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New Page Added- Quick Links to Posts

Yesterday, I spent about an hour talking on the phone to some new readers. In answering their questions, I found myself referencing certain posts. Unfortunately, I also realized these posts were in essence buried among hundreds of other posts and not easy to find. The solution has been to set up a page for vital links to previous posts of interest. The “Quick Links” page header at the top will take you to a page of links to previous posts grouped by subject. We start with survivor stores and at the bottom of the list are posts about the WOFF obsession with the Holocaust.

Today, I realized I had left off the post about the Mind Control Forum last year and have added that link. In the future, I may add other links or pages with certain themes. The Matthew Fenner case may one day have its own page. The story is about to explode again in the media on April 1st. Revisit this blog in the near future for other exciting news about the drama of destruction called Word of Faith Fellowship.
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Michael Lowry tells — the rest of the story (long read)

 As I sit here watching a beautiful sunrise on Friday morning, I reflect on the events over the last year. It was January 2013 that three young men left Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF). One of them, Matthew Fenner, we featured in the last post. It was very soon thereafter Michael Lowry went back in WOFF. What a perplexing time! There were indictments pending at that time against a few WOFF members for their part in the incidents Michael Lowry described which could have put many of the destructive WOFF practices in the public eye. But, alas Michael was taken back in and the confusion would soon thicken over the next few weeks as authorities would hear Michael recant and say the events he told of never happened..???

For those less familiar with Michael’s journey, let’s recap how events unfolded up to the first week in February 2013.  Michael was born into WOFF and spent his whole life inside until November 2011. After much intense emotional drama, Michael Lowry was taken to a motel in Forest City, NC on or about November 19, 2011. After two days, I was contacted and agreed to meet with Michael. We spent time at a local restaurant while he told his emotional exit story. After a few phone calls, we were able to secure his personal items which had previously been withheld. His steps after this time would include trips to see relatives as well as other moves to find Michael’s next place in his life.

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WOFF Survivor Returns… No One Wins…

A life-long member of Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) returned this past week. Many have followed the story of Michael Lowry on this blog. He was born 1990 and resided in WOFF until November 2011. It is with sadness I must bring to you the next chapter in this saga. Earlier this past week, Michael Lowry was picked up by his WOFF family and returned to Spindale, NC. Later in the week, he recanted his allegations and on Friday met with AP reporter Mitch Weiss. Please, continue reading for excerpts from the article.

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The Present Drama(s) (video links)

It is certain that these last few weeks and months have been filled with events bringing Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) into the national spotlight. Monday, December 10, 2012 will serve as another chapter in the ongoing saga. An honest observer of WOFF life would be hard pressed not to admit that DRAMA is the norm in Spindale. Let’s review the drama that is in the public eye right now…

Monday, Michael Lowry was supposed to testify in front of a grand jury in Rutherford County. Just before the proceedings were to begin, Michael was standing in the hallway and noticed a WOFF church member walking in as part of the jury. The member was RM. It was reported to me that RM was clean shaven and had been decked out in a fine leather coat. Former members also noted that his wife had served in the church office and was charged with counting the offerings. What were the odds of that? A WOFF member, who has a spouse working in the church office, (or did at one time…) was picked and allowed to serve on the grand jury which was scheduled to hear a case about a former member of WOFF?

Yes, it would be a tricky maneuver to screen potential jurors based on religious affiliation. Since the influence of Jane Whaley and her group is felt far and wide in Rutherford County, does this not require a change of venue for Michael’s case in order for him to receive due process in the hearing of his complaint? The process could be moved to another county- similar to Jane’s situation a few years ago when her trial for simple assault was moved to Polk County. After the inherent weaknesses were made evident on Monday- this appears as the only option. Do you agree? If it is not moved, the next hearing will be January 9th in Rutherford County for Michael.

Here is the video link for today and one previous —–



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