Former Word of Faith Church Member Alleges Abuse – WLOS – Asheville Top Stories – ABC

Matthew Fenner talks to reporter for WLOS via Skype. (see story here) (hit “back tab” to return here) There is a heated battle in the background over these allegations. Josh Farmer is quoted as saying these allegations are “ludicrous and false.” This same attorney is quoted as saying we have “nothing to hide.” 25 witnesses to refute the story? Does WOFF coach witnesses? Let the past speak for the present. How do they already know Matthew’s version of the story? Or is their defense based on their version of his story?

I continue to be amazed at the lengths certain folks will go to in order to keep this façade intact. These denials are the same types of denials from the past. No substance, just blanket denials as if they are afraid to discuss details.

There is more to come in this drama. Let’s hope the Truth comes out and the abuses stop. We hope that those who want to leave will be allowed to leave. Several have left already. 2015 promises to be an exciting year in Spindale, NC.

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