Jane Whaley Featured in the New York Times? Really?

On Sunday, I received a text saying Jane Whaley had her picture on page 16 of the New York Times. What? Details were not forthcoming and my efforts to find the treasure online proved fruitless. I refused to become a subscriber in order to possibly see Jane’s picture. Nope. This treasure will have to wait.

Monday, my search efforts were rewarded differently. There it was in an article titled- “Electoral Map Gives Donald Trump Few Places to Go.” by Alexander Burns and Maggie Haberman. The picture shows Jane Whaley, Leigh Valentine, Sam Whaley easily recognized. Also, with additional examination you see Frank Webster behind Sam and Josh Farmer to Sam’s right with his head down. I wonder if Robin Webster is standing to Frank’s left. Were there other members of the Trump groupies from WOFF? The caption did not list the names of course and it was taken a few days ago at a Trump Rally in Winston Salem, NC.

And yet my thoughts raced. What? Jane is not the center piece of the article? I was confused. There was not even mention of her efforts to promote Holocaust education with her traveling “Holocaust Museum”? No mention of her thriving Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) in Spindale, NC; a growing, loving, caring group of non-denominational Christians who endure “persecution” for exercising their religious freedoms? No mention. Not even a speck of ink about her Word of Faith Christian School and their academic superiority which every student exhibits (with a little help).

Actually, the article did not even mention Jane’s name! What how could there be such a mistake? You mean to tell me the New York Times had in their sights on someone who claims there is no other person on earth who has the revelation of God to the level she does and yet no mention of her purity, her wisdom, her prowess at knowing and giving “Truth”? How could there be such an oversight? How could one of the most recognized news organizations in the country have let this chance slip away? Was this an attack of the devil to ignore and overlook the most gifted vessel of holiness and wisdom to walk the earth since, should I say it, Jesus? If one listens to Jane describe herself, this conclusion is obvious, right? Who believes it? Well, obviously some still believe it since WOFF still exists.

As I inspected the photo several things jumped out. The expressions on the faces of Jane and Leigh show us each was in a state of abounding euphoric ecstasy. For Leigh, this giddy expression has been seen before as she stalked Trump and posted pics on her Facebook page as proof of her connection to a rising public figure. She has exhibited the ecstasy and no one is surprised. She is excitable like that.

However, the look on Jane’s face concerns me. She appears completely caught up in the aura of another. The “minister of God” who for years has refused to worship any man or woman, who refuses to put any form of idolatry not even a cross in her buildings, in her home or allow her members the freedom to have a coffee mug with a picture of a cat on it; appears to be wrapped completely in the excitement of the hour and magnetism of Donald Trump. She did whatever needed to be front and center to see the Republican nominee for president. This is not the first Trump rally she and her groupies have attended. We remember Frank opening the Trump rally in Hickory with prayer. Leigh was on stage and surely not in attendance without Jane or Sam.

Now, I would be remiss to pretend this is the first political figure or candidate Jane has placed her support behind. Dare we forget others such as Walter Dalton, Charles Taylor, Debbie Clary, Ramona Hall, Dan Good to name a few. Some candidates receive obvious support in the way of money, political signs, food for receptions; the support of others is cloaked in mystery. (a post for another day)

From the archives of their website, we read their stated purpose for engaging in political activities: “…to pray for those in authority.”; “… to get to know the candidates personally.”; “God led us to have a political forum and reception to get to know them.” The website went on to explain their persecution for sponsoring these activities, but openly declares the members “participated in voters registration, petitioned state and national leaders, attended and participated in congressional prayer breakfasts, and (our) individuals have volunteered in phone banks and political campaigns.” Adding, “National, state and local officials have visited the Word of Faith Christian School on numerous occasions to talk about government issues and topics.”

The “Political Outreach” page of their website ended with this admonition: “We teach our students at the Word of Faith Christian School and members of the Word of Faith Fellowship God’s mandate in Romans 13:17, ‘Let every person be loyally subject to the governing (civil) authorities. For there is no authority except from God [by His permission, His sanction] and those who exist do so by God’s appointment… Render to all men their dues [Pay] taxes to whom taxes are due, revenue to whom revenue is due, respect to whom respect is due, and honor whom honor is due.’ ”

So, what does the picture in the New York Times actually prove? In my opinion, this picture shows us again Jane and her inner circle is seeking any influence possible with a national political figure. The expressions on their faces depict a level of attraction rarely seen in times past. Is there any reason to believe Jane is so overtaken in Trump’s aura that for one minute she thinks someone else on earth is more worthy of adoration and praise? That, my friends is a hard one to call. Take a look at the picture yourself, notice Jane’s hand position and the child-like look of expectancy and joy. What do you think? Is there someone else Jane worships besides herself? She does have her happy face on.

As the next few days and weeks unfold let us not forget the declaration on their “Political Outreach” page; submission to authority and rendering dues, respect, taxes and honor. We might need to remind Jane and her crew of what they professed to live and teach their children.

(Bonus: I connected with Todd Heisler, the Pulitzer Prize winning photographer who took the picture in Winston Salem. He had no idea who was in his picture. He was admittedly “intrigued.”)

2016 continues as the year for changes!

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4 thoughts on “Jane Whaley Featured in the New York Times? Really?”

  1. Thank you for this great blog post! I am certain there is a lot going on behind the scenes on Old Flynn Rd. these days. The picture raises a number of questions many of which you ask quite clearly! I myself personally wonder how Jesus is thinking if he has instructed Jane to attend through the clear communication he has with her through the Holy Spirit in all areas at all times. Maybe presidential pardons in the Fenner case? Only time will tell!


  2. I had a few conversations with a young lady who moved from Spindale to Raleigh NC. She applied to my company, McNamara Properties, for a job. After many conversations , on the phone and by email, I felt she was a very sad and hurt person but did not know why.
    When I questioned her re: her education and her background, she was very secretive about both. I was reluctant to hire someone who was not open to having people know about their past.
    I told her it was important to me to know who I was hiring and I felt I would be indirectly responsible for any of my agents going into people’s homes and knowing about clients financial affairs, that I did not know well. Being someone’s realtor, you are in every room of their home, photographing their property, given keys to their homes, and intimate with their financial history.
    That I only hire agents who I felt are very safe for me to send into people’s homes and give them advice on the value of their homes, have a lot to do with handling other people’s investments and be in a position to influence them in any way.
    I had not gone into such detail with any other agent I hired because they had all told me more than enough about their lives, families, education and experience. For some reason this person was so very different.
    I can’t explain it.
    She was a single mom and when I asked how her children would be looked after while she showed home’s on weekends, holidays, etc…..she said she had a young woman living with her that had left Spinsale with her a couple years before, that was ober 18, but no relation, who would be looking after the children.
    That sounded odd. Then, I explained that to start in a new city as a realtor she would need nearly a years worth of savings to start at earning nothing and build up to financial security.
    She said she had been given money by (a head ) or the head of her church in Spindale because that person knew she would need $$ help for a few years. I thought that was really strange.
    She said she had grown up mostly with her parents and siblings, but had lived at a church person’s home for a few of those years. Again, RED FLAG.
    After 6 or more conversations, I recommended she try working in a large real estate office of a big company for a year or so (with a salary) until she learned the business or be a realtors assistant for part of the commission so she could learn more.
    I was bothered for years when I would think about this young woman. Nothing was right. She was sad and seemed worried. Seemed afraid. Seemed suspicious of people.
    I didn’t have a large enough company to give her what she needed so felt I did my best for her.
    I did ask in one conversation if she attends church. Not because I cared whether she was Christian or any religion, but because of being able to do open houses on Sundays that the agent usually would have to be at the house with signs, balloons, cookies, lights on, house perfect…etc……because I had an agent who could not do that because of church. Her answer was, sort of, “I will never walk into another church as long as I live and neither will my children because I have very bad memories of church. ”

    I have had so many bad memories of that girl. Now after reading this blog and a few more on cults, it all came together when I saw the article on the church in Spindale NC.

  3. Things you can’t celebrate-birthdays, anniversary’s, Christmas, Easter. Not allowed to eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Can’t read anything without any pre approval. You can get a list of rules online.

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