Audio Resource Round-up – John Cooper, Mitch Weiss, John Huddle

Everyone is busy and may not have the time to experience all the different resources on the unfolding drama surrounding Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF). Also, I know there are folks who just recently started following this story. 2017 has been a year full of new information from the Associated Press, updates on the Matthew Fenner case; including some survivors sharing their individual stories through different media channels.

This post includes three audio resources which you may have missed. First, we have a two-part podcast featuring John Cooper’s story. Even after living inside WOFF for years, I was captivated by John’s narrative. Within the first two minutes of Part 1, he describes a confession session where he is thrown to the floor and “…it all becomes a blur…” “…this guy is sitting on my legs and punching me in the chest…”

Part 2: within the first minute includes a recording of Jane Whaley saying, “Why didn’t you throw him to the ground and get his devils out??!!!” Gripping even for those of us who have survived and left her clutches… John’s description of the exit drama has many twists and turns.

Our next resource is a WUNC 91.5 North Carolina Public Radio interview with Mitch Weiss which is about 20 minutes. He gives background of how he first learned about WOFF. Originally broadcast March 9, 2017 just after the second AP article about the meetings in Jane’s office where members were taught how to answer questions from investigators. During this interview Mitch gives some background of how WOFF started. For this resource- click here

The last resource is a longer interview hosted by Vennie Kocsis of the Survivor Voices Show. She interviews me as we touch a wide array of subjects surrounding WOFF. She also compares my experience to hers growing up in a cult in Alaska.

Hope these resources are able to give background and fill in some gaps when learning about the ongoing saga of Word of Faith Fellowship in Spindale, NC. I will provide additional audio resources as they become available. If you know of any which you believe other followers of this blog would enjoy – please, let me know by email- author@religiouscults Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Audio Resource Round-up – John Cooper, Mitch Weiss, John Huddle”

  1. After hearing Jane’s blood curdling response to a simple question or a difference of opinion from a member of WOFF, who could possibly have any doubt what this woman is capable of doing? Where is the love of God? Did Jesus ever scream like Jane? If so, please give me chapter and verse.

  2. Lahna,

    Yes, she can go from sweet as jelly toast to a raging tornado in a matter of seconds. No warning, just raw force. As members, we were told to believe this was a reflection of God’s feelings toward us. She was voicing the wrath of God. The recordings were accurate- no doubt.


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