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Welcome New Readers and returning readers. Let’s review some features of this blog. Our pages provide helpful information to explain the direction and goal here.

About Author- tells more about me, John Huddle. Also, included are media kit items including the Foreword and Prologue to my new book- Locked in. This new book is set to release in the fall of 2015. Look for the book at Amazon for print. An E-book version will be available in the near future.

We provide the Books, Resources page, as well as a page to explain the Faith Freedom Fund. We also list other helpful links a list of recent posts and comments.

I stated this blog in January 2010. The content and direction of this blog has changed over the years. First, I told my experiences inside Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF). Next, I began exploring resources to help me understand what I had endured during my time inside and the results of leaving WOFF. Later, I began to compare these experiences to other known destructive groups. Gradually, I began helping other survivors of WOFF. This led to me to be a part of the Faith Freedom Fund. Helping survivors and telling the ongoing story lines surrounding WOFF is the direction this blog has taken over the last couple of years.

Subscribe to the RSS feed, sign-up for email updates and check back often to learn about the drama surrounding WOFF and other similar groups.

The Quick Links page contains links to posts grouped by subject. That is a fine place to start.

We also provide a brief introduction to Survivor Publishing, LLC as the publisher of Locked in. This new start up venture is directed to help survivors tell their story of overcoming traumatic life events.

Thank you for visiting our blog. Send questions and comments to author@religiouscultsinfo.com

This picture was used for the cover of Locked in…. check back for the release date.

photo used for cover to Locked in
photo used for cover to Locked in

You may want to get started here, links to a few of our early posts.

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 The Toilet Paper Revelation    http://religiouscultsinfo.com/?p=243

 FLDS vs WOFF- How People Who Leave Are Treated  http://religiouscultsinfo.com/?p=498 

 Why Should Others Outside of WOFF Care? Part 1  http://religiouscultsinfo.com/?p=2038

 What Are the Possible WOFF Defenses? Part 1  http://religiouscultsinfo.com/?p=2723

 Don’t Read That Article! July 2006    http://religiouscultsinfo.com/?p=2639

 (Please, take time to read the Terms of Use for this personal blog. As mentioned, the information about WOFF is from my memories and recollections as perfect as that may be or not be. )  

Here is picture to help remind us that we live in a great country!

We should cherish our freedoms...
God Bless America!

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  1. You tweeted me some interesting information about churches and bullying. Saw you website and can use some of your information. Call me some time if you can: 561-308-0364.

  2. I have a similar story to tell about my personal upbrining in a cult-Jehovahs Witnesses. How do I post it?


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