So, have you strangled someone… lately? Did it help? (video)

The names, ages and charges were released today in the Fenner case. Here is the list:
“Indicted were Sarah Covington Anderson, 27, Adam Christopher Bartley, 25, Brooke McFadden Covington, 56, Justin Brock Covington, 20, all of Breeze Hill in Rutherfordton and Robert Louis Walker, Jr., 26, of New Flynn Drive in Spindale.

Five true bills of indictments were handed down for second degree kidnapping and simple assault. Anderson was also charged with assault inflicting personal injury by strangulation.”
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In a separate source, the church attorney is quoted,

“They are innocent of the charges leveled against them and we look forward to proving their innocence and to their complete vindication before a trial court. Please remember that the law declares them innocent until they are proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt.” (source link- )

Excuse me, here. Let’s take a closer look. The church attorney has no choice but to plead for “innocent until proven guilty.” That is their job. We have to also consider certain obvious notions. First, the grand jury did not issue indictments unless they felt there was a possibility that Matthew had suffered these crimes against him. For the sake of argument, let’s presume the accusations are all true and maybe more. How would that look and what might we conclude? I will not hit all of the conclusions, but let’s look at a few.

So, in the sanctuary where many “deliverance sessions” have occurred; okay, hundreds, maybe thousands of times have members gathered there over the years to engage in blasting, loud prayer and deliverance sessions. Thousands. For many, this activity must be rote. That is until we get to this session. Matthew Fenner had been in the group a few years and there must have been some concern if the “work of God” was helping or if he simply refused to change. The mindset in this group has been- and might still be- deliverance- cures all, heals all, solves all problems. Also, the phrase: better to bruise than burn had been coined. What did that mean? Whatever it takes to get you your deliverance! A few bruises were a small price to pay in order to be “free” and not burn in hell. How am I doing so far?

From the indictments, these folks were either standing or sitting close enough to Matthew to be considered-involved. Sarah Anderson (27), Justin Covington (20), Adam Bartley (25), Louis Walker, Jr. (26) and Brooke Covington (56). What is the first thing you notice? Brooke is twice the age of anyone in the list. Well, can we assume she was top dog and in charge? I think that is a safe statement.

For those who have never been in a deliverance session led by Brooke, she don’t mess around. She does not have time to “play with your devils.” I suspect she was hitting it hard and at some point verbally assaulted and had her hands on Matthew to physically move his body around and around to “command those devils to leave him!” How do I know? Been there and experienced that.

Maybe a few minutes into this aggression, maybe longer, Sarah feels a new moving of the spirit and puts her hands around Matthew’s neck. She is going to choke the devils until they leave Matthew! Let me say here that I have not heard a play by play from Matthew with every minute detail. So, this part is conjecture based on the multitude of times I was involved in or observed folks receiving deliverance. But, at some point, no matter how the events were ordered, Sarah Anderson put her hands on Matthew’s neck and then glanced at Brooke for approval. (just sayin’) Brooke, full of wisdom beyond her 56 years and having the authority to lead this deliverance, let the hands stay and Sarah proceed. Why? In WOFF, this makes perfect sense. Strangling someone will help them be “free” and get their deliverance. I don’t have any reason to believe that Sarah wanted to hurt Matthew; she thought strangling him would help him, right?

John, what are you saying? I am saying that to even have the idea that putting your hands around someone’s neck and possibly applying force will make them better, tells us the level of mind-numbing blind deception that must reside on at least some of the folks inside WOFF. This is what will be confusing to members of the group as this case proceeds.

We did what God told us. We prayed and helped folks get free from devils. Now, the authorities doubt our practices? The nerve of someone not “in the move of God” to doubt that we were following the Spirit of God and all we wanted to do was help, Matthew. How can our “prayer” be assault much less a crime?

During the course of this trial, there will be defenses raised that will include logic that is as ludicrous as the previous statement. There will be efforts to discredit Matthew on all levels. But, he knows that and stands by his account of the events on that fateful night.

As members of Word of Faith Fellowship wrestle with these questions and issues, some will depend solely on what Jane feeds them. Those members will still be in that place for years to come. Some will strike out into better pastures of safety and choose freedom. Jane knows it. This drama may very well reduce her numbers by a significant amount before it is over. Happy New Year!

So, have you strangled someone… lately? Did it help?

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2 thoughts on “So, have you strangled someone… lately? Did it help? (video)”

  1. Great news!! I know many who left WOFF, including myself, would have loved to sue WOFF. But, going through the time and money was so prohibitive. With the WOFF stable of lawyers (working for no financial compensation), it is so difficult to go into a lawsuit against WOFF. I admire Matthew for taking this step and he has the support of many, many ex-WOFFers!!!!

  2. I know as sad as this is I have to admit that getting blasted by Jane, Brooke, Conny and Douglas involved more abuse than just getting choked. Having been cornered against my will here in Sweden by what would be called the “Swedish WOFF Mafia” before some ended up in jail. (Yes, former Swedish WOFF leadership have served jail sentances being found guilty of physical abuse), Of course Jane can say they left God but the system is in place. I am sure that Brooke, with her own struggles with sexual identity, played and continues to play an important roll in the abuse of gay, lesbian and transgender use. What do you say Brooke? Isn’t it time to come clean? Douglas? Isn’t it time to admit that 30 years with Jane Whaley hasn’t helped at all. Jane Calder? Give us all a break. Thank you Matthew for not giving up. I know why I was in WOFF. I did not accept who I was. I do now and I know the truth and it set me free. WOFF witchcraft does not scare me anymore. It did for years. Thank you again for this wonderful blog. Hope to see you in Stockholm next summer. Yours in Christ Jesus, Arthur

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