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What happened to Joe English? No, really, what happened?

For years, the video sat on the website for Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) titled- Joe English Testimony- He began his delivery with something like, “Many people have asked, ‘What happened to Joe English?’” He then went on for several minutes, (?) explaining his previous life of drugs and rock and roll. He had played drums for ‘Paul McCartney and Wings’® and gave an account of that lifestyle. I seem to remember a part of his testimony about watching television as a young person and promising himself he would be just like the drummer on the television. The name escapes me, or was it Desi Arnez, Jr.?

Honestly, it was TOUGH getting through the whole video testimony because I had worked with Joe for a short time and was exposed to Joe’s ups and downs, ins and outs – as we all were in WOFF. He was up on stage and then out in the world, then up on stage as Jane’s trophy and then out of the church. It was sad. His testimony echoed through an empty hallway for me. I do not doubt his chemical dependency or his overwhelming struggles. All things considered, it appeared he did not get the real help needed to lead him out of his addictions or other inconsistencies. My one memory of Joe before WOFF included an outside concert in Ladson, SC around 1984. He was playing drums at what was then called, Baptist College. That day, I had no appreciation for his music or his message and left after just a few minutes.

Well, today- we are all asking- What happened to Joe English? The video has been removed and with no evident reason on the website. But, this is where good old fashioned rumors come into play. I don’t usually post such things, but the source seems credible. Yet, as a disclosure, until we hear the true story from the subject himself, this is unconfirmed information.
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rcCatalyst.com Reports Surprise Arrest of Jerry Cooper

Wednesday, rcCatalyst.com reported the surprise arrest of Jerry Cooper on Tuesday at the Rutherford County courthouse. Jerry was sued several months ago in a civil case by two Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) members represented by Josh Farmer and the required mediation was Tuesday morning. After the mediation session resulted in an impasse, Jerry was set to leave the courthouse. He was approached by an officer who asked his identity. Once he confirmed, the officer announced Jerry was under arrest for charges on a warrant sworn out by Jane Whaley in 2013. Josh Farmer was present to monitor the arrest noting “that Cooper was not often in the country and therefore quick action was required…”

With the help of friends, Jerry made bond and the court date for this matter is May 29th. In unconfirmed statements, sources close to the drama say two high profile surprise participants have been subpoenaed in that case. The earlier civil case between WOFF members, Robert Louis Walker, Jr. and Sarah C. Anderson case and Jerry has a next appearance date of Jan. 2016. What drama this year holds, and we only know part of it, I am sure.

Questions over this drama roll too fast for me to type. Could the civil case have been a strategy move just to get Jerry into the county for the arrest? Why do I ask? A source in the mediation noted Josh appeared disorganized, off his game and disheveled when the court appointed mediator ask what damages the plaintiffs had incurred. His answer was a meek reply containing the assertion the damages were yet to be determined, but the plaintiffs had increased their request for punitive damages from $25,000 each to $50,000 each? Do those two things make sense when put in the same sentence?

Before the drama played out on Tuesday, I read the civil complaint against Jerry noting the apparent disjointed presentation of observations appearing to have been cobbled together in a hurry. The complaint fell way short of the usual standard of Josh Farmer legal presentations. Could this complaint have been dictated or provided for Josh to sign in a rush to piece together a strategy to have the arrest of Jerry before the next appearance in the Fenner case? Is the warrant from Jane Whaley in 2013 being played to bolster Josh’s request for a change of venue in the Fenner case? There are more questions than answers.
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Jewish Leaders Pull Support for WOFF/WFCS Holocaust Museum in Florida

Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) supports, runs, dictates and determines the direction, emphasis and content of the Word of Faith Christian School (WFCS) Holocaust Museum display. To make statements with intent to misconstrue or blur the obvious relationship is short-sighted, replete with fantastical thinking and borders on deception. How do we know this relationship to be true? The reason is there is no one higher in authority, rank or power in WOFF than Jane Whaley. She is the Principal of the WFCS and the leader of the WOFF. As much as certain individuals would attempt to deny or blur the intimate relationship between these two groups of folks, they are indeed one in the same. Children who attend the school and their parents are members in WOFF. If there are students whose parents do not regularly attend, support and confess agreement with the doctrine and practices of WOFF, they are indeed the extreme minority, if they exist at all.

Ron Shelton, a retired pastor in Florida, viewed the WFCS display in Washington, DC in 2010. He was enthralled, engrossed and possibly enamored with the entire concept and display. He was so moved, he contacted the Jewish Community leaders in the Cocoa Beach area and convinced them to join his vision and help sponsor a display of the WFCS exhibit at the Space Coast Convention Center. He is the director of those efforts as witnessed by the quote from the website

“The purpose of The Holocaust Museum Central Florida 2015 Project is to reverse the trend of ignorance and denial about the Holocaust. This museum is unlike any other of its kind, featuring the incredible artwork of students from elementary to high school age. Designed to be viewed by all ages, this museum tells a heart-wrenching story through the eyes, hearts, and hands of young people dedicated to searching out and portraying the truth of this horrific chapter in world history. The unique interactive nature of this museum allows visitors to speak to the young artists who share the true stories of the people and events portrayed in these artistic creations.
Ron Shelton
Event Director”

Ron has no doubt put in countless hours of hard work pulling this event together. There are civic leaders and local government leaders as well as many schools anticipating the arrival of WOFF/WFCS for the display April 19th-23rd. Flyers have been distributed, school groups have committed to attend. (The listing of schools attending is on the Facebook page for the event.) Local media has been used to advertise the event and solicit donations. I do not know how much of that money is directed to WOFF/WFCS. For the purpose of this post, the amount is immaterial. In no way am I slighting the efforts of countless volunteers or the education emphasis to improve awareness of the Holocaust and the history surrounding this tragedy.
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The Blaze reports WOFF posting…

Google Alerts® provided me the article about Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) found on The Blaze.com®.

“Church Accused of Beating Gay Man During ‘Deliverance’ to Remove Homosexual ‘Demons’ Posts Public Response Defending Its Members” found here. Interesting- it is posted under ‘Crime.’

The Blaze.com is a news site provided by Glenn Beck’s group. Mr. Beck has ties to Christians United for Israel (CUFI) as a speaker at their convention in 2013. See here. WOFF has in years past had strong ties to CUFI, though everything is subject to change. How close the ties are now has been hard to gauge.

The public response from WOFF is found here. In order to help explain the language of the response and how this statement fits with Josh Farmer’s disclaimers, we will break it down and provide context. After graduating from WOFF in 2008, I believe my experience inside will help others understand WOFF-speak.
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Is WOFF an absolute religious monarchy?

Recently, in a conversation with a friend, I told him that I had a fascination in watching historical depictions about the early struggles of our country. I told him the struggle for independence from Great Britain was similar in many respects to a Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) member deciding to leave the group. He said he could see the similarities. In an effort to explain life inside of WOFF, I will share my thoughts from my time and observation while inside.

Last night, I watched another installment of the HBO documentary series “John Adams.” The beginning of the mini-series shows the struggles of our country and the divisions which took place over the idea of independence from the mother country- England. The leaders first expressing such radical thoughts as making a Declaration of Independence were not always received with gladness. The American colonies were divided at times and there was much heated debate between many who would later end up with their names etched in our history books. England supposedly offered “protection.” The downside was the taxation without representation in Parliament as a cost for such “protection.” Yet, the King’s edicts were to be followed regardless. He spoke and those in his kingdom were to obey. Long live the King! And your personal opinions did not count and could cost you dearly, if they were contrary to the King.
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“Dishonesty is the result of perfectionism.” – Nori Muster

After leaving the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) conference held in early July, I have an increased desire to learn about dysfunctional groups, the results of being involved in such groups and how to heal from involvement in them. These desires have led to searching and more time spent reading. As sometimes happens when I am reading more than one book at a time, the ideas in each resource begin to cross-pollinate and relationships are noticed between the materials. As mentioned in the previous post, I am reading- “Rebuilding Shattered Lives: Treating Complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorders” by James A Chu, (Copyright©2011 by John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Hoboken, NJ ISBN- 978-0-470-76874-7). The author focuses on treatment models for adults who have experience abuse in their childhood.

At the same time, I have been reading – “Cult Survivors Handbook: How to live in the Material World Again” by Nori Muster. (Copyright©2010 by Nori Muster, published by Blurb.com, www.norimuster.com) Though I have not completely finished either book, I need to share the understanding that has come so far. [As a disclaimer, by quoting these works I do not assume any endorsement by either author of my conclusions or my work on this blog. ]

In this post, I will provide resources supporting the title and relate the findings to the high-demand faith group, Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF), which I departed in July of 2008. I will also quote from Chu’s work in describing the results of child abuse as seen in adults. My contention is that the perfectionism in WOFF has highly detrimental effects on its members and requires dishonesty on several levels in order to remain a faithful member.
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Adult Members Suffer “Child Abuse” at WOFF

Many times the question comes up to me concerning how people can become a member in a group such as Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF)? In answering this question, I often reflect on my own path into the group. While considering that road, I must also admit not everyone joins following the path I did, nor does everyone become a “faithful” member in the same time frame as me. Though the dynamics of influence are the same for almost everyone to be connected or drawn into WOFF; each individual has different needs and may identify with different positive parts of the WOFF presentation in order to decide to join. Some may need a job or place to live, while others need financial help, child care or just new friends. Likewise, not everyone becomes emerged in the sub-culture to the same level on a set timeline. That being said, not everyone develops the same intense dependency on the leader, Jane Whaley; but, I would contend that every faithful member develops some degree of dependency and that level of dependency determines their evolving emotional state and how they respond to the punishment for breaking the unwritten rules.

Regardless of how difficult as it is for those on the outside to understand how an adult could become so dependent on another adult for very common basic decisions, it is the state that many faithful WOFF members find themselves in– daily. Just how that happens has been discussed in previous posts on this blog. For now, let’s acknowledge that it does and that it is a common occurrence in high-demand faith groups which use mind control techniques. We will use a few resources to confirm that fact.

“Cult members are expected to surrender autonomy, and often must ask permission for routine activities, like using the bathroom.” (Releasing the Bonds, Steven Hassan, Copyright©2000, Freedom of Mind Press)

As previously mentioned on this blog, WOFF controls many aspects of a member’s private time in the bathroom, especially the males.
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