Is This Your Day – to Leave Word of Faith Fellowship?

For WOFF members considering their exit, is today, the day? You have been planning and thinking and maybe even whispered it to yourself where no one could hear you… “I am leaving one day.” Well, is today, your day? What has to happen for the right circumstances for you to leave? Do you need a ride? Call me. Or if it comes to it, start walking and call someone else who already left. You can get a ride from someone, somehow. Do you need a place to stay? That can be arranged. Do you need to connect with relatives out of state? Yes, that can happen. Do you need to leave your belongings behind and just get away quick? Don’t worry. Clothes can be replaced. You may even get some jeans! That is okay, as far as I know; folks don’t fall into hell when they put on their first pair. I like Wrangler®.

Do you need a phone? Okay, we can arrange for you to have one- a new one with a new number. Do you need a plane ticket or a ride somewhere? Don’t let anything keep you imprisoned against your will. If you want to be free, then make the first step.

Years ago, I saw a young lady standing in the kitchen at a microwave when all of the sudden, she made the choice to leave. She took off walking and did not stop until she reached safety! WOFF members drove along the road her begging, pleading for her to get in the van and talk. Too late. She had had enough! How long had it been brewing in her? I am not sure. How long has LEAVING been brewing in you?

What are you waiting for? Yes, some folks are brought back. But, there comes another chance to leave, trust me. If you are determined to leave, then don’t listen to the sweet sounding promises thrown your way to entice you back into the car, back into the bondage. How long does the sweetness last, Brent? Don’t listen to the honey dripping from the phone. If you want, just cut the WOFF pleaders until you are safe somewhere miles away. Maybe it is not that far away, maybe it is just a safe place where your freedom to make choices is respected.

Will you know when the time is right? Take it from one who left and has heard the stories of many who have left- there will never be a ‘perfect’ time with all of your questions answered and decisions made. You must choose when to make the break from WOFF. You have heard the names those who leave have been called. I have been called several ugly things. One person said inside WOFF some believe me to be the devil incarnate. Now, that is a little extreme, don’t you think? You have heard the predictions about folks when they leave. Have you ever thought that people make their own choices when they leave? Some make good choices, some do not. You can make good choices and disprove the barrage of negative predictions! You can prove Jane wrong.

Spring has spring and it might be your time to spring forth to your next place in life. If not today, when? If not you, do you know someone else who is ready? Tell them help is available. Help them escape and prove it can be done. Then you can follow – if you choose.

Honestly, ask yourself, have things been better around here? If so, why? If now, could it be because Jane and her leadership are under the microscope? How long will that last? Maybe it will last, maybe it will not. Can any change of rules now repair the years lost in your life? Are you tired of certain folks having fewer rules to follow and some not? Why is that? Are they really more spiritual or “walking with Jesus”? Could it be those who seem to have fewer rules to follow are somehow seen as more important to Jane? Is that fair? Will the pyramid structure ever change? Will you ever be allowed to make your own choices without the drama?

A few years ago, I was talking to Jane on the phone; she must have called about the blog or something. Before we ended, I asked her a question, “Jane when you are finished with someone, can you call me and I will come help them? We can avoid the drama and the police, just call. I will come help them onto their next place in life.” She acted like she did not hear me. I repeated it and she mumbled something I could not hear. She went on to other matters. Jane, the offer still stands.

Don’t depend on Jane calling and arranging your exit. Make the steps you need to start your journey to freedom. It is up to you. Call if I can help- John Huddle- (828) 289-7923.

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3 thoughts on “Is This Your Day – to Leave Word of Faith Fellowship?”

  1. Bless you for starting this blog. I was WOF cult for 14 painful years. I have been free for 3 now. I went back for a few of my friends to no avail. I am so glad you have this resource and I hope that people use it properly!

  2. John, is this the same Lisa who always met us with a smile (usually) at the church office whenever we had a question? She married a man named Ryan.

  3. Lee,

    Thank you for reading and commenting. The Lisa you are thinking of is Lisa Millwood. I am speaking about someone different. Hope you are well.


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