Fenner Case: Defendants and Attorneys Appear, Bartley Arrested

Rccatalyst.com reported on June 29th, ADA Garland Byers called the Fenner case with Judge Tommy Davis on the bench. District Attorney Ted Bell stated previously that this hearing was for the defendant’s attorneys to make an official appearance on the record. Judge Davis notified all that the stay on the case was lifted. Three defendants already had counsel. This hearing was for Brooke Covington’s and Justin Covington’s counsel to be made public.

Last week, I was in Dallas, TX for a conference and unable to attend the hearing. From the article, the attorneys listed:

Sarah Covington Anderson- represented by the Cooper firm

Robert Lewis Walker, Jr. – represented by Matthew Cabe

Adam Bartley- represented by Robert Denton. Bartley was late and Judge Davis left his case open until he arrived.

Daniel Talbert – standing in for David Teddy, who will be representing Brooke Covington.

Justin Covington asked for a court appointed attorney and was appointed Krinn Evans.

Yes, folks. You just read that. From what I have heard, Brooke Covington dropped a pretty dime for the services of David Teddy. He comes with a reputation that precedes him. Justin- not so much. He had to reverse his course after refusing public counsel last year. After the Disqualification ORDER from last August and no access to the resources which Brooke apparently used, he is left with a public defender. Krinn Evans will do Justin a quality job, no doubt. He is a criminal defense attorney with an office in Marion, NC.

What does this tell us? Is it possible the resources for defense were not shared with Justin because he has no biological family inside Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF)? Is there a suspicion he will join his family on the outside? Maybe he has already?

And to complete the circus for the day, Adam Bartley arrives much later in the afternoon according to our resource and was arrested on a misdemeanor probation violation. Well, his participation in any hearing going forward may be a logistical challenge.

Judge Davis lifting the stay allows the case to move forward. The next hearing is scheduled for July 29th; a day which could be warm inside the courtroom as well as outside. 2016 still promises changes for many surrounding the WOFF drama.

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One thought on “Fenner Case: Defendants and Attorneys Appear, Bartley Arrested”

  1. My goodness…..as you have written for over a year now “things are heating up”. Must be boiling in the WOFF sanctuarary these days. Makes me wonder what Janes “voices” are telling her now! “Your sins will find you out” is an old sermon that Brooke preached. Surprise Brooke! They do! Thank you for the update.
    Sorry that Adam got arrested and is in jail but we may see a plea from him as a result.

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