Fenner Case: Status Conference for July 29th Postponed

Earlier this week, a source not close to the case informed me that the status conference scheduled for July 29th has been postponed. After verifying the change with additional sources, it was learned that Judge Pope could not be present for the hearing. No subsequent date for this hearing is known at this time.

Let’s not be too concerned. This case will be heard. It may not be in the time frame that many desire or with procedures we are all familiar with; but the charges against Brooke Covington, Justin Covington, Sarah Covington Anderson, Robert Lewis Walker, Jr and Adam Bartley will be resolved. Matthew Fenner will have an answer as to the charges filed over the incident on January 27, 2013 in the sanctuary of Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF).

The signature practice of loud prayer and deliverance from WOFF may be on demonstration in the Rutherford County courtroom before these cases are complete. Okay, that will be the day for any and all who are curious to pack the courtroom and witness the controversial “secretive practice” which has been a lightning rod for controversy since 1995 when Inside Edition showed video taken inside WOFF. How can we forget? Why should we ignore it?

When all is said and done with this case, there will be a judgment handed down by proxy on WOFF, loud deliverance prayer and the ministry of Jane Whaley and her top leadership. Yes, five individuals are charged with various levels of crimes, but in the end — Jane Whaley is on trial and she knows it.

Did anyone mention how hot the month of August will be in Spindale?

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5 thoughts on “Fenner Case: Status Conference for July 29th Postponed”

  1. Is there an update on this? I’ve tried to keep up with this case since Matthew Fenner hit the interview circuit.

  2. Qwerty,
    No word yet as far as the next hearing date. The case is progressing and I believe we will see positive movement within a few weeks. Keep checking back.
    Thank you, for reading and taking time to comment.

  3. John Huddle answer to me. Does Jane Whaley was condemned
    for her crimes?
    Jane and Brooke many times in Brazil, alleged that American Supreme Court not condemned Jane Whaley for her practices.
    Is true, what´s the real true?
    Could you make a list that Jane and WOFF were accused in a legal process?

  4. Marcello,
    If memory serves me right, the charges by Lacy Wein were sent back to a lower court and later dropped or left undetermined. Originally, Jane was convicted and appealed to a higher court, then, as I said, the case was sent back and not acted on. If memory serves me correctly, the charge was simple assault. In the latest case, five (then) members are charged with second degree kidnapping, simple assault and one for inflicting injury by strangulation. Hope this helps.


  5. Thanks John.
    The purpose of Jane after many families left the “church”, was to get marry many young couples.
    Including ilegal brazilians with americans, only add members of her “church”.
    The kingdom of Jane Whaley is falling down!

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