Word of Faith Fellowship members re-indicted- Daily Courier

January 22, 2015 – Jean Gordon posted an article with the title above. Found here. The article outlined the process on Tuesday with comments from the new Rutherford County District Attorney- Ted Bell. The indictments issued in December were thrown out according to Bell saying, ‘he was concerned about some improprieties with the grand jury when it met for a special called session in December.’

“We were especially concerned about the judge and others making inquiries as to what was discussed and we were afraid that would cause some problems,” Bell said.

“We wanted clean indictments. They have the same exact same charges with the exact same bonds. Nothing is changed about the indictments.”

“This was an attempt on our part to clean up some of the warrants,” Bell said. (quote directly from article)

“Improprieties”?? “We wanted clean indictments…”!! I have not spoken to Bell and I certainly don’t know his opinions about WOFF. Therefore, I can only speculate, but…Heavens to Betsy- do you mean that he did not trust the procedure in December? One can only dream about that. Clean indictments? Does that in turn mean initial ones were ‘dirty’? I don’t want to put words in his mouth. After considering the proceedings on Tuesday, I applaud him for being willing to admit that the previous contortions in December were less than forthright.

Do you remember the article posted by the same Daily Courier/digital courier.com? (December 9, 2014)
Allow me to quote: “Five Word of Faith members indicted for assault”- link

“Fenner appeared before the Grand Jury during its November session for a “presumption” session afterwhich the jury requested a special session in December to hear evidence in Fenner’s allegations.
Resident Superior Court Judge Tommy Davis approved the special hearing.
Evidence was presented Monday on both sides of the case.
One court official said there were numerous witnesses testifying throughout the day.
The jury did not dissolve its business until after 5 p.m. Monday.”

If my sources are right, Josh Farmer petitioned Judge Davis for the special hearing. Why “special”? I understand because witnesses for the defendants were allowed to be heard with other sources adding Fenner’s mother testified against him. Was this “special hearing” and or the maneuvers leading to the hearing that which Bell called improprieties? Is that possible?

My curiosity soars at the comment – “… the judge and others making inquiries as to what was discussed…” Who are the “others”? My knowledge of grand jury hearings is limited, but I can smell a dead skunk from far away, can’t you? I am not talking about Bell. He seems to desire to rid the county of dead skunks.

What does this all mean for Matthew Fenner? In my opinion, Bell was not only looking out for the judicial integrity and reputation of the legal system in Rutherford County; he was taking steps to insure Matthew Fenner obtains a fair hearing, one not derailed by indictments which were obtained with a “special hearing” and strewn with “improprieties.” (LOUD APPLAUSE)

We can take away something else not mentioned in Gordon’s article. Other survivors of WOFF and present members wanting to be ex-members should be greatly encouraged. There is at least some sign in the court system of Rutherford County that ex-members of WOFF will not automatically be shuffled off to the magistrate for less than appropriate misdemeanor charges. If Matthew Fenner can get his day in court, then other survivors should be hopeful that their injuries will be addressed according to the laws of North Carolina and not the previously less than judicial customs of Rutherford County.

Rutherford County DSS- are you watching this case? As this unfolds, there should be hope that the fear that has kept RCDSS frozen for years can be broken. It would be unreal to think years of narrow minded fear-laden thinking will totally reverse in the next few months, but the process can start! This may be the door for other cases to follow which could lead to a review of the Federal Injunction of 2005.

To those present members who have attempted escape from WOFF and were unsuccessful for whatever reason; be encouraged and renew your hope for freedom. There is a new DA in town and this could be the tipping point for the attitudes of key individuals in governmental positions in your town. We shall see, but for now confidence is running high. 2015 is showing a lot of promise.

Justice delayed is justice denied. – William E. Gladstone

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