Will the Next District Judge be influenced by Jane Whaley?

Who can dispute we are all influenced to one degree or another by the people we live around, the places we live, and the books and media we are exposed to, all of which gives us “help” in making the choices which fill our everyday existence. Life at Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) took the seriousness of this “influence” to a whole new level. As many know, my time under the influence of that group was a total of sixteen years. For the first ten years, I traveled back and forth from Greenville, SC to special meetings, seminars and fellowships. I lived in Forest City, in a WOFF household from October 2002 until July 2008. All of that to say that my perspective on the effectiveness of Jane Whaley to influence her members is one I experienced for sure.

What areas of your life as a member of WOFF were influenced by the teachings, rules, edicts and opinions of Jane Whaley? It may be easier to say which areas were not subject to her power. For example, it was preached over and over you need to be careful the music you listen to. Listening to music that is “not of God” can take you away from God and eventually “out of the move of God.” This was translated – away from Jane and WOFF. Who can deny that music does stay with us for years? Do you still remember certain jingles or tunes from commercials you watched as a young person?

There was also a preached practice at WOFF to be careful who you surround yourself with- because if you are not around “God’s people”, you will not “walk with God and fulfill your call.” Translated, if you are not a part of WOFF, you will not be “serving God.” That is why you can’t be around your relatives who are not in WOFF unless you take other WOFF members with you. You might “give over to a devil” and “bring an attack on yourself and the move of God.” These were the religious euphemisms used to keep you thinking how critical it was to always be around other WOFFers. So, okay, if these cautions are a vital part of WOFF-dom, then let’s take that one step further.

What functions or influence did/does Jane fulfill in the life of her members? Well, who can doubt that Jane dictates spiritual direction? If you have been involved inside WOFF for any length of time, you also realize that Jane gives relationship approvals, serves as marriage counselor (in great detail, I might add), financial director, housing consultant, parenting teacher, home decorator, home buyer consultant, school principal, college class and major director, resource director, court room strategist, traveling instructor, missions planner, she gives fund raising approvals, acts as an employment director, music director, wedding planner-director, memorial service consultant, floral director and more. Those who doubt any of this have NEVER lived inside WOFF for any length of time. She will even “help you hear what color and style of brick you need” on your new house. That is not joke. Have we mentioned the direction of the toilet paper?

So, you get the idea? Jane’s fingers of control are far reaching into every faithful member of WOFF. If she is not, then you must wonder if “your devils are pushing her gift away?” Now, we move on to the main subject of this post.

Most every week I receive interesting emails. This week has been one of those weeks. On Wednesday, I received a forwarded email originating from an “NC Certified Paralegal”. At the time of this post, I do not have permission to give the name, but, after some confirming research, I feel comfortable quoting some basics from this email. The subject of the email was the upcoming vote and subsequent selection of the Governor for the District Court judgeship vacated by J. Thomas Davis as he moves into the seat vacated by the retirement of Laura C. Bridges. ( source- http://judgepedia.org/index.php/North_Carolina_29A_Judicial_District

From the email, the selection process goes as follows, “All the attorneys from McDowell, Polk and Rutherford County will hold a meeting and vote for who they want to be the next judge. The top 3 vote getters will have their names sent to The Governor in Raleigh and he will pick one.”

Today, I verified the upcoming election and the basic procedures with the District Bar president. He said there have been ten names submitted for consideration so far. The meeting for the vote is Tuesday at 1:30PM. It is not clear at this time if the meeting is closed or open to the public and I did not ask about the location. The procedure will have rounds of voting and when three people get a simple majority, those three names will be submitted to the Governor. The Governor will have sixty (60) days to select a judge. If he does not, the person with the highest vote count among the three will automatically be appointed.

The next part of the previously mentioned email contained the point of concern. Frank Webster was named as one of the attorneys soliciting votes from fellow attorneys. He is doing this with the help of Mark Morris. This activity was reportedly targeting attorneys in McDowell County. It follows that attorneys in outlying counties from Rutherford County will not be as familiar with the activities and “influence” of WOFF and ultimately Jane Whaley. The email originator was encouraging those who agree that Frank Webster should not be appointed by the Governor to make their desires known by calling or emailing or sending a letter to the Governor, asking him to do some research on the group before he chooses a judge.

The contact information was included as well as some websites to suggest as included in the research. I added some websites and links.

Mailing address:

Office of the Governor

20301 Mail Service Center

Raleigh NC 27699

Phone- 919-733-5811      Email go to http://www.governor.state.nc.us/contact


http://wordoffaithfellowship.org/pastors-ministers THIS SITE WILL GIVE YOU PICTURES OF THEIR MINISTERS




http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwE5fBT9RYE Inside Edition Expose’ – full length- 3 parts

What do we know about Frank Webster? He is Jane Whaley’s son-in-law. Last I knew, he and his wife and son live with Jane and Sam Whaley at their estate. Is it plausible to think that considering the intense level of influence that Jane has over other members- she has a MUCH more intense influence over her son-in-law? Would it be accurate to say that Jane serves as his marriage counselor? Any WOFF member knows Jane “takes a place” with Frank’s son. Would she also serve as an influence over his professional decisions? I have no idea, but, if the life of any other faithful members is any indication… Why would Frank be influenced by Jane any less than other members? If Jane did not share her gift with Frank, would that mean she does not love him or he is giving to something? No, for certain Jane loves everyone, right?

How can we expect Frank Webster to be totally free from the influences of his mother-in-law, spiritual guide, counselor-in-marriage, family and finances- Jane Whaley? How long has he been under Jane’s influence? Did he join WOFF in the 80’s? It is not personal, it is making this case for the same reasons WOFF makes the case that their group should be so sheltered from the outside world! Are the “demonic” influences that Jane preaches against – any less influential than her gospel and her practices? I suppose she would have to say her teachings and her practices are MORE influential or why would she even have a church? Which faithful WOFF member shuns or runs from Jane’s influence, directions, and her “gift?” Could or would Frank avoid Jane? Is it likely? Really?

If Frank is a faithful WOFF member, and we have NO reason to think he is not, then Jane hears God for Frank or Frank is in rebellion. If Frank would claim that his judicial abilities are not compromised by the influence of WOFF teachings and his close proximity to Jane Whaley, I would be forced to doubt his sincerity.

My first memories of Frank at his new job as an assistant district attorney in Burke County include him talking about the first few times he was asked to decide on traffic tickets. I can’t remember him using names, but, clearly he was recounting the conversations with the accused, during meetings in the church. That practice may not have continued in the congregation, but, does anyone suggest that he would keep his daily work life from his wife or Jane Whaley- the guardian of his soul? Is it possible that Frank would go to Jane for counsel about a case in which he was deciding? You tell me how that would be acceptable.

For the accused that stand before Mr. Webster, does he consider their “demons” in his decisions and how sad it is they don’t have Jane in their life? Does he yearn to share with them the oft taught doctrine of WOFF- you have no thoughts of your own. You are either listening to the devil or God. So, come get deliverance and your world will be so much better. Do his musings include – Come learn from Jane how to have God’s thoughts- after all, I did.

As for me, I do not know what you should do. I only ask the obvious questions. You do what your conscience allows you to do in this matter. Stay quiet or speak out. Hopefully, you will have peaceful sleep, which ever decision you make. As for me, I sent the Governor two emails.

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