Who is rubbing her feet now?

Is it true? A good foot rub takes the stress away from aching feet. Surely it does. Consider this from two survivors of Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) talking about their experience rubbing Jane Whaley’s feet.

A few years ago, a survivor told me in casual conversation that they rubbed Jane Whaley’s feet at her beck and call. I just listened and asked few questions. Looking back, I should have asked better questions. This individual did not present their participation in rubbing Jane’s feet as voluntary. Like many things inside WOFF, this was “ministry.” Who cares if you want to or that is late at night and you are tired? This person gave me the idea they just did it because they had to. It did not seem truly voluntary.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I am talking to another survivor. Out of the blue, they tell me they were also commissioned to rub Jane’s feet. At any time, they were subject to a call for foot ministry. To the point, they had blisters on their hands. Yikes! I also detected a forced submission – no genuine willingness- just duty.

The names of these two survivors is not important or my focus. My point is the attitude in common with both- each not knowing the other had told me their foot ministry story. There was no pre-planned coordination. Knowing that part of the scene brings more clarity for me. The glaring common trait in both cases was the feigned forced affection to give the illusion of willingness to perform the task. If this task was glamorized as “ministry,” then what else inside WOFF is classified as ministry? What other “labors” are classified as ministry and require an appearance of submission, all the while the member is churning inside?

A better question is if these two individuals performed the task out of a feigned affection, then who is rubbing Jane’s feet now and are they doing it with their “whole heart” or experiencing the same emotions inside? This leads to yet another question- how many folks who perform personal tasks for Jane Whaley do so out of a feigned or pretend affection for her and all the while loathing the duties they perform and even Jane herself? Who has lost “the vision” which seems to include anything and everything Jane asks you to do is ministry and worth your doing with your whole heart- for free? In other words, as an encouragement to those unwilling participants, they are often reminded – “You said you wanted God…” which translates – you have already committed to do whatever she says is God’s will. In reality, in this set-up, you are her slave.

John, there are no “slaves” in WOFF. You are stretching it. Really?

The chains of captivity on their mind and soul are not visible to the eye. In addition, constantly being surrounded by WOFF members at home, work and church makes it tough for many to see a way out. When you understand members are told that eternal salvation rests on “obeying God through Jane,” then feigned obedience is a means of survival until they figure a way out.

For many, you go along to get along. Play the game until the scenery changes in your favor for an exit. This can take weeks, months or years.

How many folks inside WOFF are just waiting for the right set-up to make their exit? I hear differing numbers and estimates. It is hard to know since leaving is a taboo subject for regular members to discuss.

One thing I feel confident about, there is a group of members who pretend to love Jane and say nice things to her face while performing the tasks. All the while they are planning their escape and waiting for the chance to exit. Who will exit next and how many will they take with them? The flood gates are not open wide, but they are open. New names of those who make their exit from WOFF keep appearing on social media. It is a good sign that some are choosing the path to freedom regardless of the cost.

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