Frank Webster and Chris Back- “… no longer employed.”

District Attorney for the 25th District, David Learner announced today that Assistant District Attorney Frank Webster and Assistant District Attorney Chris Back are no longer employed. The announcement came shortly after 10:00AM. AP reports confirm.

“I, along with my staff, have worked very hard in the past two years to rebuild the reputation of the DA’s Office, and I cannot allow the integrity of the office to be called into question.”

Thank you, DA Learner for stepping up and doing the right thing. Now, we can move forward with a serious and comprehensive investigation into all of the accusations uncovered in the AP investigation.

Thank you, Mitch Weiss for the many hours of digging through documents and interviewing survivors. The dedication of you and your team is paving the way for many survivors to share their story and begin the process of healing.

Survivor’s Community Forum March 11th 2:00PM

The Spindale House meeting room on the second floor will serve as the location for this forum. Survivors from Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) will be sharing information about their time inside WOFF and written questions will be taken from those in attendance. While some may come seeking the sensational, our purpose is to not lose sensitivity to the plight of each ex-member participating. Ex-members may attend and not be required to answer questions or reveal their personal information. A few have already agreed to be transparent about their experience.

For many in the area, questions about WOFF have been answered by rumor and misinformation. Many of the questions will be answered on Saturday by members who lived inside the mysterious group. I have declared openly in the last few days that recent reports have brought to light behaviors which warrant further investigation by local, State and Federal authorities. My hopes include tearing down the veil of secrecy which has surrounded this group for years and indeed decades.

Be aware that by attending the event, you give permission to be photographed, and recorded by video or audio devices. Email questions to

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2 thoughts on “Frank Webster and Chris Back- “… no longer employed.””

  1. I am absolutely horrified. Coaching people who claim to be Christians to become better liars and adding that this is God’s way. The Orwellian world of Jane Whaley. Facts and truth. So sad and so simple. As Brooke preached years ago “Your sins will find you out”. They do. Arthur

  2. Arthur Thiry,

    You are so correct. Brooke did often say, “Your sins will find you out.” What they have sown for so many years…they will now begin to reap. The bold move to fire Frank Webster and Chris Back should speak volumes to all those that continue to blindly defend Jane Whaley and The Word of Faith Fellowship. For DA David Learner to swiftly dismiss them is clear evidence there have been violations of the law at the highest levels in Word of Faith Fellowship leadership.

    It is a gross injustice for it to have taken so many years for someone to take action against the practices of this group. Too many have been made to suffer unjustly and without proper legal protection by the governmental system of Rutherford County. For years law enforcement and the judicial system has “looked away” and ignored the voices of the victims of abuse at the hands of this group.

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