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On this, I Agree with Jane Whaley…

Recently, I was told that Jane Whaley, leader of Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF), declared from the pulpit that many would leave the will of God this year. Translated, many will leave WOFF. Okay, the person relaying it to me called this declaration a “prophecy.” For whatever the motivation, for whatever the reason; I must say I agree with the prediction. Last year was a banner year for defections. The list of survivors leaving WOFF seems to be growing by the week. The exact reasons vary I am sure, but many have already, and looks like soon will leave the WOFF kingdom. The unofficial total ranges from 50 upwards to 80 or more in the last 18 months. I am not sure if any of that number includes ones leaving the Brazilian churches.

For the Faith Freedom Fund, this means another busy year ahead. We are not called upon to help every survivor. Some exit-takers find their own resources. However, last year was the busiest year I can remember for helping survivors. I find the work satisfying on one hand and heart breaking on the other. The stories of abuse coming out of that place seem to grow in intensity with each passing month.
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Bullying in the Name of Jesus- Revisited- Karel Reynolds Shares Insights? Speak out!

August 21, 2014 I wrote, “Bullying in the Name of Jesus” found here. After watching an episode of “Without A Trace”, I expounded on the North Carolina Anti-Bullying law and how the evolving practices inside Word of Faith Fellowship were in violations of the law, in my opinion. Most of the post is included below.

The subject of bullying has again raised its ugly head in the events in Cocoa, FL. The schedule for the Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) Word of Faith Christian School (WFCS) Holocaust Museum found here tells us that Karel Reynolds will share insights on “Bullying and the Holocaust.” No, I am NOT kidding you. The second-in-charge leader of WFCS which employs heavy handed, all encompassing measures of behavior modification (punishment) reported as more and more abusive, will stand up in front of total strangers and teach on the bullying measures of the German regime? Does the irony cause you to catch your breath and utter words of disbelief? (or worse?)

From the resource link:

“Viera author Jaimie Engle will lead a seminar on ways to prevent bullying, on Monday, April 20, and repeated on Wednesday, April 22, both nights from 6–7:30 p.m.
Engle wrote the anti-bullying children’s book Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light after her son was bullied at school.
“Remember, with #everykidsvoice we can #targetbullying to stop it!” she said.
Museum director Karel Reynolds will add insight on connections between bullying and the Holocaust.
A full schedule of lectures on various Holocaust topics will be offered from Monday to Thursday.”

Jaimie Engle: How can you share the stage with Karel if you know ANYTHING about WOFF/WFCS? Please, Ms. Engle, don’t lower yourself and allow your lecture to be soiled by the words of a leader of such a recognized oppressive environment. (Contact Ms. Engle on Twitter -#jaimiengle or email –

These are a few comments I received back after sending out the schedule to survivors of WOFF. (anonymous – I did not ask permission to reveal names)

“I just read that article. She (Karel) should know all too well what bullying is. She’s been doing it for 20 years.”

“Well…she IS an expert on bullying! Jane said it from the pulpit that is was the gift of God in her!”

“…the disconnect between everything they think they know and stand for….

It is time to speak out. Contact Jaimie Engle by email or Twitter and let her know about WOFF/WFCS and the deeds done to the children in order to have the “600 Piece of Student-Created Art”. Ask her to refuse to carry on this charade by sharing the platform with Karel Reynolds.

In the words of David Pelzman, “WOFF puts the funk on the word- dysfunctional.” That sums it up for now.
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Controversy over support of WOFF Holocaust Museum continues (video)

The drama in Florida concerning the Word of Faith Fellowship(WOFF)-Word of Faith Christian School (WFCS)Holocaust Museum added another chapter Tuesday night. The city council of Cocoa held their first monthly meeting for April. Included in the public comment section were two individuals from the local Sister Cities group seeking continued support from the city, and President of Temple Beth Shalom, David Pelzman who spoke for the local Jewish community in reconsidering the council’s resolution of support for the WFCS Holocaust exhibit.

The lady speaking for the Sister Cites group admitted her organization found out about the WOFF indictments in March. That is not in dispute. What is in dispute is when did Ron Shelton, Program Director of the upcoming display, know about the five WOFF Indictments?

The Sister Cities representative put forth the idea that the indictments had nothing to do with the children or the museum. She asked for continued support of the Sister Cities project.

David Pelzman made an impassioned presentation on behalf of the local Jewish community. He stated that Ron Shelton was presented information about the indictments in mid-December. Going on, he pleaded with the council to see the children of the school as no different from the leaders, members and the work of the church. He stated the Jane Whaley is the leader of the church and a principal and teacher in the school. He likened the Holocaust display to the true story of the concentration camp, Theresienstadt. At this camp, the Germans organized a concert given by Jewish prisoners “who could play music” against the background of a “Hollywood set” to the watching eyes of the International community. He recognized no difference in what WOFF does in using the “Holocaust museum project to hide (from) the eyes of a moralistic and ethical society.”
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“Dishonesty is the result of perfectionism.” – Nori Muster

After leaving the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) conference held in early July, I have an increased desire to learn about dysfunctional groups, the results of being involved in such groups and how to heal from involvement in them. These desires have led to searching and more time spent reading. As sometimes happens when I am reading more than one book at a time, the ideas in each resource begin to cross-pollinate and relationships are noticed between the materials. As mentioned in the previous post, I am reading- “Rebuilding Shattered Lives: Treating Complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorders” by James A Chu, (Copyright©2011 by John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Hoboken, NJ ISBN- 978-0-470-76874-7). The author focuses on treatment models for adults who have experience abuse in their childhood.

At the same time, I have been reading – “Cult Survivors Handbook: How to live in the Material World Again” by Nori Muster. (Copyright©2010 by Nori Muster, published by, Though I have not completely finished either book, I need to share the understanding that has come so far. [As a disclaimer, by quoting these works I do not assume any endorsement by either author of my conclusions or my work on this blog. ]

In this post, I will provide resources supporting the title and relate the findings to the high-demand faith group, Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF), which I departed in July of 2008. I will also quote from Chu’s work in describing the results of child abuse as seen in adults. My contention is that the perfectionism in WOFF has highly detrimental effects on its members and requires dishonesty on several levels in order to remain a faithful member.
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Adult Members Suffer “Child Abuse” at WOFF

Many times the question comes up to me concerning how people can become a member in a group such as Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF)? In answering this question, I often reflect on my own path into the group. While considering that road, I must also admit not everyone joins following the path I did, nor does everyone become a “faithful” member in the same time frame as me. Though the dynamics of influence are the same for almost everyone to be connected or drawn into WOFF; each individual has different needs and may identify with different positive parts of the WOFF presentation in order to decide to join. Some may need a job or place to live, while others need financial help, child care or just new friends. Likewise, not everyone becomes emerged in the sub-culture to the same level on a set timeline. That being said, not everyone develops the same intense dependency on the leader, Jane Whaley; but, I would contend that every faithful member develops some degree of dependency and that level of dependency determines their evolving emotional state and how they respond to the punishment for breaking the unwritten rules.

Regardless of how difficult as it is for those on the outside to understand how an adult could become so dependent on another adult for very common basic decisions, it is the state that many faithful WOFF members find themselves in– daily. Just how that happens has been discussed in previous posts on this blog. For now, let’s acknowledge that it does and that it is a common occurrence in high-demand faith groups which use mind control techniques. We will use a few resources to confirm that fact.

“Cult members are expected to surrender autonomy, and often must ask permission for routine activities, like using the bathroom.” (Releasing the Bonds, Steven Hassan, Copyright©2000, Freedom of Mind Press)

As previously mentioned on this blog, WOFF controls many aspects of a member’s private time in the bathroom, especially the males.
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How far will you go to protect “the will of God?”

In the previous post, I put forth the idea that faithful WOFF members keep the true inside dynamics secret from the outside family members. Secrets are also kept from co-workers and any acquaintances. This should be no surprise even for a group of that size. Today, I want to add two more concepts that will help explain why and how this could happen and how a WOFF member sees this as perfectly normal and “the will of God.”

Several months ago, I wrote on the difference between “brainwashing” and “mind control.” The post was titled- WOFF Members are NOT Brainwashed- Really? – found here . The supporting text for this was found in Steven Hassan’s book, “Combatting Cult Mind Control” (Copyright©1988, 1990- by Steven Hassan, Park Street Press, ISBN-0-89281-311-3). In short, the idea was that in a case of brainwashing, the controllers are thought of as adversarial or “… typically coercive. The person knows at the outset that he is in the hands of the enemy. … Abusive mistreatment, even torture, is usually involved.” (page 55)

“Mind control, also called “thought reform”, is more subtle and sophisticated. Its perpetrators are regarded as friends or peers, so the person is much less defensive. He unwittingly participates by cooperating with his controllers and giving them private information that he does not know will be used against him…. Mind control involves little to no overt physical abuse. Instead, hypnotic processes are combined with group dynamics to create a potent indoctrination effect. The individual is deceived and manipulated – not directly threatened – into making the prescribed choices. On the whole, he responds positively to what is done to him.” (emphasis added- page 56)
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Mind Control Forum Review – “This is what I want to see!”

Saturday, May 24th a forum was held at the Spindale House and the subjects included information about mind control and testimonies from Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) survivors. The lead up to the meeting was intense for many of those involved. Materials were put together, videos were reviewed, meetings were held and in the end the general consensus was that it was a success. Admittedly, there is no way to recap all of what was said since I do not have a recording. The pictures taken will be added here at a later date. My goal for this post is to just hit what few highlights I remember and to give enough for those who did not attend to get the flavor and direction of the meeting.

There were no decorations, but we placed information and candy in the seats for the guests. We had waters for the taking on a table to the side. There were three tables up front for the panel and the large screen television. The attendees filed in and in that group were two WOFF members, Greg and Rita Burgeson. Several other WOFF members were spotted circling through the parking area, some waving and blowing their horns. We were prepared for more WOFF members, but they only sent two inside.

We began the forum a little late after experiencing technical difficulties with the PowerPoint® we were given from another advocacy group. This was just “warfare”, right? We had a back-up plan and were able to use printouts of the presentation. Mr. Rape began the session in prayer encouraging all that it was possible to be deceived and we would learn how that could happen through the material revealed tonight. He delivered an encouraging prayer as well.

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