Faith Freedom Fund

Faith Freedom Fund

Assisting with the immediate urgent needs of those
who want to leave cultic religious groups.

805 Oakland Road
Spindale, NC 28160

Faith Freedom Fund is a coordinated outreach to help those that desire to leave religious cult mind control groups. We are based in Rutherford County, North Carolina. Assistance is offered for immediate basic needs such as temporary housing, clothing, food, medications and transportation.  Provisions are made for other needs such as communication with relatives, friends and authorities. Since every person who leaves a religious mind control group has unique needs, we look to fill any of a varied assortment of needs.

Our support comes from concerned citizens of many varied denominational backgrounds. We have helped several people over the years and it has proved rewarding to those of us involved in FFF. As we move forward, we are in need of financial and volunteer support. If you are able to make a donation of any monetary amount; please, send to the address listed above. Your donations are tax deductible. If you wish to be involved and can be a resource available on an “on call” basis, please, let us know. The work we do knows no set hours. We are servants to those who we believe need us the most. Those caught in religious cults are often cautious and need reassurance in many ways. We seek to provide the resources that help survivors move on to their freedom.

We appreciate your continued material, financial and prayer support.

Rev. Billy Honeycutt, Mr. Eric Ross, Mr. John Huddle

Thank you to everyone who helped with the Car Wash fundraiser!


2 thoughts on “Faith Freedom Fund”

  1. Thank God. I too was delivered from a religious cult, not Mormon or JW, but a “Christian Cult,” 5 years ago. I still live in the same small town, where I occasionally run into people that have also left, and most are judgmental…I have gotten some healing through a small group of loving true believers and 4 years individual counseling and 5 years of marriage counseling. Someday, I hope to write a book. Anyway, I will pray for your efforts. May God richly bless you.

  2. I had an experience with this family in Tulsa, OK. Many off the wall things took place, including abuses. Then I was part of a church in Illinois that was very similar to this and got increasingly off base, away from the word and work of God, with dollar signs in their eyes. Abuses in the name of God and Church are never right and do need to be exposed! Thanks!

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