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Brave Enough to Doubt?

These last few days have been enlightening. I have been reflecting on the necessity for the experience in a high demand faith group to be seamless. What do I mean? For a faithful member of such a group, the experience must include all answers for all supposed problems; be the problems real or imaginary, new or old. Which high demand faith group fails to present itself as the all encompassing answer to all of life’s ills? My idea is that every one of them presents their ways, their ideas, and their lifestyle as the answer- period. It was that way during my time at Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF). Let me explain.

My time under the WOFF influence spanned 16 years. Since we started in Greenville and not in Spindale, it was a growing and gradual absorption into the WOFF vacuum. For some, they don’t get the luxury or time to be gradually sucked in. Some are lured into the intake program much quicker. Some stay and some don’t stay. But, for all, the program is sold as the only true way to walk with God and God’s people. The WOFF-life is sold as the way to know the call of God and fulfill your call and go to the Nations and have any hope to make it into the Kingdom of God. Word has been shared with me that recently Jane Whaley has teaching more on the End Times. If this is true, then I reckon it follows that those in her group will be able to make it through to wherever they need to be- if they will just submit to God and God’s authority through Jane and her message, her wisdom, her direction, her gift.
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Mind Control Forum Review – “This is what I want to see!”

Saturday, May 24th a forum was held at the Spindale House and the subjects included information about mind control and testimonies from Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) survivors. The lead up to the meeting was intense for many of those involved. Materials were put together, videos were reviewed, meetings were held and in the end the general consensus was that it was a success. Admittedly, there is no way to recap all of what was said since I do not have a recording. The pictures taken will be added here at a later date. My goal for this post is to just hit what few highlights I remember and to give enough for those who did not attend to get the flavor and direction of the meeting.

There were no decorations, but we placed information and candy in the seats for the guests. We had waters for the taking on a table to the side. There were three tables up front for the panel and the large screen television. The attendees filed in and in that group were two WOFF members, Greg and Rita Burgeson. Several other WOFF members were spotted circling through the parking area, some waving and blowing their horns. We were prepared for more WOFF members, but they only sent two inside.

We began the forum a little late after experiencing technical difficulties with the PowerPoint® we were given from another advocacy group. This was just “warfare”, right? We had a back-up plan and were able to use printouts of the presentation. Mr. Rape began the session in prayer encouraging all that it was possible to be deceived and we would learn how that could happen through the material revealed tonight. He delivered an encouraging prayer as well.

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Abuse is Abuse is Abuse….There is No Excuse

The write up on the event on Saturday said this… “The crowd waited quietly even as they stood divided into two camps…” After I read that, I pondered- What were the two camps? Was it those who were against abuse and those who were for it? No, I am sure that would not be admitted. In a simplified explanation, it was those who had left Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) and those who were still there. There was a third camp of concerned citizens who may or may not have been aware of the drama that surrounded them. If the ensuing outburst of flailing arms and shouts at the speaker did not pique their curiosity then, okay. But, there were at least two “camps” and a third group of supporters.

It is the group of WOFF members who attended the event to whom I address this post. Many of you either soon will be or are already of child bearing age. Some were carrying unborn babies at the event. It is to that group this post is focused. In order to make my case, let me share a series of events relayed to me by a former WOFF member concerning a child who attends Word of Faith Christian School (WFCS).

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Three WOFF Survivors Speak Out!

tears of pain
tears of pain

This has been another busy 48 hours on certain social media outlets. During this period three Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) survivors have put short versions of their plight inside the group. Each left at different times, but you will see certain commonalities in their stories. You may ask John, why would you repost here? The answer is simple. Not everyone is on Facebook® nor does everyone care to be socially connected in that way. In light of that, I have asked for and received permission to repost these short stories here. I have been in contact off and on with Morgan Sample for longer than any of them. She told me this part of her story when we first connected and yet, she did not feel comfortable to share it here on this blog or other social media outlets. Now, she has let others know what she had already told in private. Continue reading for the survivor stories…

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“It is never too late to wake-up and leave…” Steve Hassan (video)

Over the last few weeks, there has been a major increase in the supply of material that is fitting for this blog. It has been hard to focus on what to post next. Today, I received notice of this video and stopped everything to watch it. The speaker is Steve Hassan, a leading author and expert in mind control techniques and an ever-giving resource of help for those wanting to understand cults and their nuances. We have featured his work on this blog before; however, this video has some timely comments on current events surrounding the subject of cults and mind control. We will review a few excerpts and tie them back to subjects discussed previously on this blog.

The video is less than twenty-five minutes long. He recently spoke at the Society for  Ethical Culture in NY and apparently he has many friends there.

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Why Do Members Stay? (video)

Over the last few years since leaving Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF), several folks at different times have asked this question or one similar. Why do people stay inside WOFF? For many, the idea behind the question is: John, if things are as bad as you say, why don’t folks just leave? For those being more inquisitive, they are asking me: John, if it was that bad, why did you stay for so long? These are very fair questions. In this post, I will share an answer from a cult expert and add my reflections to help complete the answer for my situation.

During my research, I came across a video put out by Steven Hassan. This video is an informal conversation filmed in a hotel room about 2 years ago. The participants were Steven Hassan a leading cult expert, Attorney Paul Grosswald, ex-Scientologist, and Karen Pressley also a former high ranking ex-Scientologist. Much of the content does center on Karen’s experiences and her successes since leaving the group. During the discourse, there are several notable quotes which include answers to why folks stay in controlling groups, as well as other points of interests for those trying to understand the cult experience.

Before we begin, let me explain that I have no experience with Scientology or the Moonies. The purpose of this video is only as an aide to help answer the question: Why do members stay? The video is over fifty (50) minutes long and there is no way I can review the full content here. For this post, we will just hit on some major keys for understanding given by the participants. Some of the terms describing the rules or actions within Scientology were foreign to me and can only be explained by context.

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More Conflictions, Conundrums and Confusion… VIDEOS!

Not all posts end when I finish writing them. Many times I keep learning even after I have written about a subject here on this blog. This subject of conflictions, conundrums and confusion is one of the areas of new learning. I continue to see areas that confuse me about Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) and its members. The confusion is especially evident in the advertising that the WOFF member-owned businesses are doing! These things just did not occur when I was in WOFF. This all makes me wonder if members are allowed to skip free through Youtube®?  Or can they now ride the wild Internet any time they chose? Somehow I doubt that …. But, here is some new information to consider.

As mentioned in the previous post, Rutherford County is starving for jobs. The new Facebook® hub will help. Still many leave the county for work every day. When I was inside WOFF,  I worked outside the county most of the time. Some days I drove up to an hour or more one way to work. Several others inside WOFF do the same or more. During one stretch while working for Two Mile Properties; I traveled to North Augusta to work. Our first stop in reviewing the confusions will be Two Mile Properties (TMP). My unique experiences will be saved for another post. Today, we will let others talk about TMP. First off, property management was a difficult business. It was so tough to make everyone happy all the time. That being said; I did a simple search and found these reviews….

What do you want to know?

Do not live on any of their properties they are cult owned, by word of Faith Fellowship…..bad news – By rucrazy on October 02, 2009 at 09:54 AM

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