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A Day at The McDowell County Courthouse….

Historic McDowell County Courthouse
McDowell County Courthouse

On Tuesday, January 29, 2013, there was a meeting of the local District Bar to vote on nominees to refer to the Governor. He would then pick one person to fill the vacant judgeship in District 29A. Last I heard, there were ten names on the original ballot. As many readers know, Frank Webster was one of those names. In the previous two posts, I have voiced my questions and concerns. Today was the day when my concerns would either continue or they would be directed in other areas.

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“…try to love the questions themselves…”- Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926)

We continue with questions that would help us in the vetting process for Frank Webster. The process is needed since Mr. Webster has put his name on a list of potential candidates for appointment by the Governor of North Carolina to an open judgeship in District 29A. The meeting to determine the three names that will be forwarded to the Governor will take place on January 29th at 1:30PM.  If Mr. Webster secures enough votes, his name would go on the list. The Governor would select one person within sixty days from the list or the candidate with the most votes would automatically be appointed.

Why do I feel I am qualified to ask these questions? The answer contains two parts. First, I am a citizen of the District. How judges rule can affect all citizens of the District. Second, I am a survivor of Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) and have spent time in the group where Mr. Webster is considered one of the leaders. Some of these questions are pertinent to any survivor of the group. Questions about why and how I allowed the teachings and doctrines of WOFF to affect my life are ones I have been asking myself since I left the group in July 2008. Answers to these questions can help process and put in perspective the events inside WOFF. When I reflect on the intense influence and yes, control, that Jane Whaley has over members of WOFF- it is humbling to know how many years I spent there. Stepping back, I would suggest that it was my pursuit of religious enlightenment or fulfillment and subsequent trust of someone who I thought had acquired that, which brought me to WOFF doors. Was it the same for you, Frank?

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Will the Next District Judge be influenced by Jane Whaley?

Who can dispute we are all influenced to one degree or another by the people we live around, the places we live, and the books and media we are exposed to, all of which gives us “help” in making the choices which fill our everyday existence. Life at Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) took the seriousness of this “influence” to a whole new level. As many know, my time under the influence of that group was a total of sixteen years. For the first ten years, I traveled back and forth from Greenville, SC to special meetings, seminars and fellowships. I lived in Forest City, in a WOFF household from October 2002 until July 2008. All of that to say that my perspective on the effectiveness of Jane Whaley to influence her members is one I experienced for sure.

What areas of your life as a member of WOFF were influenced by the teachings, rules, edicts and opinions of Jane Whaley? It may be easier to say which areas were not subject to her power. For example, it was preached over and over you need to be careful the music you listen to. Listening to music that is “not of God” can take you away from God and eventually “out of the move of God.” This was translated – away from Jane and WOFF. Who can deny that music does stay with us for years? Do you still remember certain jingles or tunes from commercials you watched as a young person?

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