very well save their life. There are readers at WOFF. I hope this is a help to them.

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      (Please, take time to read the Terms of Use for this personal blog. As mentioned, the information about WOFF is from my memories and recollections as perfect as that may be or not be. )

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Jane Whaley Calls Senior High School Girls – “Homely”

     The subject of this post is sad but, very true. The events clearly indicate the pure narcissistic obsession of Jane Whaley and her daughter with appearance. Just a few months after my departure from WOFF, I wrote my remembrances of this service and the happenings afterwards. Actually, I wrote pages and pages of notes about my experiences. All of it was done not knowing at the time that those writings would be the basis for such posts as this one.

     In May of 2008, in a Sunday evening service that was “practice” for the graduation; the senior girls were up on stage. There were twelve girls in the graduating class.  Jane cleared her throat, conferred with her daughter and proceeded to call the whole class of young girls-  “homely”. There were many in the congregation who proceeded to snicker. Then Jane proceeded to tell them that they all needed “help”. Her daughter then chimed in “They all look like they are from “COG”.  Think of this; high school girls getting ready to graduate and being told by the principal of the school, the Apostle of the church, the supreme leader who had all of the power for everything AND her daughter – that they were all “homely”. Was this the love of God that Jane and others had preached for years at WOFF? You decide. Here is a definition of homely:  Not attractive or good-looking: a homely child.

     Well, it was not a surprise that things would change quickly for this group after that meeting. Up until that Sunday meeting; it was a practice at WOFF that girls under 18 years old did not have their ears pierced or use colored nail polish. Also, eye-liner was reserved for those over 18. Under the age of 18, they were allowed to use foundation, light blush, lipstick of certain colors, clear nail polish, but no eye color. (Yes, these restrictions were not listed on the “Welcome to WOFF “do’s” and “don’t” list.)  In the next few days,  teased-up hair, french tips and pierced ears were the order of business.  Things changed in order to chase away the “homely” look or “COG” look. The excitement to please Jane was at times surreal. What standard was shown to these young ladies as the goal?

     The second part of that Sunday evening service included another teacher and leader of the school;  one of the principals of the school –  berating the parents for letting their girls leave the house in such a “homely” condition. “You don’t love you daughter if you let her walk around homely.” Most every parent of those twelve girls was in the second meeting.  I don’t remember warm fuzzy “love of God feelings” as I left that night.

     The graduation pictures showed the results. Yes, “homely” had been run out the door, but at what cost? Jane Whaley’s priorities were crystal clear at this meeting. After all, Jane Whaley said herself that, “If my clothes were laid out flat side by side, they would cover two city blocks”.  This Sunday meeting, the results afterward and Jane’s ongoing comments about her dresses, shoes and clothes speak volumns. I do not have to add to them.

     Please, consume the information on this site responsibly. Be sure to tell every member that you know at WOFF about this blog. It could very well save their life. There are readers at WOFF. I hope this is a help to them. Sometimes WOFF members could forget such meetings as this one.

     Look on the right side of any post for the option to subscribe by email for notifications or RSS feeds notifying of new postings. It is a great feature. Also, find more posts by selecting “Categories”.

      (Please, take time to read the Terms of Use for this personal blog. As mentioned, the information about WOFF is from my memories and recollections as perfect as that may be or not be. ) Here is a picture of hope…

New rays of hope
Spring will come- soon.

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